15 Cases Of Employees That Went Psycho And Murdered (Or Almost Murdered) Their Bosses

11. Marion Guy Williams

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In early May of 2016, a former employee at Knight Transportation—Mario Guy Williams—walked into the place where he was once employed and shot the man who was once his supervisor. Armed with a handgun and a shotgun, Williams killed his ex-boss, who left behind a wife and 2-year-old child. Williams apparently thought the boss in question, Mike Dawid, had “ruined his life”.

Williams also killed a co-worker in addition to his boss; he would then take his own life in the very place where he had taken the lives of others.

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12. David M. Stead

In early July of 2016, a New Jersey man—surprise—killed his former employer. David M. Stead broke into the home of his ex-boss, shot the man dead, and then robbed the home.

Senseless murders are always awful, but what makes this one particularly tragic is that the victim—a 49-year-old man named Thomas Wright II—was found by his own father. The family was concerned because Wright had not shown up for work at the place where Stead once worked.

Shortly thereafter, Stead was arrested by New Jersey State Troopers.

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13. Rene Alfaro

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Rene Alfaro is in trouble with the law for—and this should come as no surprise at this point—killing a former boss. In April of 2016, Las Vegas was subject to Alfaro’s hatred for his former employer; what makes this crime noteworthy is that the boss—Kevin Hockar—wasn’t shot just once, but up to 10 times with a rifle.

Alfaro had been fired from the paint and stucco business run by Hockar about two months before the fatal shooting.

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14. Jeffrey Johnson

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A lot happens in the city of New York, and the Empire State Building is one of the most famous structures in the world. In August of 2012, that building was the site of a horrible murder. 58-year-old Jeffery Johnson, who was a clothing designer who had been laid off, fired a round from a semiautomatic weapon into the head of a former co-worker. He then fired four more rounds.

According to police, Johnson blamed his victim—who was a vice-president at the company for which Johnson worked—for his financial problems and the fact he was about to get evicted from his apartment.

Johnson was killed by police shortly after the murder; several innocent people were wounded by the officers. Fortunately, no one other than Johnson perished due to the incident.

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15. Darryl Dinkins

New York City transit worker Darryl Dinkins believed his managers to be racist—or at least he accused them of being racist.

The long and short of it is that the bodies of his two supervisors were found in a trailer in late February 2004; they had been shot and killed. There was definitely a level of animosity between Dinkins—who cleaned rained cars—and the victims. Disciplinary reports had been written by the victims against Dinkins.

Allegedly, Dinkins was in a drunken rage when he killed his managers. Did he kill them? Well, it is possible no one will ever know for sure; regardless, in October of 2006, Dinkins was acquitted of all charges related to the deaths of the men he once called his bosses. He hugged his mother after leaving the courtroom where he could have been convicted of murder.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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