14 Pics Proving That Women Are A Different Kind Of Genius

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Women are gentle creatures! They always find a way to do something they want, and they are able to show everyone what they want and how they want it to be like. Women are gentle from head to toes. They can talk in an enchanting way, but they know when to keep quiet and sometimes they say everything with their eyes. Both men and women have tactics to influence each other. One generation after another, women are becoming more and more creative in achieving their goals. And the photos we have selected for you are only a small part of the evidence you are able to see. The collection of images below is funny and witty, too!

1. Old enough to go to the liquor store

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There are rules that you need to follow if you want to sell beverages. The most important оnе is that every buyer has to be above a certain age. If a vendor doubts the age of a customer, they have the right to ask for the identity card of the person who wants to buy liquor. That is why this girl decided to dress up like an old lady and helped herself achieve that look by applying makeup. She hoped it would prove that she’s old enough to go to the local liquor store. Some makeup, a fluffy scarf and the best of luck probably did the trick.

2. Selfie time

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Every photographer will tell you that light is your best friend, and this rule is also valid for selfies. If you happen to be in a place where light comes from only one direction, try to stand directly in front of the source of that light and avoid your hand casting a shadow on you. Actually, try to avoid any shadows on your face. This is the trick that this person uses. It does not matter that she is one meter above the ground and is standing somewhere around the mirror lamp. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?

3. Wet hair but perfect makeup

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Many women do not feel confident enough about their appearance and they would not dare to leave home without full makeup on. A lot of women wear makeup every day, no matter what they do, where they go or who they meet. Some of them admit that they always put makeup before going out to the store, even if is just a few blocks away. Impressive is the fact that some women never allow their boyfriends to see them without makeup and they sleep with makeup on, too. This lady was exposed by the shower and you can see her true colors.

4. Every woman would use everything she could to prove her theory

Image Source: Reddit

Much is said about whether men or women are smarter. A number of examples are given to protect the capabilities of both men and women each time this argument arises. Nothing, however, can stop a woman from proving any of her claims and theories. This girl did not like her boyfriend’s outfit, but she was not able to convince him to change it until now. So she took an image of him next to an old man dressed just like him. Will he be able to say the opposite of her opinion now? Smart move!

5. Sleeping yoga

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Yoga is one of the most wonderful physical exercises ever invented. It normalizes hormone levels, stimulates the nervous system, normalizes the functioning of the endocrine glands and the digestive organs and reduces blood pressure and heart rate. It is also known that continuous practice contributes to the overall improvement of brain function… and this girl proves it. She plays yoga to help her with lack of sleep and we guess it works.

6. Weekly inventory audit

Image Source: Reddit

Jealousy is a very unpleasant feeling – it is a complex phenomenon, and it does not need objective reasons at all for it to happen; you can not prevent it from happening. Jealousy may occur because of different experiences, which at first glance have nothing to do with a particular situation. This person’s actions were a clear sign that she was jealous of her man. Numbering the condoms was a perfect way to keep her boyfriend under control, or at least this is what she thought.

7. All or nothing

Image Source: Twitter

Pizza can be found everywhere around us – there is a pizza shop at literally every corner. In fact, we all love pizza so much that we are even able to miss Valentine’s day for the most delicious pizza in the world! This lady was given a choice by her beloved one; he loved her so much that he allowed her to choose the best piece of pizza. But she, like every woman, decided to support the “all or nothing” theory and ate the whole pizza, leaving just the crust.

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8. We all know Joey, who does not share food

Image Source: Twitter

Some ladies admit the terrible mistake of eating from their boyfriend’s plate. Most men are just like our favorite character from the Friends TV series -they do not like that and are ready to start a feud. Despite the fact that the man asked his girl three times what she wanted to eat, she wanted to try out the food in his dish.

9. When you wonder what to wear

Image Source: Reddit

We all have heard the story that a woman can have a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories, and she would still complain that she has nothing to put on. “I have nothing to wear” is one of the greatest morning dramas women could face. And when all the clothes, shoes, and accessories of the girlfriend are brought to the boyfriend’s home, the situation is never funny to him.

10. Makeup transformations

Image Source: Reddit

A beautiful face with seducing lips, perfect eyebrows, and thick and long eyelashes is what many women probably want the most. You do not need to talk to a plastic surgeon to get them done. Everything you need is a very nicely done makeup that shows what features you have. It turns out that makeup can really create miracles and the beautiful ladies in this photo prove it. It is one of the most successful female tricks especially at the beginning of a relationship. No woman can exist without the tricks that keep men’s attention.

11. A girl can paint a car herself

Image Source: Reddit

Every car owner dreams of having a new and shiny car. Having a car means that you will constantly need to deal with small dents, scratches and other damage done to it. If you decide to repaint it by yourself, it is good to know that the first and the main thing you need to make sure of is that the paint is the same color as your car… but this lady obviously did not think so and completely changed the color of her car from yellow to black…. And she did it by herself right in the middle of a Walmart parking lot. She was probably in a hurry!

12. This is a classic move

Image Source: Twitter

There is a time in every girls’s life when sneaking out of the parent’s home is a must. The reasons could be a date or a party with friends you love to meet. This girl shows us how she thought her brother to help her in this type of situation. All it took was to put clothes or pillows under the covers so if the parents came into the room to see if she was in bed, they would be fooled. This is one of the teenage tricks which drives parents crazy.

13. A proposal from the future mother-in-law

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There is an eternal war between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law, but not in all cases. Relationships with the mother-in-law are sometimes easy. Many mothers remember (a year after the wedding day) how they picked up a crystal glass in order to hold a tost and told the young lady wearing white lace the following: “Today I do not lose a son, I get to have a daughter.” This mother loved her future daughter-in-law so much that she proposed to her by sending her a card and she even bought a lovely engagement ring. This is an incredible story, right? Who would say “No”!?

14. Seductive and Pregnant – Mission Possible

Image Source: Twitter

The fact that a woman is pregnant does not mean she does not want to be beautiful, and even in this period of her life she seems to be even vainer and needs to shine. That is why this lady showed a perfect beach body despite her advanced pregnancy. She was on a holiday and wanted to have the perfect photo taken. Beauty in its traditional sense is a reflection of our inner harmony and health. It is the message we receive from this woman. Every woman must feel beautiful in order to look beautiful!

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