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15 Cool Images That Are Definitely Defying Logic

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of photos that can easily stop you in your tracks when you take a glance at them. This happens because those images often show you things that your eyes refuse to believe! Of course, some of these images might seem like they defy logic or even the laws of gravity, but in most cases there is a reasonable explanation behind them. Check out this cool list and you will surely enjoy the examples of such images we selected.

1. Here is one really weird lamp

Image Source: Reddit

Lamps usually have two main purposes. The first one is to provide as much light as possible, of course. The second one is to look good and serve as decoration. However, sometimes function follows form and we need to accept that. Many designers are able to come up crazy ideas such as the one you see here. Someone was able to create a lamp which is completely backwards! The upper part is usually the one that is lit, but things are different with this lamp.

2. This is not a toy spider

Image Source: Reddit

This would be a good time to tell you to scroll down if you suffer from arachnophobia. Well, it might actually be too late for that. We guess that if this happened to us, we would run away from that restroom instantly! Imagine that you go inside the restroom and you are still sleepy, so you fail to notice the spider. Then you pull a piece of toilet paper and all hell breaks loose! Yes, this is one scenario that we don’t want to be a part of.

3. Here is one really deceiving sign

Image Source: Reddit

We have always considered honesty to be among the best qualities a person could possess. Of course, it is a rare thing to see these days, but it is what it is. As you can see, this dollar store decided to attract more customers by putting up this sneaky sign! Such a deceiving business policy is something that we could never tolerate! The reason is simple. If this is the way these people play the game, you can imagine that there will probably be a lot of similar surprises lurking in that store.

4. You will definitely take a second look at this one

Image Source: Reddit

It never seizes to amaze us how many talented people are out there! This photo is just another example, but it actually shows a clever optical illusion like no other! Just imagine how cool this will look at night! It takes a lot of patience, skill and experience to create something like that and we totally admire it! Of course, we would like to know the reason for that illusion to exist. Maybe it was created for some kind of a contest.

5. This is what we call a daring escape attempt

Image Source: Reddit

The photo you see above is probably hard to believe at first, but it is absolutely real! These people were hauling a pig in the trunk of that old VW. The pig was apparently not happy about it, so it plotted a way to escape its fate! As you can see, the clever animal was able to push out one of the taillights and is searching for a way to continue with the escape plan. We hope that they were simply transferring the animal to another location instead of hauling it to the slaughterhouse.

6. This is one really wrong marketing stunt

Image Source: Reddit

While we completely understand what marketing is all about, we just cannot be supportive of such deceiving tricks! As much as we love sausage rolls, we would like to actually get twelve pieces when we buy a pack that says it contains twelve pieces! As you can see, there are only three pieces in the package! A tiny instruction suggests cutting them into four pieces each and this apparently is how you get twelve bite-size chunks.

7. Here is a Blackberry we would love to have

Image Source: Reddit

Blackberry phones were never a market success despite their qualities. The reasons for this are probably multiple, but we guess that a lot of things could have been done to prevent that! As you can see, someone added two things to a Blackberry device and completely transformed it! It doesn’t even look like a phone when you see it! The clever case and the correct wallpaper photo turned the phone into Skipper from The Penguins of Madagascar! Such options were not originally available, but they could have saved the company.

8. This is one really weird sunset

Image Source: Reddit

We love cloudy sunsets! They provide amazing sights to see and prove that nature is the best artist! The golden and the pink colors blend into mesmerizing views! But sometimes a sunset sky can provide more than just a beautiful view! The photo captured the incredible moment one small cloud cast its shadow across the rest of the clouds, leaving that dark trail. It looks kind of eerie, but it is curious to see.

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9. Here is a truck like you have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

We are used to seeing 18-wheelers all the time, but this one is really something else! It shows an interesting configuration that does not seem to be particularly practical, but we don’t know that much about trucks. What we do know is that this truck is not real. Well, it is kind of real, but it is just not the whole truck! The photo is a result of someone’s failed attempt to take a panoramic shot! If you look closely in the right lower quarter of the image, you will see it.

10. This dress is unbelievable

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes fashion designers are not following any rules and they just let their imagination lead them. We guess that when this happens, they become artists! Fashion trends are nice, but in order to create something outstanding you need to think outside of the box. This designer was probably inspired by something to create this dreamy dress! We believe that it will be turning heads everywhere someone wears it.

11. Here is one curious cloud

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that some people will see what this is about. The lonely cloud in the sky is not an ordinary one. It looks just like a crying wolf! Cloud shapes are sometimes more than cool and there are people who adopted cloud spotting as a hobby. We have seen all kinds of cloud shapes before, like ducks and other birds, but we have never seen one shaped like a wolf before.

12. This is one really awesome bench

Image Source: Reddit

This photo really defies logic! Trees cannot grow a bench between themselves, but these two trees apparently did! We are not sure what exactly happened here, but there are two main possibilities. The most probable version is that someone used the form of these trees and adapted a bench seat between them. The second is that the tree bark grew over the bench, creating this beautiful effect. This is surely the nicest looking bench any park could feature.

13. This product is really controversial

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we get to see a product that cannot be easily explained. This photo shows one product that you cannot describe easily. As you can see, the sticks are labeled as Apple Sticks, yet there is corn pictured in the lower right corner. We guess that the sticks would be suitable for apples and other kinds of fruits and vegetables. However, the package needs to be reworked and they should either change the name or the picture.

14. It seems that rugs can play tricks on your mind

Image Source: Reddit

Interior designers are people who have a keen eye for details. In some cases their ideas are more artistic than you could imagine, which always adds an interesting twist in the concept of any interior design. As you can see, someone was able to come up with an idea that most people would find disturbing and maybe even strange. We think that it is a brilliant touch! The 3D carpet in that hallway can easily play tricks on everyone’s mind. We hope that nobody attempts walking across that hallway after having a few drinks at the bar. That would be amusing to see for sure!

15. Here is a visualization of the temperatures in Antarctica

Image Source: Reddit

Many people seem to be unaware of just how cold Antarctica is! It takes a special kind of person to go and stay there for a short period of time. Most individuals would probably last less than an hour, because the severe weather conditions would prove to be too much to handle. Someone decided to visualize the temperatures there and took their bowl of hot noodles outside. As you can see, then noodles froze almost instantly and they now look like a piece of modern art that defies gravity. The photo is absolutely mind-blowing and we love it!

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