14 Photos That Show People’s Questionable Behavior And Decisions

Image Source: John O'Conner / Twitter

We know that it is not okay to judge people, because you never really know all the details about a certain situation or what the other are going through. However, in most situations there could not be a second thought about the facts, and you could judge all you want! We need to admit that judging someone brings a certain kind of twisted pleasure, and we are not particularly proud of that.
In order to remind you what that feels like, we decided to show you a list of image that will surely make you judge the people and situations in these images. Enjoy them!

1. It takes a special kind of person to do this

Image Source: Reddit

By saying this, we have no intention for it to sound like a compliment. In fact, you can easily say that is quite the opposite, because there are only two possible reasons for someone to pull in a gas station like that. The first one is that the person is probably no aware how to do it properly, and the second one is that they just don’t care, which is annoying. Whatever the reason is, we find this selfish act to be just wrong.

2. We cannot decide if this is bad timing or perfect timing

Image Source: Reddit

This news presenter probably had no idea what happened until she saw the replay, and you can bet that someone showed it to her! The unfortunate video display showing the location of the gas leak happened to be exactly where the woman’s bottom was, and the people watching the news got to see a rather interesting sight, but the news presenter was probably not as happy as they must have been.

3. It is all a matter of perspective

Image Source: Reddit

Every object or event in live has more than one side to it, and in order to truly accept something, you must be able to see all of them, or you might be disappointed in certain moments when you get to chance to see some of the alternative points of view. This applies perfectly to the clever way some farmer branded the egg packaging before sending them to the stores. Referring to eggs as ‘butt nuggets’ can certainly change the way we look at them.

4. Here is one way to attract attention that would work every time

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone knows that if you want to get as much attention as possible, you must do something attractive or provocative enough in order to be noticed. This dude obviously knew that, so he set up this very controversial sign. You can bet all your money that he drew a lot of attention, although probably not everyone accepted it with a sense of humor; there were probably a lot of folks that though it was more than inappropriate.

5. This warning sign must be a joke

Image Source: Twitter

We refuse to believe that someone put this somewhere for serious reasons. The sign clearly shows something that probably nobody could do, and it still bans everyone from doing it. Let’s assume that the sign was real for just a moment; if someone was actually able to pull off that stunt, that person should be allowed to it, just as the caption suggests.

6. Here is a news story we would like to know the ending to

Image Source: Tumblr

News can be either boring or very negative; for some reason there are almost no positive or amusing stories, and this is why we often skip them. However, it seems that we missed one of the best stories ever, and we would like to know what was that all about, because it seems to feature some of our favorite things. Judging by the news thumbnail shown in the frame above, it involves dough treats with the most unusual shape, and we like that.

7. This may the only haunted Subway location

Image Source: Reddit

It takes very little to spark someone’s curiosity, and this sign definitely sparked ours! You can see all kinds of signs in public places, but this one is ridiculous. There must be a good reason for a fast food location to ban this kind of thing, and perhaps something happened there before. The main question here is why someone would go to grab a sandwich and perform an Ouija board séance at the same time. There were probably more than a few eyebrows raised while the séance happened, and for good reason!

8. This guy must be proud of himself

Image Source: The Chive

A lot of people have different talents or impressive skills that they learned over a long a period of time. Every time they get the chance, they show off their talents, but there is one thing that they should consider – not every talent is worth showing to other people, no matter that it could still be impressive. This guy probably did not get the memo about that, and he proudly displayed his rather unusual skill. However, we guess that most dudes will give their best to try this trick when they get brave enough or at least drunk enough.

9. These are the most unusual bathroom doors

Image Source: The Chive

You have probably seen the modern clear glass doors that turn opaque when you lock them in the ‘occupied’ position. It is a fancy addition to any interior, but the problem would occur if there is a malfunction in the system. Imagine how embarrassing that would be, end the embarrassment could be many times bigger if you happen to be in a public restroom. It sounds like a nightmare, but someone must have experienced that kind of malfunction at least once.

10. Marketers really push things sometimes

Image Source: The Chive

We have seen a lot of ingenious marketing campaigns, and the most aggressive among them are often the best. This photo proves it, and we absolutely love the way they decided to reach out to their customers. It is actually a win-win situation, because everyone would talk about that ad, regardless of their opinion about it. Some people surely liked it, but others were probably furious about it, because it proved to be true according to them.

11. Here is how you handle a break-up with style

Image Source: The Chive

Break-ups are hard, and a lot of people have difficulties overcoming such a situation. We cannot blame them, because there are a lot of feelings involved, and even more details that need sorting out afterwards. Apparently one of those details involved reworking the family sticker on the SUV, which is something typical for America. This guy decided to really turn that sticker around, and he did it in a questionable style which may be crazy enough to work. We hope he finds a new love and gets rid of that painted sign on his car.

12. We need to show support to this guy

Image Source: Imgur

There are some moments in life when you really need to focus only on a single thing, because it can drain all of your energy and concentration in order to be done the right way. You will probably be surprised to find out that pooping is one of them. It might seem strange, but sometimes it does not go as smooth as planned and desperate measures are required. Obviously this dude on the photo lived through one of these moments, and he felt that he needed to go completely naked, which is a good decision.

13. People need to have a motto to follow

Image Source: The Chive

A lot of people seem to pass through life without putting much thought about the essential stuff, and that is a huge waste. Everyone should find the important things in their life, and sometimes it can all start with finding that one sentence you can turn into a life motto to follow, which is a good beginning. However, you need to be careful when choosing it, because it can drive you even further down the hill, and the guy who put these words on his car may have a point, but he is still wrong in the same time.

14. Revenge is sweet, obviously

Image Source: Imgur

Some people really flip the switch when they are pushed over the edge, and finding out that someone cheated on you is definitely a push beyond a huge edge! Some people would lose it completely, but others would take immediate measures, just like this guy did. We can’t say we are not feeling sorry for him, and some of you may find his actions to be a bit extreme, but he has all the right reasons to do it. People should really learn their lessons even if it is the hard way.

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