14 Pictures That Couldn’t Be Taken At More Hilarious Time

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There are a lot of funny images out there, just waiting to be looked at. There are also a lot of images that are not particularly funny and are posted anyway for inexplicable reasons, but that is a different discussion for a different time. There are definitely a few images out there that make you wonder why they are on the internet at all.

Not every picture can be great, of course, but here are fifteen examples of pictures taken at a hilarious time.

1. The Kid and the Statue

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If I had been told that an enormous statue was about to fall, I too would run. This kid is clearly running for his life. The statue definitely looks pretty heavy.

This is a disturbing picture, though, in its own way. It is funny, true, but also kind of disturbing. Who would tell a kid that a statue is about to fall on him? The poor child looks positively disturbed, really. The person who posted this must not care much for children. Doing that to a kid is just mean.

2. The Person In the Ocean

Image Source: Reddit

The head popping up is definitely sort of weird. It is hard to tell for sure whether or not the surfer noticed him.

It appears to be the case, but you can’t tell for sure.

Honestly, at first glance, I was worried the guy in the water was drowning. Drowning occurs more often than one might think. According to recent statistics, more than 1 million people drown every year. It is one of the leading causes of unintentional death worldwide. In the United States, only motor vehicle accidents kill more people under
the age of 12.

3. The Beer and the Head

Image Source: Reddit

One of the young women in this image is about to have beer-soaked hair, and she probably won’t be too pleased about it. She definitely will not smell too good, so she will probably want to go home immediately to shower and change her clothes.

I hope that she was understanding about it all, though; it all looks like a simple accident. I sincerely doubt it was intentional, and everyone definitely looks like they are having a pretty good time.

It is a shame, really, that the woman spilled her beer, which is a pretty fascinating beverage when you really think about it. People have been drinking it for thousands of years, after all, and it is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.

4. The Chicken Bucket and the Soda

Image Source: Instagram

This can’t be permissible, right? This guy is either breaking the law or some unwritten rule of the establishment, I am sure. Still, if he gets away with it, it is pretty clever. That is a lot of soda, definitely. He must really like Pepsi.

The bucket appears to be from Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was actually founded during the Great Depression. In terms of sales, it is the world’s second-largest chain of restaurants. There are around 20,000 KFC restaurants, and they can be found all over the world, including the United States, China, Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Angola, Puerto Rico, Albania, France, New Zealand, and Poland.

Really, it would be quicker to list the countries where there are not Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. For example, there is not currently a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in either Fiji or Andorra.

Do you think any employees of the establishment called this guy out on his behavior? If I saw it, I am not so sure that I would. If I did, it would definitely be a very awkward experience.

5. The Kids and the Books

Image Source: Reddit

This image is pretty funny, but it is also truly heartwarming.

It is nice to see kids reading. All you hear today is that kids have no interest in books and will only read if forced to by adults, but apparently that may not be the case. You would think that the adults in this picture would be reading and the kids would be on their devices, but maybe the kids are trying to set a good example for the adults?

You can’t tell what the kids are reading, but they definitely seem pretty engrossed in those stories—whatever they may happen to be. Good for them!

6. The Horse and the Ears

Image Source: Instagram

This really is a great image. I love the way the ears are sticking up and the little tongue is sticking out. The image is truly priceless.

That said, though, I wouldn’t be surprised these days if parents agreed more often with their children than with their children’s teachers. I know several teachers, and I am constantly amazed by the behavior of the parents these days. If their kid gets a bad grade, they will often insist the teacher change it or accuse the teacher of hating their child.

I don’t doubt that there are a few teachers out there that may grade students they personally dislike a little more harshly, but I am sure they are few and far between.

7. The Kid and the Pizza

Image Source: Instagram

This adorable little girl just tried pizza for the first time, and it was clearly a wonderful experience for her. I
doubt she will remember the experience, sadly, considering her age.

I actually remember eating pizza for the first time. I had a lot of allergies as a child, so pretty much every ingredient in pizza—except for the sauce—would have been the death of me. Frankly, it is a small miracle that I survived until adulthood—for a few reasons.

test ad

Anyway, when I could finally eat pizza, it was a very happy day. Naturally, I still eat it to this day.

