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14 Situations That Did Not Go As Expected

Image Source: Reddit

We love people who are able to bring an unexpected twist to literally any situation! It takes a special kind of person to do such a thing and as you probably can imagine, most of these situations are funny enough to be shared for everyone to see. Sometimes the situation changes in a mysterious way without someone doing anything at all! Social media platforms are filled with examples and we managed to put together some of the best ones! Scroll down the list and enjoy the images!

1. This coloring book was turned into something else

Image Source: Reddit

Coloring books are fun and kids love them! These clever books are designed to keep children busy for hours, but their most important features are different! They are able to help develop the kids’ coordination and artistic skills which is essential! However, it seems that this particular book was in the hands of someone who already had crazy skills! The end result is really nice and probably a bit scary for some people but we like it anyway.

2. There is obviously a flaw in this birdfeeder’s design

Image Source: Reddit

We think the mankind is the most advanced species on this planet for a reason. We need to use our superiority to preserve nature and help animals. While many among us do not realize this, there are people who dedicate their lives to helping animals. We admire such people and we love everything they do! As you can see, someone installed a birdfeeder which is a nice thing to do. However, it is obviously not squirrel-proof! This hungry chipmunk found its way in and seems to be enjoying the bird seed!

3. Repeating something numerous times will not make it sound better

Image Source: Reddit

Some people are not that smooth at flirting as they think they are. This is actually a problem because it could lead to all sorts of hilarious situations and the flirt would be ruined for sure! The screenshot above shows one conversation that will probably not end up with a date! The person who wrote first tried to use a weird pickup line. He obviously came up with it when he saw the girl’s name. We guess she got it the first time but the other person insisted on getting some appreciation for his creativity.

4. Some designs should not exist

Image Source: Reddit

People have different tastes and opinions about literally everything. This is actually a good thing, because it is the reason why our world is so colorful! However, there are also a lot of things that the majority of individuals could all agree on. This weird koala designed to look like Super Mario is probably one of those things! The reason for this to exist is unknown to us, but we are more than certain that it looks menacing rather than full of joy as it probably was supposed to be!

5. Now this is something that is just wrong

Image Source: Reddit

We often end up confused when we see something that is obviously not right! Mixing a giant bowl of gumballs and bouncing balls is definitely one of the best examples we could give! This is not even that funny, because it is a potentially dangerous situation! Kids would find it hard to tell the difference between the two kinds and we all know how toddler like to put everything they see in their mouths! Let’s hope that this sign was nothing more than a joke.

6. Here is how nightmares are born

Image Source: Reddit

We are no experts when it comes to painting, but we can definitely tell when a certain artwork is just not as good as it was supposed to be! What kind of person would draw an elephant like this one? We get the general idea. The artist tried to make the animal look as cute as possible. However, that smiling human face on the elephant’s forehead is definitely out of place! It looks like what we imagine would be the face of Pennywise without all the makeup and it gives us the chills!

7. This story is worthy of featuring in a movie

Image Source: Twitter

You probably know that you should not trust anything you see online. People can come up with all sorts of deceiving stories and content. Having that in mind, we find it a bit hard to believe the story you see above. It sound really funny but it is also questionable. What kind of a police officer would dare to do such a thing! We guess that such a scene would be a nice addition to a police-themed comedy movie, but it is unbelievable when we are talking about real life.

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8. This is the best kind of trolling we have seen lately

Image Source: Reddit

Having fun is essential for everyone and we recommend it daily! This is why we create lists like the one you are reading now. Individuals with sense of humor are able to brighten anyone’s day with ease, because they always come up with the best jokes and pranks. Sometimes they can even troll others which is very amusing to watch from aside. However, nobody would expect Google to troll somebody, but apparently it happened!

9. There is more to this photo than meets the eye

Image Source: Reddit

If you take one quick look at this photo, you will surely accept is a perfectly normal image. It features just a random person taking his photo with his favorite cartoon character. Most of us have similar photos taken, but this one is different! Just take a look at the far left and you will see Elmo! But it is Elmo’s facial expression that really makes an impression! Elmo appears to be betrayed because nobody took a picture with him!

10. This is a real bummer

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that finding yourself in a situation you did not expect is more or less a stressful experience. The element of surprise is always strong and we cannot help but feel worried. We believe that this person experienced things in a similar way when this happened! It would be a huge problem if such a thing happens in the morning and you have no spare clothing with you. We are sure that this person would never use a pen as a scratcher again.

11. Here is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Reddit

Weird things are everywhere around us. They are just waiting to be discovered by someone who would bother sharing them on social media. We are glad that someone took their time to take this photo and post it online. It is something that we have never seen before! Seeing two men dressed as hotdogs in a fast food diner is definitely a unique sight to see! We guess that it looks like a twisted version of cannibalism!

12. There are some things that you should not order online

Image Source: Reddit

People are beginning to use online shopping more often than ever. This has good sides and bad sides to it. One of the best things about it is the convenience and the fact that it saves a lot of time. The cons include the risk of not getting what you expected or receiving the product you ordered in a bad shape. This is what happened here but we guess that the person who ordered this item should have seen it coming. Ordering a light bulb online is definitely not a good idea at all.

13. Now this is a nice metaphor

Image Source: Funny Junk

We love it how people often use different photos as way to make a statement using metaphors. Most of the memes nowadays are more or less the same kind of images! The clever captions and the puns created are amazing and we cannot get enough of them! As you can see here, this curious fruit was used to describe something completely different, but we all get the clever metaphor immediately after seeing the image! This is why we love internet – you never know what you are about to see next!

14. This is one really curious case of unexpected results

Image Source: Reddit

Most of us probably know how disappointment feels like. It is especially strong when your anticipation for something you ordered online is shattered into bits as soon as you realize the item is not what you expected it to be. These two photos are a nice way to explain that! However, there is a little twist to this story which makes it interesting. It is clear to see that this person ordered the Michael Myers Halloween-themed mask with the intention to scare everyone on the 31st of October. However, the mask turned out to have nothing in common with the one in the ad. The frustration this person felt was probably temporary, because the mask actually served its purpose. As you can see, it looks even creepier than the original product! This is probably the only case when a product was not as good as it was supposed to be but actually did a better job. We wonder what kind of review did this person leave after the purchase.

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