14 Times People Proved That Online Shopping Can’t Be Trusted

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Online shopping is basically a gamble. You may find yourself in a lot of annoying and even funny situations when you order items you have never seen before in person, and until you are able to find a reliable online trader, you would likely end up at least for once in a situation like these people did. However, you need to learn in order to grow, right?

1. This is what you call a dress with slits

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While it does look similar to the original picture, the dress has way bigger slits on the sides, and it barely covers the girl’s body. However, there is a difference between the body structure of the customer and the model on the original photo, and that definitely matters, too.

2. It is not the same thing at all

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It would be hard to list all the differences between the actual product and the photo from the ad, so it’s easier to say that they are completely different. Some sellers really rob their customers by taking their money for this kind of junk.

3. That looks like a curtain instead of a dress

Image Source: Instagram

How could someone actually produce a piece like that and label it a dress? It’s totally out of proportion and there is no way it could fit any person, unless the person is shaped like a kitchen cabinet.

4. A huge mismatch between expectations and reality

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While it does resemble the ad a tiny bit, this dress is made of a rather cheap and tacky fabric, and the way it swings through the air in the original picture is impossible to achieve with the actual product. Disappointment guaranteed.

5. This is a disaster

Image Source: Instagram

If you repeatedly see an ad all over social media, it does not necessarily mean that the product is top notch; on the contrary – it probably is low quality, and the seller invested in advertising, instead of the quality of his merchandise. This here is the perfect example.

6. Another reminder to always check the measurements before you place an order

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The only thing that the actual product and the image in the ad have in common is the pattern of this blanket. The size and color have nothing to do with it, and the seller obviously deceives the customers.

7. Do not even think of buying a wedding dress online

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Nobody in their right mind would order a wedding dress on Internet, but this woman apparently did, and she faced the consequences. The actual item looks like a comedy theater outfit, but it probably wasn’t cheap to buy. We hope she got a full refund.

test ad

8. This is not just deceiving, this is a robbery

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Here’s how someone got robbed online. Do you see any kind of resemblance between these two dresses? That’s right – you don’t, because there aren’t any at all. This kind of traders must be fined on regular basis or even shut down.

9. The review says it all

Image Source: Reddit

This is totally ridiculous. How can you order something for a person that could fit only the cat? Imagine how bad it was if even the cat hated it.

10. The emoji surely represents the real expression of this person

Image Source: Reddit

Just look at that mismatch! The original looks sleek, while the actual product looks like a flashy janitor suit. We wonder why people bother to invest in such low quality stuff at all.

11. It almost fits

Image Source: Reddit

Now here’s something hilarious, and we cannot help but chuckle every time we see it. The company who produced this outfit got the measures extremely wrong, resulting in what you see pictured right. That girl’s face is the best reaction to her purchase.

12. These literally have nothing in common with the ordered pair

Image Source: Reddit

The only common thing that these sunglasses have with the ordered ones is that they are actually sunglasses. We don’t know if it is a matter of a mix-up, but since they were bought via Amazon, that person was probably able to return them.

13. Even ASOS makes mistakes, apparently

Image Source: Instagram

This customer probably got a refund, but the more important question is who would actually wear those extremely long jeans? They look totally out of proportion and it’s hilarious to see them next to a regular pair.

14. Not exactly as described

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this has happened to all of us. We have to look at this from the good side. She still got the dress and managed to put it on.

Written by Sven Miller

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