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14 Times People ‘Asked What Is It’ And Received An Answer Online

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we stumble across an image that cannot be explained. Whether it is an item or an event, we are often unable to say what we are looking at. However, Google is not always there for you. Sometimes you just can’t find the answer. The only thing left to do in such a situation is to ask people on the internet. Posting the photo on social media or a forum is enough to give you the answer. Chances are that there will always be someone who is familiar with the thing you failed to explain.

The images you are about to see puzzled some people, and they got an explanation from random user online. Check them out and see if you immediately knew what some of these were.

1. One Reddit user found this tiny sword with his metal detector

Image Source: Reddit

This tiny sword is a very curious piece. The Reddit user who found it had no idea what it was. It turned out to be a piece of the Shia Muslims’ culture. Most likely it was used as jewelry. It has a tiny opening in one of its ends so it could be attached to a cord or necklace. Another Reddit user was able to read the script on it. He said that it means ‘There is no boy except Ali, and there is no sword except Tho Alfaqar’. We have no idea what it means, but it all looks very mystical and we love it.

2. Here is a kitchen item you have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

Someone visited an open house event and was almost immediately stunned by this strange-looking thing. It looks like a part of the home’s water system, but the pipes are deceiving. It turned out to be a coffee maker! Of course, it is custom made and you cannot buy it from any store. The pour-over coffee machine looks amazing. It brings a rustic feeling and we absolutely love it! We would like one of these, but it is probably too big for most kitchen spaces.

3. Someone was puzzled about these bright lights in the middle of the desert

Image Source: Reddit

A Reddit user spotted these huge lights which were positioned about an hour away from Los Angeles. The answer probably surprised that person, because they were not lights at all. They were actually the huge mirrors of a solar farm! The idea behind them is to reflect the sunlight directly to the panels below. This allows for a concentrated beam of light even when there is no direct sunlight. We like the clever idea behind this construction!

4. Here is one curious photo of the 70 that needed explaining

Image Source: Reddit

The only thing that was known about this photo is that it showed students in the 70s doing something curious. Some Reddit users stepped in and gave an answer to what these people were actually doing. They were actually learning history facts! The device with the monitors is called The History Machine. It was created by Chelsea House Publishing. It was able to play different historic footage or compiled newsreels.

5. This is one weird little bottle

Image Source: Reddit

We thought we might be able to identify this one, but we were unable to do so. The small plastic container looks like nothing we have seen before. However, it turned out to be nothing more than a contact lens cleaning device. The cassette inside is a disposable element. You put the contact lens inside and fill the container with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Perhaps a lot of people have seen such a thing, but we never did before.

6. Someone was puzzled after seeing a huge net by the side of the road

Image Source: Reddit

Another Reddit user saw this huge net section by the side of the road just outside of Manchester. The person was unable to explain what its purpose was. Other people were able to explain its function. The answer was probably a bit unexpected! It turned out that there was a golf course nearby. The huge net section was out there to prevent any golf balls from flying towards the road. It could be really dangerous for motorists. We like to see such extra precautions.

7. This curious device was found during a warehouse cleanup

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found this strange device after cleaning up a warehouse. It looks very peculiar, to be honest. When the red part turns, it starts dispensing white pegs. It turned out that these pegs were replacement flint for Zippo lighters! This explains why only a small number of people have seen a device like that. Someone probably lost this, and it must have been valuable to that person.

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8. Here is one strange-looking pod

Image Source: Reddit

This weird pod was bought for a hamster. It looks quite strange and one user wondered what it really was. The thing turned out to be a kapok tree pod. As you probably guessed, they are harvested for their cotton-like material inside. It is used in a number of ways. This is why it was bought for a hamster. The cotton inside is used as bedding for hamster cages.

9. You can find a lot of stuff in a senior citizen’s home

Image Source: Reddit

This is the perfect proof of that! A strange-looking device was found after a grandparent’s home was cleaned. Its purpose was unknown, but it was quickly identified as a domestic medical device dating from the era of the ‘electropathy’ craze. It was a controversial medical trend that had a bizarre way of treating the patients. Oddly enough, two electrodes were attached to the patient’s body. After that the machine’s crank needed to be rotated in order to create electric current. We would never agree to be treated with this thing, because it looks more than scary.

10. Here is one peculiar looking thing

Image Source: Reddit

One user was really puzzled to see this thing! It was attached to the outer window frame of their home. It looks weird and it has a certain pattern. The answer to this mystery was probably a simple one. It turned out to be a typical mason bee nest. These bees are known for the fact that they rarely sting. They often create their homes in nooks. The main building material for their unusual homes is mud!

11. This is more than just an empty can

Image Source: Reddit

Someone noticed a strange feature on this discarded can found at the beach. The strange-looking blue thing stuck on the bottom is a creature similar to the jelly fish. It is called ‘porpita porpita’, or a ‘blue button’. It not something rare and can be seen quite often. The species feeds on plankton and always floats on the water. If you get exposed to one, it will sting you. However, you might not even notice, because the irritation after the sting is relatively mild. We like how it looks on the bottom of the can. It almost looks like an alternative form of art.

12. Here is a peculiar looking object

Image Source: Reddit

This thing looks really cool! It looks like a puzzle that leads to unlocking a mystery. However, the reality was not that exciting, because it is real life, not a movie. It is actually a device used by locksmiths and car thieves to pick some brands of vehicle locks. It also works on some motorcycles, of course. It is kind of disappointing, actually. It would be exciting to find this thing. We would think that we found the device to unlock some secret combination leading to a hidden treasure. However, we would be disappointed to find what it really was. Real life rarely offers the excitement typical for movies. We need to accept that and quit dreaming of becoming the next Indiana Jones, for example.

13. This homemade condiment is definitely not safe to consume

Image Source: Reddit

We often forget some of the condiments we prepare at home. After a significant amount of time passes, most of them are spoiled, which is normal. However, one person found this one in the cabinet, and it looks like nothing we have seen before. It was originally made with bitter orange juice. This means that it should have been refrigerated, but the person holding it clearly did not do it. The growth inside was most likely formed by yeast and bacteria, which are actually used to create some types of fermented drinks. However, that does not mean that it is safe to drink! Quite the opposite, actually! This person needs to throw it away immediately.

14. Imagine seeing this in your neighbor’s yard

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is very curious, and we like it a lot! It looks like it came from a sci-fi movie. Someone noticed these things in their neighbor’s property. It looks like some kind of art, and it turned out that it was exactly that! It was supposed to be an art installation in progress. The whole idea was to illumine these boxes so they can light up when it is dark. We bet that it would look spectacular! Alternative art is always nice to see, because people have a lot of great ideas!

Written by Nick Martin

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