14 Times Genius People Proved They Are Really Smart Today

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If you spend a lot of time looking at stuff on the internet, you might conclude that humanity is comprised of people who are sort of dim. A lot of the posts and the pictures out there, frankly, are kind of stupid.

However, there are also great posts. There are great pictures. There is solid evidence out there that there are geniuses living amongst us. These people might not be brilliant all of the time, but they certainly have their moments.

Here are fifteen great examples of people who made a truly intelligent move. These people might just be the smartest around.

1. The Person Who Needs Toilet Paper

Image Source: Pinterest

Someone apparently needed toilet paper, and that person made that need clearly known in a very deliberate way.

If someone is going to be dropping off food at your house, he or she might as well drop off toilet paper too, right? If you need it, you need it, and you should not be ashamed. You might as well be direct about it.

Really, this was a very clever way of requesting a roll of toilet paper. I’m assuming that it was delivered in a timely fashion. How could anybody turn down such a request?

2. The Person With the Lego Shoes

Image Source: Twitter

If you have a kid who plays with Legos, or if you even regularly interact with a kid who plays with them, you know just how painful stepping on them can be. It really hurts!

One brilliant person had an idea, though. He or she will just get taller every time he or she steps on a Lego block. That is a great plan.

As you probably know, Lego is a pretty impressive company. The interlocking toy bricks have been manufactured since 1949, and Lego is considered one of the world’s most powerful brands. There are theme parks about Lego, and the company also operates over 100 retail stores. There are even “Lego” video games.

“The Lego Movie”, which came out in 2014, was very well received.

3. The Kid and the Cell Phone

Image Source: Reddit

This is a pretty smart kid. At times, we all end up in a situation in which we need to watch television on our phones. However, doing so is not terribly convenient. Holding up a phone to watch a show or a movie is sort of a pain. This kid figured out a way to do it.

He looks pretty happy with himself, too. Don’t you have to wonder what he is watching? Hopefully, it is something good. The Netflix phone app is pretty great, and the company offers a lot of great shows.

4. The Grandpa and the Television

Image Source: Reddit

This grandpa is pretty clever. No matter how hard you try, you can’t always get your television to do what you want it to do. Even if you are on the younger side, technology might baffle you. It does not always work like you might expect. Personally, my television randomly shuts off multiple times between the hours of two and five in the morning. I have no idea why. I’ve tried doing searches on the internet, of course, but I haven’t learned any useful information.

It really is sort of weird trying to watch a video on a device that is not designed for it. You just have to do what you have to do. This grandpa did just that. If you need to use blankets, that is totally fine.

I can’t really tell what he is watching, but I hope the grandpa is enjoying his video.

5. The Person With the Thing

Image Source: Twitter

There is nothing wrong with using utensils to eat, and there is nothing wrong with being hygienic. Eating food with your fingers is a bit overrated, honestly. A lot of people like to do so, but I am not sure why.

Frankly, the person in this image is making a wise move. Getting food dust on your finger can be a true disaster, especially if it is spicy and you have a cut on that finger.

The young woman in this image looks like she is having a great day, so she is clearly doing something right. She made a good call, obviously.

6. The Christmas Wrapping Paper

Image Source: DumpaDay

The problem with Christmas wrapping paper is that you never really know exactly how much you will need, and you also can’t use it any other time of the year without getting weird looks from the people to whom you are giving gifts. If you wrap a wedding present in Christmas wrapping paper, the happy couple will both think you are nuts.

If you run out of Christmas wrapping paper, that is totally understandable. This person did, so he or she definitely got very creative. Technically, he or she turned this wrapping paper into proper Christmas wrapper paper. Christmas is—allegedly, anyway—the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. The paper is not red or green, true, but the sentiment is there.

