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15 Amazing Mood-Lifting Images That Will Make You Feel Good

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing like a huge portion of uplifting content to boost your mood and brighten your day! We all face hard times and sometimes the struggle feels a bit too real! This is when you need to take a deep breath and distract yourself from whatever problems there might be coming your way. The list below is likely the right instrument to achieve that. There is nothing like seeing the kind nature of humans in action! The image of all these bikers who responded to a mom’s invitation for her autistic son’s birthday party is just one example. The kid loved bikes and this was a dream come true for him!

1. This wife loves her man beyond words

Image Source: Imgur

This cool setup shown in the image above was made for a reason. A man whose birthday was due soon realized that his friends were unable to attend the party. Since it was his 30th birthday, which made the occasion even more special, the man’s wife decided to step into action. She posted on social media requesting greeting cards from her husband’s friends and other people. The total of the cards she collected was 54, not counting the awesome balloons!

2. Someone rescued these newborn sea turtles

Image Source: Reddit

These adorable baby turtles were born in a parking lot located right next to a beach. All the flickering lights around it confused the turtles and instead of going in the water, they decided to go in the opposite direction. Fortunately for them, someone saw them and notified the authorities before bringing them to the water where they belong. This is what we are here for – helping other species is part of our duty as the superior life form on the planet.

3. Here is another awesome rescue story

Image Source: Reddit

The magnificent bird you see is a great horned owl and it looks like it came straight out of a fairytale! It also appears to be really calm, too. The reason why is probably because it feels safe in the hands of her rescuer! This man found the bird trapped in a fence made of barb wire. The owl was injured but thanks to the man’s actions it survived and it will eventually recover! We salute this man for his effort and for not hesitating to do the right thing.

4. Here is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Reddit

This is another example that a small effort could make all the difference! In this case, someone took five minutes of their time to save a stranger the hustle and bustle related to the search of their lost keys and probably the extra time to make new ones. When the person found the keys, they left a note that they keys were handed over to the staff of the store across the street. This is the kind of things we like to see – strangers helping people they never even met!

5. This man is a big friend to the animal world

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this man was destined to be in the right place at the right time, because he was able to rescue a large number of animals! Some of the animals he was able to help include this bird and a couple of young deer! This cannot be just a random chain of events and he seems to be aware of that, because he stated that he is dedicated to the cause of helping animals in need! What a noble soul this man has!

6. Here is something all stores should adopt as their customer policy

Image Source: Reddit

It does not take much to show support and help others. In this case, the management of a German hardware store did what they had to do in order to protect animals from the scorching heat! When the country experienced a potentially dangerous heat wave, the managers decided to put up this sign, inviting all the shoppers to go inside with their pets instead of leaving them in their parked cars. This simple decision probably saved many cute dogs the unpleasant and dangerous experience of staying in hot parked cars.

7. Helping other without expecting something in return is the right attitude

Image Source: Twitter

This photo really hits you in the feels. A disabled person is struggling to pedal his special trike on a busy street out in the pouring rain. Two men on a scooter saw him and decided to give the person a little boost. They got closer to the person’s trike and one of them used his foot as a push rod. The scooter engine did the rest and this push probably saved the disabled man a lot of trouble. This is a nice example how people can help each other in all kinds of situations.

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8. Lending out a helping hand is everything

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that most of us have had a time of struggle and financial difficulties. Knowing how that feels, we really appreciate what the management of this laundry room did! They offer everyone who needs to look their best for a job interview to clean their outfit completely free of charge! This is a thing that can make all the difference for somebody and literally change their life if they get the desired job position. This is how all businesses should act!

9. Here is a simple way to prevent road rage


Image Source: Reddit

Traffic is something really delicate as it could bring out the worst in everyone. The countless minutes we have all spent stuck in traffic are sometimes the reason people get affected and even angry. This often results in road rage. The owner of this van was well aware that the vehicle is rather slow and this would annoy the drivers behind him. He decided to prevent any kind of road rage and added a simple apology on the back window.

10. This is how you lift someone’s spirits

Image Source: Twitter

When a person whose daughter who suffered from ASD was disappointed of herself, her dad knew he had to do something and shared the story on Twitter afterwards. The girl was frustrated and cried about receiving Ds on a report she prepared for school. Her father knew exactly what to do and made her another report card, which is much more valuable and significant! Dad of the year for sure!

11. Here is a true friend who is willing to do what it takes for his buddy

Image Source: Reddit

This is a wholesome story that is definitely worthy of featuring in a movie. As you can see, it takes friendship to a whole new level! When the person wearing these costumes realized his friend was embarrassed to go to the gym, he decided to convince him that he would take all the attention so nobody could mock him while he worked out. It apparently happened exactly like that and we are delighted to see such a close relationship. True friendship looks like this, we guess.

12. This is another example of a stranger helping a random person

Image Source: Reddit

Stories like this one really bring us back the faith in humanity we lost. As you can see, someone forgot the sunroof of their car open. As thunderstorm clouds filled the sky, someone noticed the open sunroof and did the one thing they could. They placed an umbrella on top of the open sunroof, protecting the car’s interior from the rain. It is definitely not something most people would do, but the owner of this BMW was lucky!

13. Here is a similar story

Image Source: Reddit

In this case a driver left their Miata with the top down on a hot day. The person was probably not aware that the trees next to the park cars would cause the whole car to be filled with falling debris. Someone noticed the car and knew what was about to happen in just a couple of hours, and that someone actually decided to help, putting a patio umbrella inside the car! It looks like it was more than enough to protect the car from the scorching sun, too. Plastics age fast when exposed to direct sunlight.

14. People show their true nature in a time of need

Image Source: Imgur

As we have stated numerous times before, real life heroes never wear capes. As you can see here, they sometimes wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella! Someone was hurt in a road accident and needed assistance! A passer-by who saw what happened stepped in immediately. He held his umbrella above the injured pedestrian during the time the paramedic team arrived and stayed there until they treated him. This is definitely one of the most wholesome things on the list. Jumping in to help someone regardless of where the person was heading is definitely the best thing he could do and we always have a lot of respect for such people. They are able to bring out the best in everyone and their simple actions are the best kind of inspiration there is! Everyone who sees this image will probably remember the story next time they have the opportunity to help a stranger in need!

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