14 Times Internet People Summed Up The Real Female Friendship

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There are so many different types of friendship that we cannot list them all here, but one of the most beautiful ones is the connection between girls. Ladies have invented the term ‘girl power’ for a reason, because if there is real friendship between two women, then you can be absolutely sure that nothing could stop them or even stand in their way! Many people believe that girls can never be friends between each other, but this is just not so! In fact, this is one of the strongest possible bonds between human beings and ladies really know how to stand for each other and how to have as much fun together as possible.

1. This is the best kind of connection, indeed

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It might sound strange at first, but all ladies who have close friends know that this really means. The non-verbal way of communication is not easy master! it takes a lot of time and different factors in order to work, as well as practice! Close friends know each other too well and they can begin to sense how the other person feels about this or that. This is the exact moment when these friends could literally have a conversation by simply making eye contact and certain facial expressions, which is kind of fun to experience!

2. Now this is something special

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Taking a side when it comes to other people’s relationship drama is probably not a good idea as one could never know the exact position of both people in the said relationship, but it is not a problem when it comes to friendship between girls. They have each others’ back regardless of the situation and when one of them asks a favor that is as weird as the one mentioned here, the friend simply delivers with no questions asked, and this is what we like about

3. There is nothing wrong with girl friends kissing

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A kiss is probably the most universal sign of love and affection known to mankind! In fact, we firmly believe that people should use every chance they have to express their feelings for one another! This person decided to use her sense of humor to describe how she realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with kissing your closest girls! In fact, each kiss is just another proof of their strong bond, and these things can only be felt, they cannot be described to the fullest! It is an overwhelming feeling, too.

4. Here is a sneak peak into a real friendship between girls

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It is true what they say – the little things matter. And while we agree with that, we also need to add the that even these small acts may vary, depending on the type of relationship. When it comes to close friendships between ladies, the relationship is all about support and mostly sharing! Yes, girls love sharing everything with their closest friends! The feelings, the food, the clothes – everything is up for garbs! We guess that the trust between such people is something that cannot be evaluated in any way, because it is priceless!

5. No worries, it will always be trendy

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This short and funny tweet actually says a lot more than it seems to initially! As you can see, some girl posted her hopes that that girl friendships would never be out of fashion, and we believe that there is no reason for her to worry about that, because it is actually one of the most fashionable things in life. Of course, it is not about how trendy it is; it is actually about the feeling you get when you spend time with your closest people and they make you enjoy life even more than you do on your own!

6. Some friendships are as close as they can be

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As you can see, sometimes the bond between girls is so strong that they not only share their most intimate thoughts and experiences, but they actually let them join in or even substitute them in doing it! It might sound weird, but this is what girls sometimes do! Allowing the thing suggested in the post above is nothing but a manifest of the trust these people have between each other, and this is a beautiful thing to see! There is nothing like having someone this close by your side!

7. Now this is the right attitude when it comes to this type of activities 

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Seeing this post made us wonder about a certain topic that we recently discussed with friends. It seems that some books and many movies or TV shows have created huge misconceptions about a plethora of different things! For instance, every time you see girls doing what is suggested in this post, it is presented as a gentle form of playing, while in reality there is not even a slight hint of gentle approach. Everyone is there for the win and the post is the best reflection of reality as it is!

8. This is the beauty of true girl friendship 

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Having a true friends is actually a blessing and is not unfortunately something really rare! You cannot be sure if someone is there for you only because they have a reason to and it serves their best interest. The good news is that you could filter those people easily if you know what a true connection should really feel like! Some of the best things about the real type of bond all girls strive for are listed in the post above, and the seemingly small everyday experiences really do have the biggest meaning because the feeling they bring you is overwhelming!

9. This is a fine form of sarcasm

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Well ,as funny as this post is, we need to say that what is described in it happens almost always! Girls love discussing something that is particularly important to only one of them, and group chats are the easiest way for this to be done! It appears that everything you write to a girl will be stored into her phone memory and could later be used in a certain situation, so you better be careful with he things you say!

10. This is the kind of support everyone needs 

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There is not joke about this tweet, despite that it might sound that way! In fact, this is actually one of the benefits of having one or more close friends and being able to share with them literally everything that happens in your life in both personal and professional aspects. This could be incredibly useful because these people are always to give you another point of view about anything and you can save yourself from situations you would never want to be in.

11. This is what it is all about

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Girls can be united in ways which can be only described as beautiful! Even the smallest acts of kindness and support are always much appreciated and you can bet that these things happen each and every day between close friends! It seems that having that feel that someone is there for you is among the best things you could feel and this is why there is no price you could put on these relationships!

12. Here is the kind of attitude we all need to adopt

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Girls who are super close to each other are able to have the time of their lives regardless of what they need to put up with! They could turn the most boring activity in the world into a pleasant experience, which is really awesome and this is the kind of thing we must all do when we face moments we simply want to skip.

13. This sounds like it was a lot of fun

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Just the description of the T-shirts is more than enough to give you a hint that these women had a really good time or they are about to! True friends always stand for each other and when some of them faces a hard time, they all get together and act as a support group which is awesome!

14. The lengths a friend would go in order to make you feel happy are admirable

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Well, these two images need no caption because you see how friends stand for each other even when it comes for a seemingly simple thing as taking a nice Instagram photo. This person’s friend did what she had to do in order to take the perfect photo!


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