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14 Situations That Nobody Saw Coming

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we happen to be in a situation in which we need a time machine! The only way to avoid such situations is to actually own a crystal ball that works as it should! Of course, nobody has one and this is why these situations occur. When something unpredictable happens, all you can do is try to go through it and deal with any bad consequences. The following list will show you how unexpected things happened and nobody could do something about it in advance.

1. This is something really unexpected

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody expects surprises when ordering a hotdog, right? Well, it turns out you should be careful when doing so! Even though we all know what a hotdog is, there is still plenty of room for unexpected twists! As you can see, someone ordered a couple of hotdogs that turned out to be a lot different than the traditional recipe! We guess that the definition for hotdog is different around the world, but the thing you see in the photo is definitely not one!

2. Here is something that is both funny and odd

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen sloppy jobs before, but this exceeds everything we have seen in a while. This paved surface appears to be marked in a weird way. It does not make any sense, but there is a reason for it to look like that. Apparently the upper layer of the road had to be removed in order for underground repairs to be done. When they reassembled the pavement, they were probably in a hurry and nobody noticed that the diagonal marking line that used to be whole is now scattered into bits.

3. Now this is something really unexpected

Image Source: Reddit

Social media platforms are full of all kinds of weird stuff because people keep posting all the time! In some cases the fine line between funny and weird is almost completely erased! As you can see, this person probably tried to show their sarcastic sense of humor, but there was more to that attempt than meets the eye! Someone noticed that the ridiculous photo had an interesting detail! The fork turned out to be added via Photoshop, and the explanation that was given about it made the whole post even better than intended!

4. This story is worthy of a movie

Image Source: Reddit

Have you ever felt like you should be in a movie because of what just happened to you? We guess that this person felt something close to that! Imagine finding your stolen bike listed for sale on internet. What would you do? We bet that most of you would do exactly the same thing as this person! It hurts when someone steals something from you, but this person did not let the feelings stop her and she was able to trick the thief by pretending she was a buyer!

5. Love knows no limits

Image Source: Reddit

People often show their love and affection in a weird or embarrassing way. Of course, it is mostly embarrassing for the object of those feelings, of course! We all remember such moment, but this photo shows a different side to showing affection. Someone clearly adored the neighborhood dog and that huge fence was definitely not going to stop them from petting the canine and showing some love! We guess that the owner of the dog did not see that coming!

6. Here is one item that is almost unrecognizable

Image Source: Reddit

Technology really changed our lives in numerous ways. We are now capable of doing things that were unthinkable a couple of decades ago. One of the most impressive new things in the world of tech gadgets is probably the 3D printer. The amazing technology behind it is impressive, but it is still in a research and development stage because it is not perfect. This is the reason why this 3D-printed mug was not what its creators expected as an end result.

7. Here what an emotional post could lead to

Image Source: Twitter

We have all experienced times when we really want to escape our dull everyday routine or the job we have but we don’t like. This is understandable, but people should probably keep it to themselves, or situations like the one you see here might happen. This woman was probably frustrated when she posted this, but she surely did not assume that it might have consequences. After all, social media is a place where you shouldn’t post everything you think. The result of her post is that she really lost her job, which she surely did not expect.

8. This one relatable photo

Image Source: Reddit

We can all recall times when we found ourselves thinking about every decision that brought us to a certain point in our lives. This is mostly related to regret, of course. As you can see, this raccoon has a certain look on its face which is more than relatable! The animal looks like it is experiencing a flashback of everything that happened before the moment it got stuck. Considering that this is one really obese raccoon, it is more than clear why it got stuck there. Most of us should think twice before eating junk food next time we experience cravings.

9. Here is something unexpected to see in a supermarket

Image Source: Reddit

Modern supermarkets are full of all kinds of products. You can buy pretty much everything you need for your entire household from a single location which is convenient. However, there are things that you can’t buy there. One of those things is definitely a live animal! However, there are exceptions and someone was able to take a photo of one! This cute duck family was able to get inside unnoticed and they look really curious in the middle of the aisle. We hope that the staff made sure that they were brought back to safety. Who would expect to see a duck inside a supermarket?

10. Here is a test that probably needs a careful approach

Image Source: Reddit

Have you ever felt like things are too easy and you get suspicious about it? It happens a lot and there is a good reason. Sometime a trick question or a task may seem to provide a really easy answer, but it turns out to be the other way around. However, as much as we look into this maze, it does not seem to hold any tricks. Maybe the person who designed it just failed to notice that the entry point is almost the same as the exit one. This is one thing that probably nobody noticed before actually printing the maze.

11. This is one construction fail that nobody saw coming

Image Source: Reddit

Sometime a certain construction job has really tight deadlines and companies work day and night in order to race against time and meet those deadlines. This comes at a certain price, of course. One of the main problems is surely the amount of mistakes allowed in the process. Some of those mistakes are minor and really don’t make a difference, but in certain cases they are huge! As you can see, someone really messed up the project for this building. The end result was a number of balconies with zero functionality. They are completely useless!

12. Here is another construction fail

Image Source: Reddit

When you are involved in a construction job, you need to be careful. There are certain safety precautions that you need to take. The other important aspect of every construction task is the set of tools and other things that you would definitely need. You need to make sure that you have everything by your side. One of the most important tools is the tape measure. As the photos suggests, someone lost theirs, and it was found in the most incredible place! Apparently in fell in the concrete form and remained there until the block was pulled out of the form.

13. Nobody likes that much salt

Image Source: Reddit

People have different tastes in everything. This is especially true when it comes to food. The different preferences of every individual are something normal. For example, some people like their meals with extra salt while other don’t use salt at all. As you can see, the owners of these vehicles will probably never use salt again! Nobody expected that silo wall to collapse, but it happened and the vehicles parked next to it suffered some damage.

14. Could anyone tell what is up with this restaurant?

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen all kinds of restaurants before, but nothing like this one! Usually the difference between different locations is the type of cuisine which also requires different styles of the interior and the service. However, regardless of the restaurant type, nobody would expect to find a huge pool in the middle of the place! And it is not just a decorative pond! It is a proper swimming pool that people obviously use! We tried to figure this one out and we came to the conclusion that it was probably no longer a restaurant.

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