15 Crazy Life Hacks You Definitely Didn’t Know That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Every simple task or chore you simply cannot skip in life might be a burden. Even if you are convinced that you are doing everything right, chances are that somebody has already thought about a smarter solution to the problem—whatever that problem might be. People often refer to these solutions as life hacks.

If you are struggling with something and you were to find a simple solution, you would probably be very satisfied. A perfect example for such a hack is the toilet paper roll that easily turns into a speaker for your phone – we bet that you haven’t thought of that, have you? Did it ever cross your mind that if turn your folded sunglasses upside down, you would end up with a nice phone holder? You see, sometimes the genius things in life are the simple ones, and that is the reason that only a few people come up with them; they are too obvious—which is a paradox, actually.

We are about to present to you 15 simple and very clever solutions to problems that could be quite annoying and really bother you day after day. You are likely to find more than one life hack here that you should immediately embrace and try.

1. Use Different Shades Of Nail Polish To Mark Your Keys

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This is something that could probably even save your life, your job, or something else important—imagine having five or ten keys that are exactly the same and you are in a rush for a particular reason. You could be in a lot of trouble if the right key turns out to be the last one, not to mention the nerve-wrecking process of figuring out “which one it was”, even if you are not in a big hurry.
However, there is one key thing to remember here—if the nail polish is not yours, be sure to ask your wife, daughter, sister, or whoever you plan to get the stuff from instead of borrowing without warning or simply stealing them—otherwise you are likely to end up with far bigger problems than just figuring out how to differentiate your keys.

2. Your Sunglasses Can Double As Your Smartphone Holder

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This one is so simple, that many among you would probably wonder: “how is it possible that I did not think of this by now”. We know we did. But that doesn’t matter—what’s important is that propping up your phone on quite unstable surfaces in order to enjoy a video will now become a thing from the past. Simply fold your shades and put them down, but upside down—and voila—you have the perfect portable smartphone holder that you don’t even have to carry around as an extra item. This is borderline genius.

3. Iron Your Shirt Collars With A Hair Straightener

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You haven’t lived if you haven’t once tried ironing your collar while the shirt is on your body. This is both stupid and brave, but mostly stupid. However, there is an easier way with a better end result—simply get the hair straightener from one of the women in the house and iron the collar to perfection. If you don’t live with your parents or you don’t have a sister or a girlfriend, this would be the right time to ask your pretty neighbor for her hair straightener. She might wonder what you are going to do with it, but you could end up with an immaculate shirt as well as a new girl—who knows?

4. Store Your Clothes In A Vertical Pattern In The Drawer

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Want to put on your favorite shirt for tonight but you simply don’t know in which drawer you buried the thing? That’s right —you pull them all out and start digging; there is no other way, or is there? Save yourself a lot of time by simply arranging the clothes in a vertical pattern, so there is no “bottom row” to dig to. Clever and neat—we love it!

5. This Icepack Will Not Drip

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This is a small thing, but very convenient—if you want to make an icepack, simply soak a new sponge in water, put in a plastic bag, and then freeze it. This way the water will not drip when the ice melts. It will stay in the sponge and you will not end up with a leaking icepack.

6. An Improvised Vacuum Filter

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There are two ways that this hack could help you—if you have had the bad experience of sucking larger objects that could damage the vacuum cleaner, you already know the first one. The other useful purpose is in the case you have lost something very tiny and have no clue where it might be. No matter what the case is—simply pull over a stocking over the vacuum cleaner pipe and put it to work. Eventually, you will likely be surprised how many little things you managed to catch with your improvised “net”. It is kind of satisfying, too, in a weird sort of way.

7. Easy Protection Of The Gearbox Knob

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This one hardly needs an explanation if you live in one of the hotter states in the United States or in a country where the summer temperatures happen to be high. The first thing that happens when you get inside the car after some time under the sun is that you realize you have no choice but to touch the hot steering wheel and gear knob in order to drive away—or else you must wait for a while until the air-conditioner cools things off at least a bit. No matter if the knob is plastic or covered with leather, covering it with a coozie before leaving the car will keep it from aging and from leaving a mark on your hand when you return and need to take off in a hurry.

