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14 Times People Should Have Just Stayed In Bed

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A lot of times, it just is not worth waking up. When you do inevitably wake up, though, you probably wish that you had just stayed in bed. Your bed is probably pretty comfortable, but the world outside can be a harsh, cruel, and scary place. It can also just be very strange and quite irritating.

Bad days happen, and they happen to every person on the planet. There is no way to completely and totally avoid them, sadly, no matter who you are.

Here are fifteen times that people should have just stayed in bed. Getting out of bed did not lead to anything good.

1. The Band-Aid in the Food

Image Source: Reddit

No matter where you order food, you should expect certain things. It should taste decent, for one; that is important. It should also be served to you in a timely fashion. Hopefully, it doesn’t cost too much.

The most important thing, though, I think, is that the people who prepare it are hygienic people. Finding one hair in your soup isn’t that big a deal. If you find a clump of hair, though, you have every reason to be bothered. That soup should be sent back.

In this case, a Band-Aid was found in this Chinese food. In no way is this acceptable. I would not be able to eat around this. I am not a big fan of people who send back food at restaurants or demand refunds, but a refund is completely and totally warranted in this particular case.

The food looks good, otherwise, but you can’t just ignore that bandage. Whoever ordered this should have just stayed in bed and ordered a pizza.

2. The Person and the Rain

Image Source: Reddit

If you look closely, you will see that someone got caught in a pretty nasty rain storm or something of the sort. I feel bad for him or her.

I would not have wanted to be that person on that particular day. That person definitely should have just stayed in bed and spent the day reading or watching television.

There are few things worse than having to get out of bed when the weather is poor. There are a lot of people out there who love the rain, but most of us do not enjoy it, especially when we are fully clothed.

3. The Person Who Wanted to Eat Apple Slices

Image Source: Reddit

Unless the person who made this little mess has another apple, he or she will not be eating apple slices. That would be a somewhat hazardous thing to do with the apple in its current state, I think.

Forty years ago, when you heard the word “apple”, you thought of the fruit. They have, after all, been grown for thousands of years in Europe and Asia. They ended up in the New World due to colonists from Europe. Currently, tens of millions of tons of apples are grown every year, and almost half of them are grown in China.

Nowadays, when someone says “apple” you might first think of the technology company that produces computers, tablets, and the very popular smart phone many of us have in our pockets or on our desks right now. More than a billion of the company’s products are in use worldwide, and there are roughly 500 Apple Stores throughout the world. The company employs over well over 100,000 people, and the company is worth over $1 trillion.

The company is headquartered in Cupertino, California. It was founded in 1976.

4. The Person Who Had to See the Greeting Card Display

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the more depressing images I have ever seen; it is truly dark. I am sure this “Frozen” card was put in the wrong place—at least I hope it was.

I don’t think people “let go” of the loss of their children. That would be an unreasonable expectation of any parent.

Worldwide, leading causes of child mortality include conditions that arose pre-birth, pneumonia, malaria, and malnutrition. Sadly, despite advances in medical care, over 5 million children under the age of five die every year.

That sounds horrible, and it is, but a mere century ago or so, one out of every three children would die at a very young age. Things are definitely improving everywhere in the world.

Anyone who had to see this particular display probably should have stayed in bed.

5. The Person Who Wanted the Sale On the Shoes

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone loves a bargain. I don’t care how much money you have; it is always better to get things at a reduced cost. Not paying full price for things is how a lot of people end up rich—or at least sort of well-off.

I hope this little discount was not actually advertised as a sale; this is about as small of a discount as possible. In fact, at least in the United States, it is literally the smallest discount that can be offered on a product. I have never met anyone who was excited to save a penny. I know people who will literally throw away pennies in the trash because they are essentially worthless in this day and age.

I don’t even know why they are still made, honestly. They cost more to make than they are actually worth. Billions are made every year, and people literally throw them away like trash.

What a terrible “discount”. Also, I think those shoes are kind of ugly. They also do not look particularly comfortable, but that may just be my opinion.

6. The Muffin With the Tiny Little Bit of Fruit

Image Source: Reddit

The muffin looks delicious. However, I think it is reasonable to say that the customer did not exactly get what he or she paid for in this particular case. Fruit, perhaps, was particularly expensive that week. A lot of people start their days with muffins; in this case, the customer should not have bothered getting out of bed. If you like to start your day with a muffin and end up with this, your day is off to a bad start.

