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14 Pics Showing Situations Which Were Obviously A Terrible Idea

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of situations are unpredictable and we need to deal with it. Of course, some of them were a terrible idea to begin with! This is the time to take step back and think about it. If you realize you made a mistake, then you should just learn your lesson and carry on. If you fail to do it, you risk ending up in the same situation again!

1. Here is a lesson this kid probably learned right there</strong

Image Source: Reddit

People always say that you need to go through something in order to appreciate the scale of the situation or its importance! This kid learned that lesson the hard way. We guess that his parents often told him to be careful but as you can see, boys will be boys. The situation became serious and we even see that a rescue crew came to help set the kid free. It was surely a memorable day for that boy! His father is smiling because he knows that his son would never attempt the same thing again.

2. Fashion statements are not a good idea sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

We admire those individual among us who refuse to obey all kinds of standards. For example, many people choose to have a personal style that is not following any of the modern day trends. This is something worthy of respect and it is how genuine ideas come to life. However, not all accessories that describe a person’s taste are appropriate to wear. These images clearly show what we mean. We guess that it takes a really special person to wear socks like these! We hope we never see a pair of them in person.

3. Here is a wrong way to check the technical condition of your truck

Image Source: Diply

People need to understand that if certain safety precautions are needed in a certain situation, there was a good reason for that! It always puzzles us how many individuals neglect every warning or caution sign they see. They often say that nothing could go wrong and bad things cannot happen to them. Truth is, accidents happens all the time and a huge part of them were caused by someone who neglected to take the necessary safety precautions. Lifting your pickup truck with a forklift just to check something underneath is definitely a bad idea!

4. The irony is strong in this photo

Image Source: Reddit

We simply love seeing image that are full of irony! This one is probably one of the best examples you could find! The bold lettering on the truck trailer is a nice message and we definitely agree with it. However, if you know that you carry around a message like this one, you should probably be careful and try your best to follow the one thing it says. This driver did the exact opposite and took a shortcut. The result of that maneuver was a disaster but the photo really makes the message stand out more!

5. Here is another example of people risking it all

Image Source: Reddit

Since we already mentioned the safety precautions people do not take when they should, we just had to show you this photo. Yes, this is man who crawled into a wood chipper with the intention to repair it. We cannot think of a worse way to repair a dangerous machine like that! Maybe this person failed to evaluate the actual risks involved and we hope everything turned out to be okay in the end. We would never attempt to repair a wood chipper like that.

6. This is one interesting product

Image Source: Reddit

Our busy schedules reshaped the way we live. Many people constantly live in an active mode with little to no rest. This can be stressful and the way people drain themselves is a danger to their health. But one of the other main problems is definitely the lack of time! We all struggle to find a few precious minutes in order to complete a task that we postponed for a lot of time and we are happy when we do it! This was probably the reason why someone invented this product! We hope that nobody uses it when driving because it would be too dangerous!

7. Sometimes you just need to call a friend instead of doing something on your own

Image Source: Reddit

In order to complete a certain task, you need to make sure you all the means necessary! Otherwise you will probably be forced to improvise and take risks which are easy to avoid if you have the right approach. This person obviously needed to haul a lot of things and we guess that a Mustang is definitely not the right cargo carrier! This fully loaded car is a danger to everyone else in the traffic, not to mention that those bags can fall off easily. This person had to call e friend with a pickup truck and get the job done faster!

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8. Here is one way to get in trouble fast

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably seen a lot of ludicrous photos of construction work before. Such images prove that people involved in construction are willingly risking their health and even their lives on a daily basis. As you can clearly see, these men chose a rather unconventional approach and gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘using your head’. We cannot believe our eyes and we hope that they eventually realized how inappropriate the idea was. One wrong move could easily lead to a disaster here!

9. Here is one controversial photo

Image Source: Reddit

There is a good reason why this photo is controversial and we believe it is obvious. The image shows a group of firefighters who performed a stunt with one of their colleagues. They used the water pressure created by their fire hoses to create an improvised water jet-powered device. It looks awesome but we believe that firefighters should not fool around like in the middle of the city. This is a waste of tons of water and everyone pays for it. We hope it was nothing more than just a demonstration!

10. Here is one product that nobody needs

Image Source: Reddit

Most of you would probably agree that crocs are one of the worst types of shoes you could wear! There is no way that someone wearing crocs could explain why they did it. However, it can actually get worse and this photo shows how! Somebody actually turned a pair of crocs into rollerblades and we cannot believe how ridiculous they appear to be! Let’s hope they were created just for fun and nobody would actually try how they perform!

11. Here is a thing you have probably never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

People come up with all kinds of crazy ideas sometimes but we believe that some of these ideas are worth developing. Of course, some of the ideas should never actually exist! Unfortunately sometimes people give a chance even to the most ridiculous ones and the photo shows a nice example. This device is definitely something we would never want to install at home. Imagine that you are in a hurry to go out and you need to solve this maze before you are able to step outside. We would be pissed!

12. This is definitely not the way to shave a dog

Image Source: Pinterest

Many dog owners are obsessed with their pet’s appearance. They take the canine to special saloons where qualified groomers take care of the animals. There are numerous different styles and accessories to add to your pup’s appearance! Of course, on the most important things about every dog’s appearance is definitely its fur. It needs to be taken good care off. However, sometimes people decide to take a different route and they choose something really inappropriate for their dog. This photo shows what we mean! This is close to animal cruelty in our opinion. No dog deserves this!

13. This must be a joke

Image Source: Imgur

Every now and then we stumble upon an image that we are not sure what to think about. Just seeing this makes us cringe and the thought that it might be a real thing brings goose bumps to our skin! There is no such thing as a public toothbrush! It sounds insane! How could someone actually think of this! Of all the worse ideas out there, this is probably one of the top on the list! Imagine using a stranger’s toothbrush! It just does not appear to be right! We are convinced that this setup was nothing more than a joke.

14. This image sparks a lot of questions

Image Source: VRT

Some of the photos we see are really easy to explain but in other cases we struggle to find out what we see! This image is definitely a good example. It shows a person hanging from a huge barrier that was lifted over what appears to be a railway. The reason why this man decided to hang from that barrier remains unknown. It does not appear to be an accident and we wonder why he did not let go when he realized the barrier was going to be lifted high.

Written by Nick Martin

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