8. A Quick Way To Amplify The Sound Of Your iPhone

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While you may be quite happy with the performance of your iPhone’s speaker (or any other smartphone, for that matter), you now have a very easy and effective way of improving the strength of the sound. We all know that in a large indoor or outdoor spaces, no smartphone has a loud enough sound. So grab the leftover cone from the toilet paper roll and a few pins, cut the cone so you could insert the part of the phone where the speaker is located, and you will immediately notice the difference.

9. Cleaning The Dirty Blender Like A Boss

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There are two parts of a smoothie-making process that we find rather annoying—making the initial mess and then cleaning it. In other words, the whole thing is kind of a burden. But there is good news—someone clever found the perfect way to clean the blender without the risk of cutting yourself while trying to clean under the blades with the sponge. Simply pour a water and detergent mix in the blender, keep it running for a bit, and all you should have to do after that is rinse. Now all your doubts about whether you should make that smoothie or not are easily washed away—literally.

10. No More Dripping Ice Cream

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As much as we all like to enjoy an ice cream cone on a hot day, there will always be at least one drip on that new shirt or dress, or your hand will be all covered in a melted chocolate coating. The solution to this is a fairly simple one—just put a disposable cupcake mold underneath and there is no way that your treat will melt all over you or your clothes.

11. Don’t Waste The Old Soap Bar

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You really begin to understand just how hard life can be at that moment you have to decide what to do with the slim piece of a bar of soap that you are left with. Should you use it a bit more or flush it down the toilet? The answer is that neither way is the correct one; what you need to do is bring your new soap bar and simply stick the old one over the new piece. That should make you happy and also teach you that sometimes you have more than two options or possible solutions to a problem—simply think outside of the box.

12. A Zipper-Upper

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We bet that you didn’t know of this little trick. The stuck zipper is sometimes a terrible experience, especially when there is blizzard outside and the zipper on your warmest coat just stalled and you have no idea how to pull it up. Apparently the graphite from a pencil provides the right friction to the zipper line, and you should be able to run it smoothly after that. There are probably piles of clothes that you simply stopped wearing due to a faulty zipper. Now you can search through your wardrobe and try this quick fix.

13. The Simplest Keyboard Cleaning Hack

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Admit it—you constantly eat while you are at your computer. We all do. Sometimes the reason is just too much work and no time to eat—or maybe too much gaming. It depends on the person, or course. But the end result is the same—at one point, some of the keys on the keyboard can’t be pressed because of the crumbs and dirt that piles up inside and in between. A very simple solution is the usage of every sticky note that you are about to throw in the bin—before you do that, just run the piece of paper between the keys and it will pick up dust balls and other dirt.

14. Zipper Going Down? Never Again

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The problem with your fly constantly unzipping is very annoying. Some people try to fix the problem by tightening the belt a bit more, but that only increases the risk of cracking the pants where you don’t want to. The solution is really very simple. All you need to do is get a key chain ring and run it through the zipper, then zip it up and pull the ring over the button of your pants. This practically eliminates the possibility of your zipper going down again, unless it is all too tight and the zipper takes the button along the way down—now there is an uncomfortable situation if you are not close to home.

15. Forget About Tangled Cables

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All tech geeks and IT’s know how frustrating it is to try and figure out how to untangle a bulk of cords and cables. If you need to store a large quantity of cables, chargers, or whatever, there is a cheap and easy way to stack them correctly without bothering to untangle them later—just use the cardboard rolls from toilet paper and put every extension cord or cable in a separate one, then place them in a box—and you are all done! There is no way that you could end up with a huge knot of wires afterwards.

We certainly hope that at least one of these tips will come in handy and save you some time, money, and stress!


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