What is great about muffins is that there are so many varieties. Personally, I like the ones with the chocolate chips. Apple-cinnamon muffins are also very popular; if made correctly, they can be quite delicious. For whatever reason, they seem to be particularly good during the fall months.

7. The Crayons and the Car

Image Source: Reddit

Leaving crayons in a hot car is sort of a stupid move, true; however, a lot of people leave things in their cars that should not be left in their cars all of the time. People routinely leave their smart phones in their cars on hot summer days, which is a bad move. Electronics don’t respond well to heat. It is also a bad move to leave carbonated beverages in a hot car for a long period of time.

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People also leave their pets, which is criminal. I can’t understand why people do that. It is even worse when people leave their children in hot cars.

These crayons are going to be a mess, though. They certainly won’t be usable, so someone is out a little bit of money. There is a good chance that a little kid will be pretty unhappy.

8. The Car and the Kayak

Image Source: Reddit

Something bad happened to this kayak. I am not sure exactly what that bad thing was, though.

It kind of looks like it melted in the sun. I didn’t know that could happen. I suppose almost anything can melt in the sun if the temperature is hot enough.

Kayaks, interestingly enough, have been used for at least 4,000 years. The oldest ones that still exist are displayed in a museum and date back to the 16th century.

9. The Yellow Paint in the Van

Image Source: Reddit

You have to be careful when transporting things in your vehicle, especially when those things just happen to be large containers of paint.

In this case, the driver of the vehicle slammed on the breaks, and the end result was not terribly pretty.

This vehicle will never fully recover from the incident. No matter how hard the owner tries, there are stains visible in the image that will just never come out.

I imagine that the owner wishes he or she did not get up that morning. What a disaster that whole mess is.

10. The Advent Calendar

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t even tell what that is, honestly. It looks like a mouse.

To me, it sort of looks like the mouse is giving a rude gesture and has a defiant look on its face. It wasn’t worth getting out of bed to see this.

Mice can be used for a lot of things, but I had no idea that people eat them; they have been eaten, in fact, since prehistoric times. I could see eating a mouse if I happened to be starving to death, but I wouldn’t do so otherwise.

In certain regions, though, they are still considered a delicacy. In most places, though, they are considered nothing more than a pest.

A lot of animals eat mice, of course. They are often used as food for other pets, including snakes and frogs. A lot of pet stores keep mice just so that they can be consumed by other pets.

11. The Name Tag

Image Source: Reddit

I have never heard of “Probably University of Central Lancashire”. It sounds like a nice place, though.

I have heard of the University of Central Lancashire, though. It can be found in the city of Preston, and it was established in 1828. University status was granted in the early 1990s. Almost 25,000 students study there.

It is known for many reasons, including offering journalism degrees. There is also a school of medicine and dentistry.

There are also other schools, including schools for business, engineering, health sciences, management, nursing, and psychology.

12. The Camping

Image Source: Reddit

There is a lot to be bothered by if you really examine this particular photo. There is definitely a bunch of weird stuff going on.

I know a lot of people love camping, but many of us do not really understand why it is such a popular activity.

Didn’t society advance so that we would not have to sleep outdoors and do our business in the woods? I thought that was the reason we constructed buildings and developed indoor plumbing.

13. The Mess With the Trash

Image Source: Reddit

There a lot of people out there who don’t want to get up for work in the morning. You hear stories about people who really love their jobs and are just thrilled to go in every single day. I don’t think those people actually exist, honestly. If people make that claim, they are probably lying.

Still, you have to admit there are definitely certain jobs that are better than others. I would not want to be the person who will have to clean up this particular mess. I don’t even know how you could clean up this mess. It would definitely take hours, and it would definitely be a truly disgusting job.

You can’t be sure that the person responsible for this mess is new, though. Regardless of how long a person is on the job, mistakes can be made.

14. The Bird and the Teeth

Image Source: Reddit

Having false teeth must be awful. It can’t be a terribly fun experience. I can’t imagine they feel perfectly normal
in your mouth. I don’t know that to be the case, but I imagine I will eventually if I am lucky enough to live that long.

Even worse, when you have false teeth, you have to worry about losing them if they happen to fall out.

In this case, a bird stole false teeth. The person to whom these teeth belonged probably regretted getting out of bed. How could you not?

Written by Kevin Barrett

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