15 90s Things That You Definitely Haven’t Thought About Since Then

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Time obviously flies and there are new things coming up all the time, replacing older versions or simply a new product takes over the market share of the previous one. No matter the case, there is one consequence that we don’t think about – we simply forget about the stuff we used to have in our daily lives. Favorite products from the past, TV shows, old habits and ways remain exactly where we left them years ago.

You might feel more or less nostalgic, but it’s worth it; check out these amazing things that we all simply forgot about.

1. Kudos chocolate bars

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Remember how delicious these were? All the kids at school loved them and they were the preferred choice for a snack. The flavor choice was also great.

2. The dust sleeves for Nintendo cartridges

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While most of you probably forgot about the cartridges themselves, there was also one cool feature about these – the dust sleeves especially designed to protect them. These plastic sleeves were actually fun to play with as well.

3. Those big plastic stencil kits

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These used to be really handy and most greeting cards were made using such stencils. Imagine how many cards we must have been sending on a yearly basis to own a stencil kit.

4. Household telephone sets

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These chunky devices were practically everywhere, but it was quite an innovation when the phone became wireless and had a big telescopic antenna. You felt kind of fancy carrying it around.

5. These envelopes full of photos

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You must remember these! When we used to go to the photo studio to get our camera films developed, they handed over the printed photos in such paper envelopes, and they remained stacked somewhere, because not every picture got a place in an album.

6. Disney dollars

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The cute dollar bills issued by Disney were a neat idea, but they were so well made that nobody wanted to spend them on different rides at the park and preferred to keep them. Many people probably have at least one somewhere in an old book, for example.

7. The metal pedals on your BMX

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Oh, yes, many among us still feel the pain. When doing a reckless stunt or simply cruising around, one wrong move almost always resulted in excruciating pain after this metal monster hit you in the shin.

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8. The Disney book and audio tape set

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These were the perfect gift for almost every kid, and they may be even collectables by now, but do you remember the insane packaging? You needed a lot of force and even some tools to crack it open.

9. McDonald’s PlayPlaces’ merry-go-rounds

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These strange contraptions were popular among the kids back in the 90s. It is actually a good question to ask why didn’t they create newer versions and continue to use them; today’s kids would be just as happier to ride them as the 90s children.

10. These tiny fanny packs

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The small fanny packs for the wrist were a thing more than two decades ago. With various colors, but with almost no purpose at all, they were still a popular accessory.

11. This kind of 3D puzzles

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These could probably still be seen here and there, but they became popular in the 90s. The effect created was that you could leave a 3D ‘print’ of any object, even your face or hand. It was a neat thing to have.

12. The glowing building blocks

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The building blocks that could glow in the dark were an awesome new invention back then and they looked like someone sent them from the future. Everyone wanted to have a set, and most kids actually did own at least one.

13. The Apple and Cinnamon flavor of Cheerios

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These were probably the favorite kind of cereal of many people in the 90s, and for good reason. They made the milk smell and taste like homemade apple pie and were so delicious.

14. Brain Guest games were fun

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A lot of the 90s kids enjoyed having some quality fun with these. They were a good way of exercising your brain and amusing yourself at the same time.

15. 90s Taco Bell interior

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The fast food chain looked a lot different in the 90s. You probably remember the edgy and futuristic design with incorporated pastel colors.

Written by Nick Martin

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