14 Tweets That Honestly Describe The Truth About Marriage

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Those who are married already know what it is like to be in such a relationship. Those who have yet to marry are probably wondering what it’s like. You know, all the myths about how marriage changes everything and stuff like that. Truth is, marriage does change some things but it is definitely not something hard or impossible to dive into to. Have in mind, however, that every individual case is tricky and, as the list below suggests, marriage is now a walk in the park. There is a ton of things to learn and you better learn it fast if you want to stay married, too!

1. The outfit

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People have their own style when it comes to their daily outfits and that is only natural. Nobody could tell them what to wear but when they get married, things take a sharp turn. The dress code is often not up to them anymore and this tweet proves it.

2. The football game

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All men who love football would love to have a wife that is understanding and supportive of their passion. Needless to say, the majority of wives are not fond of football and they put with the football matches every night just because they have to. A bit of sarcasm on the matter obviously helps.

3. The reality

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They say that people change but we believe that major events like a marriage can transform a person. Some individuals get comfortable and lazy and that is what this tweet is about. The husband totally neglected the special night out. Maybe he was just forgetful by nature.

4. The nap

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Women love it when their home is clean and they have certain rules they would like their husbands to abide. However, men sometimes fail to follow these rules and what seems insignificant to them can turn into a big problem.

5. The helper

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Marriage is all about the simple things and the help spouses receive from one another. This funny tweet describes one of the most common situations. Whenever the wife cannot reach the top cabinet, the husband is there to help.

6. The milk

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Most people would be puzzled if asked how they put the milk inside the fridge. There is surely only one way to do it but this married man begs to differ! It seems his wife had some specific requirements about how to put things around the house.

7. The dog lover

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Some people would give everything they have for the well-being of their pets. Not all married couples share the same love, though. In this case, a wife asked her husband why would he bother to cook for the dogs and he gave the only possible answer.

8. The denial

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It appears that most marriages follow the same route when it comes to cooking: the wife handles most, if not all of it. There are exceptions, of course, but most husbands prefer to leave all the Tupperware alone and pretend not to know where it is.

9. The assistance

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Sure enough, love is the answer to all good things and it is the main reason why people marry in the first place. But marriage can make life easier, too. In this case, one person was pleased to have someone to love who also helped him with finding things he misplaced.

10. The plans

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Sometimes, things don’t work out the way they should. Plans are made but they are not enough. When people forget about something, there is almost no excuse but one lucky husband didn’t even have to think of an excuse, as you can see.

11. The ultimatum

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As this tweet suggests, people tend to be too dramatic and romantic when it comes to their anniversaries and their relationships altogether. But married people know that things are actually simple and not like in the fairy tales that marriages are often compared to.

12. The strategy

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It seems that married couples are often involved in a scenario similar to Mr. and Mrs. Smith from the movie starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Once one of the spouses establishes dominance, there will be a type of hierarchy established, which is nice.

13. The joke

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Married life is a happy life despite all possible hiccups and problems. When people marry their soulmates, they buy a ticket to happiness. In this case, one person told a funny story that says a lot about her husband and we really liked it.

14. The comparison

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This husband tweeted about his accident and the recovery period after it, particularly the moment he woke up at the hospital. He was probably irritated by what his wife said but we believe she has a point. Giving birth is a miracle.

Written by Sven Miller

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