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14 Satisfying Images That Will Make You Feel At Peace With The World

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we need to press the ‘pause’ button on our busy schedules and just appreciate the world we have. While most people nowadays tend to think that the modern world is a negative place where nothing goes the way it should, we would like to correct that with a small list of images that are truly satisfying and are likely to make you feel at peace with the world. If such serenity exists and when people make such effort as shown in the images, the world cannot be a bad place at all.
Enjoy these pictures and hopefully they will brighten up your day and satisfy your inner perfectionist!

1. The best way to stack your towels

Image Source: Reddit

Someone really did a great job arranging these towels! The end result is basically a perfect and very huge color palette and we love it! The only that may bother you a little bit is the fact that towels in our own homes almost never look even close to this, so we need to make a little extra effort, because the satisfying end result is worth it.

2. These shoes really blend with the surrounding surface

Image Source: Reddit

If shoes can have an incognito presence, this pair is doing it in the best possible way. They match the shelf they are placed on so well that you can easily call them the chameleons of the shoe world. It likely an unintentional match, but the sight of it brings a really good feeling.

3. These giraffes can stretch quite a bit

Image Source: Reddit

Giraffes love munching on all kinds of leaves, and they probably liked this wall covered in a bush very much. It seems that they found it tasty, because they ate everything within their reach, which created a very distinctive curve on the wall, which can serve as a measurement of the angle the giraffe necks can stretch to.

4. A bit of arranging makes a huge difference

Image Source: Reddit

Even a simple dozen of eggs can be enough to satisfy every perfectionist. The trick is to be able to arrange them in the correct order, and someone obviously did a great job here. These eggs are in the perfect color order and we wish everyone did that in stores.

5. Yogurt perfection

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that the first thing after opening the yogurt is to lick the back of the foil lid. However, this person had the luck of opening the perfect cup of yogurt! Not only that the whole cup is full to the top, there is not a single drop on the back of the lid, which is a rare sight and it looks perfect.

6. The real version of the Nokia Snake game

Image Source: Reddit

The snake is surely not aware of the existence of the popular game, but it looks like it knows the rules pretty well. Of course, the animal is just making its way through the gaps of the sidewalk tiles, but from this angle it is a perfect blend between nature and engineering.

7. We want this ice cream cone so bad

Image Source: Reddit

The best type of ice cream you can buy on the street is before your eyes! We love the taste and the creamy texture, but we also like the way the machine serves it. This person was lucky enough to order two perfectly combined flavors, and the end result is the ideal ice cream cone. Don’t blame yourself if you got ice cream cravings after this picture.

8. A mesmerizing sight

Image Source: Reddit

Mini refrigerators are very handy if you have a small condo or a summer villa, because they don’t take a lot of space and you can still fit a lot of products inside. And what’s more important during the hot summer than having cold beer in your fridge? Yes, that is an essential part of living, and this person was able to take it to the next level after being able to fit these cans perfectly in the mini fridge.


9. This is the smoothest bun you will ever see

Image Source: Reddit

Hamburger buns have a very thin golden upper crust and always look delicious, but finding the perfect bun is a hard thing. Someone obviously did it, and the bun looks so smooth that it seems impossible, but it apparently is, and we are a bit envious of the fact someone already did find this one.

10. Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time

Image Source: Reddit

Some people say that coincidences don’t exist, and there may be some truth to those words. This photo is simply stunning, and it creates the illusion that the building is transparent, and it is not. A lot of circumstances needed to be perfect in order for this to happen the way it did, and this is what makes the photo so special.

11. Nature is an amazing artist

Image Source: Reddit

Some of the most mind-blowing things you will ever see are created or inspired by nature, and that’s no surprise, because we are surrounded by it. Finding something truly perfect that does need any altering is always an amazing thing, and this rock sphere is the proof. The chance of stumbling on something like this is probably very small.

12. Who knew a shake can be mesmerizing

Image Source: Reddit

We are big fans of shakes and slushy drinks, that’s why we find this to be so satisfying, and you would probably like it, too. The machine was able to create the nicest sere we’ve ever seen, and we’ll try to achieve the effect next time.

13. A simple wrap can be satisfying, too

Image Source: Reddit

The person who did the wrapping here is surely a perfectionist, because the end result is simply perfect. The way that the paper pattern was used to achieve this effect is really clever and we appreciate the effort.

14. Waffle fries making always seems like art

How waffle fries are made. You can all sleep happy now.

The shape of the potato slices after cutting the vegetable in this way is amazing, and we like to observe the process. It takes a certain amount of skills to achieve the end result, and you can learn to do it, which would impress most people when you demonstrate this.


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