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14 Times Things Went Really Wrong And The Results Were Beautiful

Image Source: Reddit

Bad things happen a lot, and it seems like certain people are unluckier than others.

At times, one’s bad luck may be the result of poor decisions. That can’t be denied. However, we all know that accidents happen.

Fortunately, little accidents are not always the worst thing in the world. Once in a while, the end result can be sort of beautiful.

Here are fifteen examples of times things went wrong and things turned out sort of beautifully.

1. The Baked Potato

Image Source: Twitter

I really don’t understand how a potato can end up looking like this. It certainly looks cool. It does sort of look like how I would imagine a dragon egg looks.

Dragons are interesting creatures; they don’t exist, as far as I know, but they have existed in mythology for hundreds of years—at least.

There have been a lot of great video games about dragons. One of them is “Dragon Quest”, which was also known as “Dragon Warrior” in the United States. It is about a knight-type hero who is trying to save a fictional land from an evil creature called the “Dragonlord”. There was also a princess who desperately needed to be saved, and she had been captured by a dragon. By current standards, the game was sort of primitive, but it was also revolutionary at the time. It was also amazingly difficult. You needed to spend dozens of hours in order to complete it.

It was popular, though, so there have been a lot of sequels, and most of them were pretty good.

2. The Girlfriend and the Sheets

Image Source: Instagram

Makeup can be tricky. If you wear it and you are not careful, it can end up staining things. In this case, the sheets probably need to be tossed away. Sheets only last so long, anyway. Nothing lasts forever.

The girlfriend is pretty, but the face imprint is not so pretty. How did it end up looking like that? The face on the sheets kind of looks like a troll, and that is generally not a good look. The girlfriend in this case seems to be entertained, though, so things couldn’t be that bad.

It is interesting, certainly; things went kind of wrong, but they turned out strangely beautiful.

3. The Skeletons

Image Source: Reddit

I don’t know what the skeletons in this image are supposed to be doing. I also don’t know why they are there. I like the look, though.

I am assuming that the person in this image really loves Halloween, which is certainly understandable. People have been celebrating that holiday, in one way or another, for a very long time.

There is also the “Halloween” series of movies, the first of which came out in the late 1970s. There were several sequels. Some of them, frankly, were pretty terrible. Arguably, the worst one was “Halloween: Resurrection”, which came out in 2002. Pretty much everyone agrees that the movie was terrible. Busta Rhymes was in it, though, which is interesting. Tyra Banks was also in the movie.

However, the critics agree it was trash. It was, to an extent, a success at the box office, but it was terrible.

Fortunately, a new “Halloween” movie is being made, and it will ignore the events of that movie. That movie will be coming out later this year.

4. The Bees

Image Source: Reddit

I do not know why the bees are there. Bees just sort of do their own thing a lot of the time. The image is lovely, though.

A lot of people are afraid of bees, but they probably shouldn’t be. Bee stings hurt, certainly, but it isn’t like most bees actively try to sting people. The only time you have to worry about bee stings is if you are allergic to bees. If you are allergic, the stings can be very problematic. If you have an allergy to insect stings, a bee sting can be deadly.

If you remember the 1991 movie “My Girl”, one of the main characters died as a result of being stung by bees. That character, Thomas J., was portrayed by Macaulay Culkin. The actor is far better known for starring in a couple of “Home Alone” movies.

The movie was a bit cheesy, I suppose, but it was received pretty well by critics. Jamie Lee Curtis was also one of the film’s stars. It was good enough that there was a sequel released in 1994. That movie wasn’t as popular as the first one.

5. Tasting The Feeling

Image Source: Reddit

I don’t know if this image is beautiful, but it is definitely pretty interesting in its own way.

I don’t know what it is advertising, but I do know that I don’t really want to taste that feeling. That is a scary looking person. At first, I thought it was actor Jim Carrey. He is known, of course, for starring in “The Mask” and “Dumb and Dumber.” He was also in “The Truman Show”, and his performance in that movie was very well received. He has been in a lot of other stuff. Chances are, you have seen a movie featuring Jim Carrey.

I’m guessing that the person in the image is not Jim Carrey.

