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14 Things That Are So Wrong They Are Right

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you see things, and you just know they are wrong. There are those things that you wish you had never seen because they are so weird or disturbing.

Sometimes, though, you see things that are kind of wrong and you are happy that you saw them. In spite of the weirdness, you kind of like it.

Here are fifteen things that will seem kind of wrong, but that you will like anyway.

1. The Crocodile Shoes

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t seem to find a store that sells these, so I can only assume that they were custom-made for the wearer, which is neat. I have never had shoes custom made for me. In fact, I have never had anything custom made for me.

They really are very neat. I am assuming the person wearing them was trying to make a point, although I am not sure what that point is.

Crocodiles are interesting creatures. Only six of the species are considered dangerous to human beings, and the smaller ones probably can’t kill you, but you might want to avoid them regardless. An attack does not sound fun, and crocodiles can definitely be deadly. The Nile crocodile is particularly deadly; hundreds—if not thousands—die due to that particular species every year.

2. The Soap Dispenser

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely an interesting product, and I wonder where it was purchased. Is there a website out there that sells products designed for big fans of toilet humor? I would at least visit that website. It sounds interesting, anyway.

I don’t think I would buy this product, however, even though the design is quite impressive. After you do your business, you wash your hands so that you are clean and can forget the business you just did. Why be reminded of it by the soap dispenser? It is funny, sure, but I can’t see many people buying this thing.

The design really is impressive though, and it is a clever concept.

3. The Strange Food Combination

Image Source: Reddit

Honestly, this looks sort of delicious. I would eat this, of course. I don’t know what sort of creative mind came up with his, but it is impressive. Both of the ingredients are delicious.

I am guessing there are restaurants out there that serve this exact dish. People really love bizarre food combinations. I know people who like to dip their fries in ice cream. I have tried it, and it isn’t so bad. The salt really does a good job of making the ice cream seem sweeter.

4. The Parked Car

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely a strange-looking car. Who would have their car painted like that? What a truly odd choice. It looks sort of neat, but it is also quite ugly. What is it supposed to look like, exactly?

The whole bit about sending nudes is also terribly inappropriate. Who would send such pictures to a person driving this vehicle? People shouldn’t be doing that anyway; those pictures can come back to haunt you when you’re trying to get a job. I sincerely doubt that the person who owns this car got a single picture.

I like the wheels, though. Those are nice.

5. The Book About Eating Dogs

Image Source: Reddit

You shouldn’t eat your dog. I don’t think anyone will disagree with me there. If you adopt a dog, you are doing so for companionship, not because you might eventually need a meal. If it comes to that, you are in a truly unfortunate situation.

People do eat dogs, though, and it is a relatively common thing in many parts of the world. These days, most dog meat is consumed in China, Vietnam, and South Korea. It is also consumed in North America. It has been estimated that over 20 million dogs are eaten every year, which is a truly disturbing thought if you have ever owned a puppy.

6. The Decorations

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t imagine who would buy these things. I wouldn’t want to be friends with the sort of person who would, frankly, as they are a bit spooky.

I kind of like the monkeys, though. Like many, I always thought it would be fun to have a pet monkey. There are only a few types, though, that are somewhat appropriate to keep as pets, including the capuchin. Those are the ones you often see on television and movies.

It should be noted, though, that those little monkeys can live for decades; we are talking thirty years or more, and they require a lot of care. You can’t exactly train them to use a litter box, either.

You definitely don’t want a chimpanzee, though. You have likely heard stories about people being attacked by their pet monkeys. In many of those cases, they were chimpanzees. They are pretty large, and they are also quite strong. If you are attacked by a chimpanzee, you might not survive the encounter. If you are lucky, you will just be mauled.

Really, though, it is a bad idea to have a pet monkey. They require a ton of interaction. Depending on where you live, it might be illegal to have a pet monkey; also, finding a veterinarian to treat them might be a frustrating experience. Also, pet monkeys do have the tendency to bite their owners.
In June, at a store in Florida, a monkey attacked one of the store’s employees. The employee was bitten twice. The employee also suffered a scratch to the face.

My advice is to just get a puppy or kitten if you’re looking for a pet.

7. The Tiny Lemon

Image Source: Reddit

If you weren’t told this was a lemon, you might not believe it. It kind of looks like some sort of nut, honestly.

Anyway, it is the smallest lemon I have ever seen. I don’t know what you could possibly do with it. I suppose you would make the world’s tiniest glass of lemonade.

