14 Times People Completely Turned Their Lives Around By Changing Their Habits

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People are amazing! This can be proved in many ways, but one of the most inspirational ones is seeing examples of how certain individuals were able to turn their lives around for good by getting rid of everything negative and unhealthy from their routines. Such dramatic changes mean more than just losing pounds and being healthier physically. This is something that the mind accepts as the ultimate win, because defeating yourself would be the hardest thing you would ever do!

1. This pretty girl lost 74 pounds

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Her days of struggles and depression are now over. She spent years feeling awful because of the way she looked and felt, and alcohol was something she turned to. She did what she had to do, and her 30s would definitely be a happy time for her!

2. This lady is a mother of three kids

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We are convinced that doing such a thing alone would be hard, but just imagine having three children and still being able to do it! The woman you see is a real champion and she was able to drop a whopping 70 pounds of excessive weight.

3. Progress happens over time

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This girl documented the different stages in her weight loss journey. Like all similar stories, this one took time and effort. Her goal was to drop twelve inches from her  waist, and she met that goal in about a year! s you can see, she has changed dramatically and looks so much better!

4. Here is a brave girl who did the impossible

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Seeing her made us open our eyes really wide and stare in disbelief! The girl was able to lose 150 pounds, which was the majority of her body weight! It took her a couple of years, and she is completely unrecognizable now! We think that she should share her example everywhere for people to see!

5. This man completely changed his lifestyle

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He was able to quit drinking and this is the difference after nearly two years without alcohol. Since his journey began, he jogged about 1,500 miles and lost a hundred pounds of his body weight. He also quit smoking recently, so he will probably see additional progress!

6. This is the same person

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Yes, thats right, these are the before and after photos of the same woman! What you see here is the result of consistent effort to be better than yesterday! She lost 75 pounds of body weight thanks to her discipline and her hard work!

7. A father and son lost more than 200 pounds together

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This is a different kind of inspiration. The son was the reason for it to happen! He was able to lose some weight, and after seeing him succeed, his dad was inspired to do the same! They continued doing the right thing together, and their results are impressive!

8. Here is another dramatic change in the appearance of a person

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The first you notice here is that her smile is probably as twice as big than it was before! She pushed herself really hard over the span of two years, resulting in a 170-pound weight loss! She also had her endometriosis removed and recovered after that.

9. This is an admirable result

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This man spent a years trying to lose the extra weight he had, and he pulled it off! He lost 30 pounds in just about 12 months, but his bigger victory was that the quit alcohol and addictive substances for good. This is what will have an even bigger impact on him!

10. Love has the power to change people

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These two lovebirds are in their early 20s. They lost 126 pounds between them, and you can see that they look happier after they introduced some changes in their lifestyle! You can bet that nothing could separate them now!

11. Here is a happy person who met her goal

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You can see that this beautiful girl looks completely different after dropping her excessive weight and she is looks stunning now! When she realized she ws healthy, she only focus on maintaining her newly adopted lifestyle!

12. Here is a one girl who was able to lose half of her body weight

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This girl is definitely going to become an inspiration for all those wonder if they are going to reach their personal goals! She was able to lose about half of her body weight and now she is as light as a feather! Feeling good is more important than looking good, but the two things usually go hand in hand!

13. This proud woman is still on her journey to the ultimate goal

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The beautiful woman decided that it was time for her to get on the right track and she lost a whopping 170 pounds, and this is something that we admire her for doing! We are also glad that she shared it so we could see it and be inspired by it!

14. This single dad turned his life around

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He was despressed and had zero will to do anything, but he did it for the sake of his three kids. He lost 84 pounds in a couple of years and he also looks at least e decade younger!

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