6. The Suitcase

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea why this suitcase is where it is. Most people don’t just leave their luggage near parking spaces. It really is very curious.

If you have ever lost a suitcase, you know what I am talking about. I once lost a suitcase after an international flight. I had a lot of clothes and other possessions in that suitcase.

The good news is that it was eventually returned to me. The bad news is that it took close to a week, and I also had to spend a lot of time on the phone with employees of the airline. The customer service was not the best, honestly.

7. The Woman and the Wedding Dress

Image Source: Imgur

I have never been a bride, but I know several people who have. I have been around when wedding pictures were taken.

test ad

This probably is not the look most brides want. I don’t understand the billowing at the bottom, and I also don’t understand why she basically looks topless. That is sort of weird.

She is a gorgeous woman, certainly, and the venue looks lovely; however, the dress leaves something to be desired.

The hair is also questionable, I think. I have no idea who styled it, but I would not recommend that stylist.

8. The Food On the Pavement

Image Source: Twitter

This is depressing, certainly. Anyone who has ever dropped their food knows the pain. The last thing a person wants to do is drop the food they paid good money for.

However, the angle of the image makes the whole thing sort of pretty, doesn’t it? The moisture on the ground also adds to the beauty.

I am sure that those nuggets and fries would have been delicious. Alas, however, no one got to enjoy them. I suppose a stray dog might have found a meal, though, so that’s good.

9. The Broken Guitar

Image Source: Reddit

I don’t know why this particular guitar just happens to be broken. I am guessing it has something to do with a poor performance. It looks neat, though.

According to the owner of the now-broken instrument, it made a “great noise” when it was broken. Therefore, it seems, the break was intentional.

You really shouldn’t break things on purpose, as that is just a waste of money, but sometimes you really can’t help yourself.

Guitars are fascinating instruments, really. Similar instruments have been played for hundreds of years—if not longer. The lute, for example, has been played for thousands of years.

10. The Broken Phone

Image Source: Reddit

I don’t know what is so appealing about this particular image. I like the picture of the guy doing whatever it is that he is doing. I also like the fact it is in black and white.

I feel bad for the owner of the phone, though. Frankly, the cost of replacing a smartphone screen is ridiculous. I understand that they are little computers, but we also carry them around with us all day and every day. If you carry something around all day, it is bound to break.

If you don’t have a smart phone, people will look at you funny. It is almost impossible to live without one, honestly. I am not saying that is a good thing, as I do think we as a species have become too reliant on technology, but it is the truth.

11. The Toner and the Explosion

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently, a device exploded; as a result, toner ended up everywhere, which is a problem. The person in the image does not look to be doing so well.

The picture is a cool one, though, and he could easily star in a movie. I’m not sure what the movie would be about.

There seem to be thousands of superheroes out there, so there must be one about a guy that is covered with toner, right? There is a hero out there who got bitten by a spider, so there must be one about a guy who had a copier explode in his face.

I would probably watch a movie about a guy who had a copier explode in his face, honestly. I have watched movies with plots that are way dumber.

12. The Things That Ended Up Melted

Image Source: Instagram

I can’t even tell what the things on the dashboard are, but they ended up getting melted. That’s not surprising, frankly. I know a person who had a phone start to melt after it was left in a car during a particularly hot day.

The little things on the dashboard were cute, though. It is a shame that they got ruined.

13. The Cord and the Sculpture

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea how these headphones ended up as they did. It is sad. I am guessing they were kept in a pocket for several hours.

I don’t know how some people do it, but I find it impossible to keep charging cords and headphones in good shape.

No matter what I do, they always end up ruined. It doesn’t matter where I buy them, either. I can buy the official products, and they end up turning out as badly as the generic ones I buy from the pharmacy for half of the price.

14. The Woman and the Wine and the Painting

Image Source: Reddit

As I understand it, this young woman painted this particular painting. She did a great job.

She apparently did so while drinking, which makes the whole thing more impressive.

She looks very pleased with the end result of her effort, and she really should be pleased. The subject matter, I suppose, is a bit curious. However, you really can’t argue with the final product. She has talent, and that can’t be denied.

She definitely deserves that glass of wine. She made something beautiful.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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