That shouldn’t be surprising, of course, because most people eat a lot of pizza. It is a $40 billion industry in the United States, and there are more than 75,000 pizzerias in the country.

Pizza isn’t always good for you, though. In a lot of cases, it is high in fat and salt; however, as is the case with all things, moderation is key.

I am sure this little girl will be consuming pizza for many years to come.

8. The Dog With the Teeth

Image Source: Instagram

The image on the left makes the little dog look scary. If those were indeed his teeth, I would be sort of terrified.

However, he was just picking up a pine cone for his collection. That is sort of strange. I did not realize dogs collect things like that. I have heard of small children collecting pine cones, which is fine, but a dog doing it seems strange to me.

All things considered, the dog has a pretty impressive collection. You have to wonder how long he has been working on it.

I don’t know if I agree with “Actually Rick Jame$”, though. I don’t think the dog looks particularly demonic in the one picture. He just looks like a dog with scary teeth.

9. The Really Cool Spill

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t tell what is being spilled in this image. It looks to be a cola beverage, but I can’t be sure. Regardless, the whole effect is pretty neat.

I have to wonder what led to this particular spilling incident. Clearly, the young woman is posing for the camera, and it looks like she may have been dancing with the young man. Her outfit is curious. Was this a Halloween party?

If so, why isn’t the young man dressed up?

Maybe he actually was dressed up in the image; he was, perhaps, going as some sort of generic office worker from a really boring company that needlessly enforces a dull and ultimately pointless dress code. That is possible, right?

Hopefully, the spill didn’t ruin their night. Regardless, it is a great picture, and we are therefore happy the spill happened.

10. The Fall From the Shoulders

Image Source: Reddit

I do not know exactly what is going on in this image, but I am assuming it was some sort of music festival where people liked to sit on other people’s shoulders. Sometimes those people were not wearing shirts for whatever reason.

On the one hand, I feel bad for the guy who was falling. He could have broken his neck. I sincerely hope that did not happen. The injury really could have ended up being a very serious one. At the very least, it was probably a pretty painful one.

On the other hand, grown people should not be sitting on the shoulders of other grown people. That is just
dangerous, and it is probably really bad for the back. Heavy lifting can be horrible for the body.

11. The Kid and the Face Plant

Image Source: Reddit

I feel bad finding this picture hilarious, but the fact of the matter is that I do. It isn’t that I enjoy the suffering of others; it is just such a perfectly timed image.

The good news here, though, is that the kid probably cried for 40 seconds or so and then promptly forgot all about the fall once someone gave her an ice cream cone or something. It is unlikely that any permanent damage was done.

She was probably running around five minutes later.

If an adult had fallen like this, he or she would probably be in bed for a week recovering from injuries.

I sincerely hope the little girl ended up okay.

12. The Guys In the Pants

Image Source: Imgur

This is a very strange, amusing image. Why are they all dressed so similarly? Is it a school uniform kind of thing?

It really is strange that the guys in the first three rows there seem to be wearing identical pants. How did that happen? Do the three guys just happen to be friends? Did they go shopping for pants together? That is a fun way to bond, I guess.

The pants belonging to the guy in the fourth row look marginally different, I guess, but they are not really all that different. He is, pretty much, like other guys.

13. The Instagram Dog

Image Source: Imgur

I totally understand wanting your pet to be internet famous. Who doesn’t want that? Almost everyone thinks that their puppy is the cutest puppy that has ever existed.

The puppy in this image probably is a cute puppy, but the image is terrifying. What is going on with that expression? What is going on with those eyes? How did the owners get that puppy to look like that?

14. The Couple and the Fountain

Image Source: The Chive

I don’t need to explain what this image looks like. However, it is also quite hilarious. Part of what makes it so funny is the expression on the young woman’s face. She looks genuinely amused by the guy expelling what appears to be a tremendous amount of urine.

Happily, he is not expelling a tremendous amount of urine. If he was peeing that much, I am sure he would need medical attention immediately.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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