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15 Creative Husbands Who Proved That Relationships Are Never Boring

Being in a relationship is hard work! This is no surprise, but it seems that more than a few people tend to neglect it and refuse to put in the amount of effort they should. There is one basically universal trick that could save some of that effort. It is no secret, and it is not a magic trick, either. What we’re talking about is just plain fun! Yes, having fun and goofing off are essential, because girls like to have a good laugh every now and then. The list below shows some boyfriends and husbands who really know how to keep their girls entertained and boredom is out of their relationship equations. The list is super funny and offers some ideas about the way one could keep their relationship on the funny side.

1. The dog nanny

Image Source: Reddit

Some girls believe that men cannot be trusted when it comes to taking care of a kid or even a pet. We beg to differ, as gents are usually good entertainers, and this image proves it! It is exactly what a man sent his girl when she left the two of them alone for a whole weekend.

2. The decoration

Image Source: Reddit

Not many people are willing to spend time, money and effort for a flashy Christmas decoration. However, the ones that do usually go way over the top, but there are individuals who like to think outside the box. One husband answered to his wife’s complaint that they had no festive spirit.

3. The joke

Image Source: Twitter

It takes a special kind of person to joke with someone like that, especially when it comes to a husband joking with his wife. Some men underestimate the situation and literally play with fire when they joke with their wives, just like in the example shown here.

4. The cake

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen many different birthday cakes that are nothing but special, and we know that it does not take a lot for them to actually be special. All a cake needs to be unique is a good idea, which includes a hilarious one, like the one pictured above. The math equation a husband came up with is actually a witty thing to do that his wife appreciated, too.

5. The bed

Image Source: Reddit

A wife was really happy to hear from her husband about his idea to create a new bed frame with his own two hands. She thought that he finally decided to replace the one they slept on, but he had another thing in mind.

6. The photos

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, ladies are usually more determined to have quality photos of themselves than men. We firmly believe that there is no bride who wouldn’t be furious if her wedding photos are nothing but perfect. Maybe the perfect photo is actually the one showing the love between two people, and this one is all about love and having fun!

7. The dad joke

Image Source: Reddit

Since we are talking about photos, we might as well show you this one. During the making of some family photo portraits, one husband decided that his wife and daughters seemed a bit too gloomy, so he decided to bring some smiles to set. However, telling one of his dad jokes was not the best thing to do, as these are not the smiles he needed!

8. The babysitter

Image Source: Reddit

Well, actually this babysitter is also the babies’ father, and that is a good thing in this case, because he proved that he could handle all three of them at once with no help. He even sent this photographic proof to his wife, and she probably had a good laugh after seeing it!

9. The dog whisperer

Image Source: Reddit

We just had to share this one, because we just mentioned how men could take care of kids on their own. Well, the same goes for dogs, too, and this image kind of proves it, but not quite. It was not what a girl thought her boyfriend and dog would probably do at the beach during their time together, but it is super funny.

10. The confirmation

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one man decided to prove to his wife that he took care of their baby and that he was able to put him to sleep. Of course, it was not what she expected, and the hilarious image surprised her for sure. It reminds us of an old Busta Rhymes music video where the characters had similar faces.

11. The snack

Image Source: Twitter

You know what they say: ‘be careful what you wish for’! In this case, a woman asked her significant other to prepare a snack for her because she was kind of sick, and all she wanted was some plain toast. Her man knew exactly what to do and came up with this clever pun, which is super funny and witty!

12. The photo session

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes ladies go too far in their attempts to take the perfect Instagram photo. They spend too much time trying to get it right, and they often involve their partners. The man in the photo patiently took one too many photos of his wife until she was happy with the result, but then he asked for a single image of him, and this was the result!

13. The Christmas outfit

Image Source: Reddit

When a wife asked her husband to get dressed because they were going to visit a photographer to have their family Christmas photos taken, she probably had no clue that her husband would dress like that. He obviously took ‘professional’ very seriously and you can bet everyone at the studio grinned when they saw him.

14. The relatable image

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is one of those images that men could easily relate to. The man in the image was obviously too tired of waiting his wife to go around the aisles in a Target store, so he decided to express his feelings in the best possible way, which is also super funny.

15. The drive

Image Source: Reddit

When a woman forgot to leave the car seat to her husband, he thought he should have some fun with the situation. He told his wife he found a solution how to safely get him to the babysitter, after which he took this photo, sent it to her and turned off his phone. She must have been furious before she appreciated the joke.

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