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14 Photos That Will Make You Feel Amused Or Confused

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The moments when the surround world seems to look like a crazy rollercoaster full of weird people seem to be just too much, and that is perfectly fine with us, because who would like to live in a dull place full of people who look exactly alike? That’s right, nobody would.

If your daily routine seems to be just too normal these days, you are in luck, because we have prepared some photos for you to enjoy; some of them will make you laugh, while other will leave you confused and asking ‘why’. What matters is that you will be entertained by them, so scroll down and check them out!

1. Someone has some impressive Photoshop skills

Image Source: Reddit

This is a rather controversial image, and we are sure that whoever created this had no intention to make it seem like a cat invasion, but the message is more than clear here – cats will eventually take over the world. Some of you may find this to be a bit disturbing, but we think that it is very funny.

2. Alphabet soup just got reinvented

Image Source: Reddit

Of all the weird things someone could to, this has to be one of the weirdest for sure! It seems that someone was a big fan of alphabet noodle soup, and decided to create a weird version of it using computer keyboard keys, which is kind of a clever interpretation, actually, and we appreciate the effort that was put into this.

3. This is the cutest weird thing you’ll see all day


We have no idea who came up with this, but one thing is for sure – it so cute that we cannot stop watching! The jumping bird with digitally added cartoon hands is one of the most amusing things that internet has to offer, and it would bring a smile to your face every time you see it, regardless of your mood.

4. Here is one nice lesson about trolling someone famous

Image Source: Reddit

If Kanye West was able to see this, we like to see his reaction, but expecting a smile of a chuckle is totally out of the question. The guys behind this marketing stunt have some nice skills and were able to figure out a perfect slogan to brand their trucks.

5. It seems that dogs and people have a lot more in common than we thought

Image Source: Instagram

The picture you see here suggests that canines and human beings act alike when it comes to being narcissistic. This is not such a bad thing, because liking the reflection you see in the mirror is essential for your confidence and good mood. This pup obviously likes the reflection, too.

6. The old saying ‘you had one job’ just went on another level

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this seems to be a real bummer, and we are not sure how would we react if we saw that error message pop up on the screen. It is both funny and strange, and it brings you a certain feeling of hopelessness, because a printer that does not support printing is the most useless thing ever!

7. The decisions some people make are sometimes more than weird

Image Source: Instagram

When you notice something about someone, it may completely change your perception to that person for better or for worse. In this case, a pair of socks can literally transform the image someone had until now, and we are not sure that it is for the better, because these socks are utterly ridiculous.

8. Seeing this just made our day

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

This T-shirt is one of those things that you wonder how nobody thought of them earlier. It is amazing how a clever design approach can create such a amazing and realistic illusion, and we are sure that a lot of girls would like to wear a T-shirt like this one.

9. We would love to see some video footage of that situation

Image Source: Instagram

Family feuds are the best, because people can push it to the extreme when it comes to arguing with a sibling or their significant other. By the brief description we are provided, we can assume that it must have been on the best spouse fights ever, and the man won the arguments like a boss.

10. Short conversations can be the weirdest, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

No matter how many times you read it, you will still end up confused; there is no way that you could find some common sense in the short conversation seen here. In all the history of complaints this has to be best and the worst in the same time, because it depends on the way you look at it.

11. It takes a high pain tolerance to survive this

Image Source: Instagram

The girl on the right really has some nerve, and the second image shows exactly why. The first photo actually looks quite normal, until you zoom in and see where one of the heels of the lady in the middle is. We guess that pretty girls would do just about anything to look good in a photo.

12. Whoever said that the perfect girl does not exist is obviously wrong

Image Source: Instagram

This needs to serve as a shout out to all the guys out there. Guys, if your girl is able to do both of these appearances, then she is definitely a keeper! You must not have a second thought about that. She is like a dream that came true, but for someone else, that is.

13. This is a bizarre question to ask

Image Source: Instagram

The person asking this question must have nothing better to do or is probably a bit high, because the whole situation looks weird and makes no sense at all. We are more than positive that Ben Franklin has no intention regarding the burrito.

14. We dig this dating app strategy

Image Source: Reddit

If you want to really stand out in the sea of profiles on the various dating apps, this is the way to go! You can be absolutely sure that everyone will notice you. We hope that she found what she was looking for.

Written by Nick Martin

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