14 Pics Perfectly Illustrating The Modern Society’s Sad Reality

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Italian freelance illustrator Marco Melgrati works remotely for several magazines from his current location – Mexico City. He uses digital tools as well as traditional drawing methods.

Melgrati is always able to come up with clever satirical illustrations of our everyday lives, pointing out the things that are just wrong about modern society.

Some of these works have been published in different magazines while others were created for his personal pleasure.
Enjoy these 15 works of art that are painfully accurate and relatable.

1. Politics is basically a game of shadows

Image Source: m_melgrati

This clever picture shows the true face of many politicians. While they are very good at promising, they are equally bad at delivering later. It seems that most people use the power given to them for personal gains.

2. Modern princesses prefer a different type of magic carpet

Image Source: m_melgrati

It’s sad, but it’s true; a lot of modern women want mainly material things. They don’t settle for a nice or a good-looking guy; he must have enough money to become really desirable. Love is more or less left behind.

3. Social media creates the illusion of a beautiful life

Image Source: m_melgrati

The real life of most smiling, rich and successful people that we see daily on social media is usually not the same. Many people live in a way that enables them to show off in their accounts on different online platforms instead of trying to live the real life.

4. What seems like a fairytale could be actually harassment

Image Source: m_melgrati

Some couples look like the perfect fit and their relations seem totally fine, but things change behind closed doors; both mental and physical harassment are a common thing and also a problem that needs to be addressed by everyone.

5. Women want more and more likes

Image Source: m_melgrati

It’s beginning to look like a race, but the problem is bigger than that. Women reveal a lot to complete strangers in their social media profiles, and they get really frustrated if they don’t have enough likes of their photos.

6. Confessions about your private life on social media is a bad idea

Image Source: m_melgrati

A lot of people tend to feel that it’s okay to share personal issues or other information online. Social media is not a safe place to reveal intimate details about something.

7. People’s ego grows bigger in time

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Image Source: m_melgrati

You might have already noticed this, but all the attention created by the presence on different social media platforms inflates many people’s ego. It is a big problem because most individuals are not aware of their changed behavior because of the bigger ego.

8. This is probably a metaphor

Image Source: m_melgrati

Occasions when someone unknown is welcomed in such a way in the neighborhood seem to be rare, which is sad. People need to be more welcoming, but there are a number of reasons why this is changing.

9. The clever hashtag net

Image Source: m_melgrati

Melgrati was able to create a net from hashtags, representing the endless fishing for likes that many people are addicted to. There is hardly a post without at least one hashtag in it.

10. The Zoo madness

Image Source: m_melgrati

This is a clever metaphor for the mindset of human kind. We like to put other species on display in zoos, because we consider ourselves to be the dominant species, but if aliens come one day and they turn out to be superior, this is what might happen to us.

11. It seems that someone is running the show

Image Source: m_melgrati

Sometimes it seems that a small group of people run everything in the world, and the rest of us are merely puppets. Instead of fighting and creating conflicts, we must always turn to the source.

12. Technology is addictive

Image Source: m_melgrati

The busy modern life means less social contacts. This is a huge problem, because relationships are becoming different than they used to be, because nothing could replace the real contact between people.

13. Today’s kids want to grow up fast

Image Source: m_melgrati

Internet and all the other technology, as well as some cultural changes result in kids wanting to be grown-ups sooner than the right time for that. This is a huge social problem that people start realizing.

14. Everyone has a weak spot and people take advantage

Image Source: m_melgrati

Even the strongest person has a weak spot, and most of the times it’s the heart. If this is revealed, it is likely that at some point someone would take advantage of this.

Written by Sven Miller

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