19 Americans Share Their Student Loans Debts And You Can Feel How They Feel

A writer’s thread about student loans is getting popular lately on twitter. After posting about her student loan, Lacy M. Johnson, initiated a discussion about student loans and people started to share their struggling paying them out. Most people did share that they have been paying twice or triple the amount they initially got.

The people who responded to her post basically tell the same story over and over again. They have been trying to get the loans paid, but after years of payments they still owe the same amount or even more.

1. Michelle Giannone

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Michelle got about $365k and after 6.5 years of paying her monthly payments (about ~$2.5k a month) she still owes about $350k

2. Amy

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Amy borrowed about $100k and after paying about $100k so far she still owes $100k.

3. CK

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CK payed his debt for 12 years and luckily he did it in ~1990.

4. yawning lit prof

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Yawning lit prof will have to keep paying for 20 years with the monthly payments going up.

5. Barbara Taylor

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Barbara graduated in 2016 and got about $80k. She now owes about $100k.

6. Carley Moore

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Carley has still about ~$65k after 17 years of making monthly payments…

7. Jaime Barclay

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Jaime borrowed ~$97k and after 13 years she still owes $146k.

8. Ralph Carhart

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Ralph graduated in 1998. He borrowed $48k. After all these years of payments he now owes $192k

9. Konal Dobson

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Konal has been paying his loan for the last six years and he still owe $110k after borrowing only $90k.

10. Pazuzu

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Pazuzu graduated in 2015. She said that she payed

11. Karmababy

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Karmababy borrowed about $210k. She payed $120 so far and she still owes $260k.

12. Rebecca

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Rebecca tried to refinance and her monthly payment went up to $1600.

13. Breezy Salazar

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Breezy have been paying for 5 years and she still owes more than the borrowed amount.

14. Erica

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Erica has borrowed $50k and she owes $115k.

15. ba

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16. Marie

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17. Ahhhh

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18. Jakov Vala

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19. Brandon Guin

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