7. The Girl With the McDonald’s Wrappers

Image Source: Twitter

This young woman, apparently, is wearing McDonald’s wrappers on her feet. Someone named Martyn wants to see her knighted as a result, at least according to this particular social media post. You do have to wonder what led to such a situation. Did a heel break? Honestly, she is making the look work. She looks pretty classy, frankly. You have to wonder if Martyn ever found out who the young woman is.

8. Riley and the Lego Creation

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

Riley made a worm, apparently. I do not really see it, but Riley does. You have to give Riley credit in a weird sort of way. He definitely did not do a lot of work—any work, really—and he is definitely lazy; however, he knows how to save himself a bit of time. That’s a skill a lot of people need to learn.

The other creations look pretty interesting, though. The six-year-old kid made something that looks pretty interesting. I do not know exactly what Will made, but it also looks interesting. As mentioned above, Lego is a pretty cool company. Kids have been playing with Legos for over 60 years.

9. The Girl and the Makeup

Image Source: Tumblr

The young woman in this image is pretty smart. She definitely knew what she was doing. Applying makeup is not easy, and makeup also costs a small fortune. She probably saved herself a ton of time.

The cosmetic industry is more powerful and influential than you might think. For example, the cosmetics industry in the United States, Europe, and Japan is worth well over 50 billion euros. Actually, it is probably worth a lot more than that.

In France alone, more than five billion euros worth of cosmetics are sold every year. France is well known for its contributions to the cosmetic industry. Famous French brands known for cosmetics include Yves Rocher and Yves Saint Laurent.

10. The House on the Wall

Image Source: Twitter

When you decide to have a child, you should just accept the fact that he or she will make a mess and destroy everything. Children tend to be destructive, and they are not the cleanest of creatures. If you want to live in a clean house, you should not have children.

In this case, a kid drew a house on the wall. It isn’t the best drawing of a house, honestly. It certainly does not look structurally sound. It also appears to be leaning. The kid needs art lessons.

One of the kid’s parents liked it, though, which is sweet. That parent definitely has a pretty good sense of humor. It is a lot better to laugh than to get upset.

11. The Advertisement for the Pressure Cleaning

Image Source: Reddit

This is a very clever advertisement. If you are walking down this street, it is practically impossible to ignore. I would definitely hire this company.

According to my research, the business can be found in Boynton Beach, Florida, which is in Palm Beach County. The city is part of the Miami Metropolitan area, and roughly 75,000 people live in the city. Several famous people came from or lived in Boynton Beach, including rapper Danielle Bregoli and singer Hilary McRae.

12. The Student and the Equation

Image Source: Reddit

Technically, the teacher in this case got exactly what he or she was asking for. That teacher has no right being mad at the student.

It must be difficult to be a teacher, and I acknowledge the fact that a lot of kids can be enormous pains in the rear, but you can’t get angry when a student proves himself or herself to be far cleverer than you. Really, the teacher should be thrilled to have such an intelligent student. That is, in general, a very good thing.

The student definitely made that equation as simple as possible. According to the instructions, he or she was allowed to do so.

13. The Woman and the Groceries

Image Source: Twitter

This young woman clearly has brains, and she deserves to be credited for them. Is there anything worse than having to carry multiple bags at once? The worst part about grocery shopping, frankly, is having to carry bags into your home.

There are a lot of things that are worse than carrying several bags, honestly, but having to carry multiple bags is definitely a chore. This young woman definitely figured out a great way to save herself a bit of time. She is probably very proud of herself, and she definitely should be.

14. The Kitty and the Costume

Image Source: Reddit

The owner of this feline is pretty clever, honestly. In case you do not get the joke, Ty is the corporation that makes Beanie Babies. In fact, Ty makes more stuffed plush toys than any company in the world. In addition to Beanie Babies, the company makes other toys, including Beanie Buddies, Pluffies, Frizzys, and Beanie Boos. The company was founded in 1986, and it is headquartered in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. The kitty looks pretty happy with the costume. At the very least, it does not seem bothered by it.

Written by Sven Miller

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