15 Couples That Perfectly Show Us What Exactly Is Married Life

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You may think you know what it’s like to be married but you still need to listen to those who have already gone down that road and you will realize you have no clue. Movies and books are not the best sources to understand what marriage is like. You need to learn that either from your personal experience or from someone else’s. The list below was created to give you the best idea about the ups and downs of married life. Married couples decided to tweet their point of view and all these posts are what you need to see if you want to have a taste of marriage before you become part of one.

1. The unexpected strategy

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There are ways in which married couples start to get along with each other’s strange habits and rituals but there are some annoying moments that nobody could put up with. This woman implies such habits most men probably have: they get used to putting things in the exact same spot and if you move them just a little bit, it could actually be enough for them to be unable to find them.

2. The secret

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There are plenty of things you could refer to as the secret of a happy marriage. Some say that there is no actual secret but only love and compromise. Others believe that talking or doing everything together it a must for a couple to stay married. We reckon that it is much simpler than that and the real secret is explained in this witty tweet.

3. The presentation

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It seems that the concept of being married is not a good enough reason for some folks to try and stay humble. They continue to be sarcastic and pushy even when they need to remain silent or back down. We are not sure if this was a joke or this person really did create such a presentation but the example is still a good one!

4. The roles

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It appears that many couples are in one familiar position: spouses trying to be in the leading position. Needless to say, it usually takes a whole lot of time for one of the spouses to establish dominance but it eventually happens. This tweet suggests that this married couple has already made it clear who is who.

5. The game

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There are things you should never do while you share your life with your significant other. One of these things is to never judge the other for no reason at all. Doing it while quarantined would only result in feuds and nobody wants that. Still, this couple seems to have a different opinion on whether they should do it or not.

6. The imaginary coworker

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Here is one really useful piece of advice that you should definitely take advantage of. You never know when you might end up in a situation where you could be stuck working at home with your spouse for a long period. This could bring tension levels through the roof and blaming everything that could irritate you on an imaginary coworker sounds like an awesome idea!

7. The misleading text

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There are moments in life when you simply must admit that expectations ruin everything. One must restrain themselves from having expectations if they want to avoid disappointment and frustration. As you can see here, a simple change in the original text created an entirely different meaning and this person will probably regret rushing home for nothing.

8. The rules

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We have always believed that there should be rules regarding fries and especially the part where you should share your fries or not. When it comes to your spouse, sharing is always an option but this person stated the kind of thing that seems legit but doesn’t feel right at the same time. We guess that we can accept the tweet as the truth and live with it.

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9. The realization

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It seems that people sometimes underestimate themselves. We believe that this is pointless in the majority of cases, as they think they are not worthy without a single reason leading them toward such an assumption. This woman realized that married life would reveal that she is just as ordinary as her husband who probably worships her as a goddess that is way out of his league.

10. The alarm

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Those who are in a serious relationship know this perk of sharing your life with your significant other. One of the people in a couple always needs to get up before the other, meaning that their alarm clock would go off numerous times before it happens. This is annoying for the other person who would surely love to nap some more time. As you can see, the husband was not happy about his wife’s alarm going on and off all morning because he even counted the times it happened.

11. The cold

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Every wife knows that husbands tend to overreact when they catch a cold. Needless to say, colds can be severe and people can feel down for more than a week but even when the case is different, those who need to stay at home because it might be kind of a burden. This person tweeted the best description of the situation.

12. The change

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Romance is something that takes a sharp turn immediately after you get married. It doesn’t always work like that but most people can confirm it happened with their marriage. The feelings you get while dating fade away the moment you get married. Once people get under one roof, their relationships will change forever and there is nothing they could do about it but accept it and try to cope with it.

13. The plan

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Here is a woman who has marriage figured out. There is no need for additional stress and she is obviously aware of that, as she found a clever way to relax while she does the right thing when she needs to. Her simple trick might be too much for some people but it seems she can’t be judged.

14. The night out

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Marriages work differently for different people, which is no surprise at all. Some of them would immediately relate to this tweet as it describes how marriage can change a person. This woman dreamed of enjoying a night out like the good old times but her husband’s mix-up was another reminder of the reality of her marriage.

15. The card

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There are many things spouses buy for each other to make them happy but we guess that some sarcasm needs to involved to make a person happy and bring them joy and laughter at the same time. This tweet shows such a scenario: this woman knew that giving her man such a card would make him chuckle but she also knew it sends the right message.

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