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Speaking of lemonade, it is believed that the beverage originated in India, as lemons are native to the country.

Due to its high vitamin C content, lemonade is considered to be a relatively healthy beverage. However, it generally contains a lot of sugar, which isn’t great for the waistline. Consumption of lemonade can also prevent kidney stones due to how much citric acid is in lemonade.

8. The Titanic and the Children

Image Source: Reddit

This is sort of a disturbing scene. I wouldn’t want to play on anything Titanic-related. For obvious reasons, that is morbid; I also worry it would invite bad luck. I certainly wouldn’t let my kid play on it.
There’s no real need for a history lesson regarding the Titanic. Everyone knows it sank in 1912 because it hit an iceberg while traveling to New York City. Roughly 1,500 people died.

Sadly, these days, most people know the story of the Titanic because of the movie that came out in 1997. It grossed well over a billion dollars. It cost about $200 million to make.

Strangely enough, the Titanic has actually been featured in video games. There was a level in “Duke Nukem: Zero Hour” that featured it, for example. That game came out on the Nintendo 64 in 1999.

The plot revolves around aliens that can travel through time. The Nintendo 64 had a lot of memorable games; however, “Duke Nukem: Zero Hour” wasn’t really one of them.

9. The Toilet Swing and the Snow

Image Source: Reddit

There is so much wrong with this image, but I am fascinated. Why does this even exist?

I suppose it could be argued that sitting on a toilet is comfortable; people do spend a lot of time on them. In the old days, you used to read a book or a magazine. Nowadays, most people look at their phones. There is an extremely good chance you have gotten a text from someone who was also doing their business. Think about that the next time you get a text. Was the sender on the toilet? Hopefully, you will never know for sure. That would be weird.

Who makes a swing out of a toilet, though? Also, it is clearly winter. No one uses swings in the winter. I can’t even imagine what the experience of using a toilet swing while there is snow on the ground is like. Frankly, that sounds pretty awful.

The whole thing is just bizarre. It makes for a fascinating picture, though.

10. The Snickle

Image Source: Reddit

When people in the 1990s thought about the future, they thought about flying cars and everyone owning a robot. Sadly, there aren’t flying cars, and very few of us own robots.

For obvious reasons, people in the 1990s did not think about this particular food combination. There is a good reason for that. It is positively disgusting. I suppose people who are pregnant get weird cravings and might enjoy this, but this is not a product that has wide appeal.

Pickles are great, though. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice pickle with their hamburger?

Snickers bars are great, too. The candy, introduced well over 80 years ago, is made by Mars, Incorporated. Billions of dollars are spent on that particular type of candy every year.

11. The Girlfriend and the Fries and the Bad Day

Image Source: Instagram

We have all had bad days like this. There are always those days where you just want to lay in bed with your phone and a snack and do basically nothing at all. That is just human nature.

You have to give her credit for remembering to buy a bit of fast food before settling in for a day of doing nothing. It is important to plan ahead. Plus, while it can be messy, eating in bed is one of the best experiences a person can have. McDonald’s fries are also a great choice if you are in need of a snack on a lazy day.

12. The Outlet

Image Source: Instagram

Isn’t this whole thing sort of unnecessary? I am no electrician, certainly, but do those two really need to be separate? I don’t think so.

Still, people are very fond of the type of smartphone they use. Android users really do look down on iPhone users, and iPhone users look down on Android users. That has been my experience anyway.

I don’t really understand why, though. I compare it to people who are weirdly devoted to the particular video game console they prefer. I realize there are exclusive games for all of them, but why must we argue so much? If you like Nintendo, buy a Nintendo. If you like the XBOX, buy an XBOX. It is sort of weird, frankly. Don’t we have bigger and more important things to bicker about?

13. The Cookie

Image Source: Twitter

Well, say what you will about the image, but the cookie looks delicious.

Subway is a great restaurant chain, by the way. If you haven’t eaten there, you are missing out. It is headquartered in the state of Connecticut, and there are over 40,000 restaurants throughout the world. In addition to the United States, you can find a Subway restaurant in Canada, Brazil, Australia, India, and most of Europe. They are pretty much everywhere these days.

14. The Door

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea where this door goes. Obviously, there was an architect or contractor that messed up here.

Still, you really have to wonder where it goes, don’t you? Is there a reason why it is impossible to open? What is being hidden behind there?

I’m assuming, sadly, that it was just some sort of accident.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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