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14 Photos Showing Us All The Good In This World

Image Source: Reddit

Most people today seem to think that negativity has taken over most parts of their lives. The media are not exactly helping with that matter. If you read or watch a news bulletin, chances are that most of the stories in it would be negative. However, this is not important. What matters most is the good in the world! And yes, the good things are more than the negative ones! It is all a matter of perspective, really. If you choose to be positive and focus on such things, then you would feel much better.

We are more than happy to help with this. Check out the following list and you will feel better immediately! The images are uplifting and inspirational and they show that the good is everywhere around us. The photo above shows exactly that! A stranger helping an injured fellow hiker is a nice example of the type of attitude we must all demonstrate.

1. Combining good deeds and fun is the best way to do things

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes all it takes to be good is just a small effort! As you can see, this can be combined with having fun! We think that it does not get any better than this. This proud student just graduated and he looks very happy about it! However, his parents were not able to attend the ceremony, and this is when his best friends stepped in! They may not be the best substitutes, but it is the effort that counts! Only true friends would be brave enough to do this and we respect it!

2. Helping those that cannot pay you back is admirable

Image Source: Reddit

We have a lot of respect for people who are willing to step out of their lines of duty! This photo shows a couple of police officers that were able to do it. They stumbled upon a goose that was badly tangled in fishing wire. The bird had trouble getting out of that situation, and the officers did not hesitate to help! Some people may consider this as a waste of time, but it is among the most humane things that anyone could do. Helping those who cannot pay you back is the best kind of attitude.

3. There is more to this picture than meets the eye

Image Source: Reddit

This officer seems to be checking out a parking lot while circling around with his cop car. However, he did it for a very special reason. As it turned out, an elderly gentleman forgot where he parked his vehicle. He asked the officer for help, and he told him to get in. They cruised around the big parking lot until the car was found. This is how every member of the police force should assist the citizens when they are in need.

4. This is what teamwork is all about

Image Source: Reddit

People are awesome and they show this in a number of different ways! The photo above is just an example of that. When a person walked towards a Constar machine to exchange a big bag of coins, the bag ripped open. The coins were scattered everywhere, but a few strangers immediately stepped in to help! They picked up all the coins within a few minutes. This shows how good and kind people can be even when they are around complete strangers.

5. We change the world one good deed at a time

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is very powerful and will surely prove that good people do the right thing each and every time they need to! The image was taken in Pakistan. It shows a police officer carrying an elderly man who probably had trouble walking. The reason was an election that the old man wanted to go to. It seems that he wanted to vote no matter what, and the smile on his face is the only gratitude the policeman would ever need!

6. Here is how a small act of kindness can mean everything

Image Source: Instagram

The woman on the right was about to get on her flight along with her golden retriever. However, when they arrived, the dog hurt its back legs while getting out of a vehicle. Since the woman was in a hurry, she did not what to do. She was not able to carry the huge dog. This is when a TSA agent stepped in and did the right thing. She got a luggage cart and put the dog on it. After that the employee escorted them to their gate and made sure that they got on their flight safe and sound!

7. A small gesture is enough to make someone’s day

Image Source: Reddit

This is a really sweet story and we really loved it! One paper delivery person knew their area extremely well and decided to bring a few smiles by adding something special to the morning paper. The employee decided to include a few dog treats for those homeowners that had a dog. This is a really sweet gesture and it made happy a lot of dog and their humans, too! It really takes as little as this to make a difference in something as routine as paper delivery.

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8. Goats are cute, but they can play rough sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

We all love goats! These cute creatures are adorable, but they can be dangerous like most animals. Having this in mind, sometimes precautions are needed. This goat’s owners were aware of this, so they decided to child-proof the goat’s horns before welcoming some kids to their property. They quickly found the best solution – pool noodles! We think that the goat looks cute with them on! But the most important part is that it could hardly hurt anyone with this setup on.

9. Sometimes kindness prevents real disasters

Image Source: Reddit

This story is all about the good human nature and the selfless acts of good will that we need to see more often! The person who took the photo had the misfortune of a battery failure. The man pictured above came to their rescue and towed their boat to the shore. The whole operation took more than an hour, but the stranger that towed them to safety refused any kind of payment for his effort. He only requested that the rescued person would do the same if they happen to be in such situation.

10. Helping animals is always the right decision

Image Source: Reddit

This gentleman did the sweetest thing when he decided to help a turtle cross the road! Such random acts of kindness towards animals are heartwarming. However, he probably did not realize that he was risking a lot. First of all, he rescued the turtle in the middle of the traffic. Second, he was lucky to have all his fingers after the rescue operation, because it seems to be a snapping turtle that he’s holding! These can literally snap your finger off! However, it was all okay and he saved the animal from being run over.

11. You judge a man by his attitude towards animals

Image Source: Reddit

These words are very wise and we truly believe in them! Only a good person would be able to show kindness to animals. This tortoise was lucky enough to have the best humans to look after it! After it suffered an injury, the vet had no other choice but to amputate one of the legs. However, the owners were not going to give up that easily! They came up with a great solution – prosthetic leg made with the use of some Lego bits. Some creativity was enough to bring back the mobility of the tortoise.

12. Here is a true sign of humanity

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of remote areas around the world. Often the people living there are forced to lead a much harder life than most of us are used to. This means that a lot of the modern day conveniences are not on their disposal. One of the most important ones is healthcare. It is essential to have access to medical help, which is why the Brazilian government had a solution! This ship circles around river routes leading to remote locations. It is the closest thing to a hospital for a lot of people and the services it offers are free of charge.

13. One man can really save the day for others

Image Source: Reddit

When this vehicle’s alternator failed, the people travelling in it were left stranded on the road. The mechanic in the photo realized that he cannot just leave them, so he did what he had to do. He worked for four hours straight after closing time in order to fix their vehicle! This selfless act of kindness is priceless and we respect him for his good deed!

14. Helping a disabled person is a must

Image Source: Reddit

Every time you see a struggling person, you need to help if you are able to! This is a must if that person is disabled. As you can see, a stranger took his time to help a blind person. The reason was the nearby construction that can be seen behind them. Visually impaired people can navigate their way around an area they know, but new things often confuse them. This is why you should at least offer your help if you someone trying to make their way around.

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