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14 Simple Lifehacks That Actually Work

Image Source: Reddit

While we fully understand that the Internet is an endless source of clever ideas and lifehacks, we must also say that some of them are worth sharing more than the rest. The kind we have in mind is described via the examples in the list below. The best lifehacks is the one that costs next to nothing and makes a huge difference. This is why we love the simple but brilliant ideas listed below. Upcycling pill bottles is just one of the small but useful hacks we found.

1. The magnet

Image Source: Reddit

Trying to be a handyman at home is a hard task, as you need to have basic skills or at least someone to help you. Even seemingly simple tasks can prove to be very hard to complete. Some valuable advice is always appreciated. Using a magnet attached to your hammer will surely result in a faster workflow.

2. The frozen food

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this image contains the kind of advice we could all use on a daily basis! Frozen food sometimes takes a lot of time to prepare but not in this case! The clever person who shared the advice used the microwave to defrost the food and then used the toaster to make them crispy and crunchy.

3. The cork replacement

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that having the right attitude will always result in success despite not having enough resources. In this case, one person wanted to preserve the leftover wine’s qualities but did not have a cork for the job. They replace it with a carrot and it seems the hack worked like a charm!

4. The taco

Image Source: Reddit

Well, the caption of the image above says it all here. What we need to add is that such a simple hack never occurred to us before and we wonder why that happened. Maybe it was too simple but it is still brilliant. Instead of cleaning crumbs, you get a second taco!

5. The chopsticks

Image Source: Imgur

Here is yet another super simple but absolutely brilliant lifehack! When watching a movie or a nice TV show, we love to nibble something and that something is most often chips. Therefore, our fingers get greasy and dirty and we need to pause the movie to wash them. Using chopsticks solves that problem!

6. The popcorn

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something we will definitely try next time we are able to go see a movie. Needless to say, we have all experienced unevenly buttered popcorn and that is a huge no-no for us. In this case, one person solved the problem by using a straw to pump butter to the bottom of the bag.

7. The host setup

Image Source: Reddit

Having friends come over means that you need to be a good host they would remember. Apart from hospitality and good food, inviting someone should equal in them being impressed. Since the first impression matters, this person came up with tile-made coasters and a charcuterie board from a hardware store. It looks expensive but it is not.

8. The heater

Image Source: Imgur

Sitting at the office all day can be boring but there are things you can come up with to make time fly by much faster. This person did exactly that and also changed the way we will drink coffee in the office from now on. As you can see, they simply put their mug on the laptop charger and they had a worker heater in a split second.

9. The shoes

Image Source: Imgur

Stinky shoes are one of the things in life we can never stand. In this case, one person obviously had the same kind of intolerance and they did something about it. As you can see, the person came up with the simplest hack possible: a couple of dryer sheets in each shoe seems to be an effective solution.

10. The mouse

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something we almost refused to believe! Having this kind of advanced thinking is something we could only wish for! As you can clearly see, this person used their smartphone even after the touchscreen broke. They attached a wireless mouse to the device using a cable and we think this is an awesome idea.

11. The tape roll

Image Source: Reddit

Tape rolls are always a struggle, especially when you need to use one while in a hurry. As you can see, this person was able to solve that problem once and for all. No more searching for the edge of the roll and trying to peel it. A bread tab is enough to mark its end.

12. The change

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a neat trick we will surely use from now on. As you can see, this person used the receipt to wrap the loose change they had. Instead of rattling inside the pocket, they will be tucked in and will also be safe from falling out.

13. The pizza topper

Image Source: Reddit

This is another brilliant example of DIY engineering that costs zero dollars. Someone created a phone stand by simply using a pizza topper and removing on of its three legs. The result is satisfying and it works like a charm.

14. The pot

Image Source: Reddit

We all know how people use wooden spoons to prevent pots from boiling out but this is one much simpler trick that is said to work even better. We will try this one next time we cook something on the stove.

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