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15 Design Fails That Will Definitely Make You Cringe For Real

Image Source: Reddit

Most people think that design is fairly easy to create. They think that you just need to come up with a great idea and find someone who can create it. However, we think that it is not that easy to do.

The reason for that is the variety of design fails out there! Hilarious or even disturbing designs are literally everywhere! If creating design was easy, there would not be any mistakes. As you are about to see, designing something is quite difficult! It takes precision, a lot of thinking and skills, and mostly vision! If someone tries to create a design without having the proper skillset, the probable results would be similar to the ones in the list below.

1. Sometimes the idea is anything but good

Image Source: Reddit

When you need to create a design, the starting point would be the concept. This means that you need to understand the purpose and think about the best way to display an image or a message. It is safe to say that the people responsible for this sign had no idea what they were doing. The sign looks nice until someone tries to read it! The message on it was the reason for the sign to exist in the first place. We hope that they realized the concept was poor and changed it at some point.

2. This interior looks nice, but there is a catch

Image Source: Reddit

We need to point out that this interior looks nice! All the materials seem to be of high quality, but there is a catch. Upon taking a first glance, anyone would think that there are two toilets separated by a glass wall. This is not the case here, because it would be rather awkward! However, it is still odd enough to have huge mirrors all around the bathroom! Just imagine sitting on that white throne and being forced to look at your own reflection everywhere around you. The interior designer obviously missed that part.

3. Here is another bathroom fail

Image Source: Reddit

This one is a lot worse than the example above. As you can see, someone obviously made a mistake when designing this bathroom. We may not be professionals, but we know that the urinal you see on the photo should definitely be somewhere else. This setup looks really unhygienic and we bet that most people would never use the nearest sink. We guess that someone eventually did something about it and the urinal was moved to a better location inside that bathroom.

4. Print ad fails are our favorite

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of talented graphic designers out there, and we admire their work! However, some of them make mistakes, and that is perfectly fine, because we all do! The good part is that we get to enjoy these mistakes! This ad is the perfect proof of that! Seeing this woman enjoying a meal from a fair distance would seem normal. However, when you come close, you realize that she has an empty spoon in her mouth and the meal she is holding is intact.

5. Some mistakes are more than obvious

Image Source: Reddit

When you are about to buy and item, you are likely to read the description on the package. The item may be whatever you can think of – food, a domestic appliance or some tech gadget. If you don’t have that habit, we strongly recommend that you adopt it as quick as possible. It could save you some disappointment for sure. However, sometimes you don’t need to read the description. As the image suggests, some fails are visible upon taking a first glance of the item.

6. This ceiling looks unbelievable

Image Source: Reddit

Making a design mistake could be harmless if we are talking about an ad. However, when you incorporate such a mistake in the construction of a house, things would be way more serious. Architects and designers should work hand in hand in order to achieve the best result. As you can see, someone clearly miscalculated something during the construction of that house. The ceiling in one of the rooms looks unbelievably bad. Although it might be structurally safe, nobody would like to see this daily.

7. The idea behind this mug was not that bad on paper

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was probably really proud of this idea. We are sure that it looked good as a project. Unfortunately, the finished product is more than controversial. As you can see, the mug could hardly contain any kind of liquid because of the design. We should also mention that it would be impossible to clean it properly after you pour coffee or cocoa inside.

8. One tiny detail could ruin a nice design

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

This keychain looks really good. The design seems to be flawless, as well as the color. The quality also seems to be good. However, there is one really small detail that really ruins the whole product. As you can see, there is an ‘M’ on the character’s hat. It stands for Mario, one of the Super Mario Bros characters. The problem is that this character is Mario’s brother, Luigi.

9. Everyone would probably notice the mistake here

Image Source: Reddit

Someone really did a good job creating the design of this product. It looks really nice, except for one detail. Unfortunately, that detail is very important in this case. The cool dog with the sunglasses is not a pug. Some people would always mistake dog breeds with short noses. Even so, there is no excuse about mistaking a pug with a bulldog. Maybe the reasons are the sunglasses, who knows?

10. This bathroom setup creates a dilemma

Image Source: Reddit

Design fails are sometimes creating awkward situations. This could happen in a number of ways, and the photo above shows only one of them. This hand sanitizer machine is directly above a light switch. The problem is that the machine is motion sensor operated. This means that every time someone tries to turn the lights on or off, the machine would turn on. We are absolutely sure that this is not the best possible position for that machine! We guess that someone would eventually grow tired of this poor design and do something about it.

11. This is the worst staircase ever

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of construction fails, but this one is different. Typically you would always know where the designer or the architect allowed the mistake to happen. The example shown here is different, because we have no idea why the stairs were blocked like this. It looks like someone erected a ramp on the highest floor, but the reason for that remains unknown. We only hope that the stairs would not be used in case of an emergency.

12. Ceiling medallions are always nice to see

Image Source: Reddit

Unfortunately, there are some exceptions, and you can one in the photo above. We have no idea why someone decided to install that chandelier like that, but there must have been a good reason. There is no way that a technician would do such a sloppy job! We guess that there was something in the building’s structure that did not allow for the chandelier to be properly mounted in the center of the ceiling medallion.

13. The manufacturer of this microwave really messed up

Image Source: Reddit

Most people are familiar with the concept of a microwave. The appliance allows you to warm up food and drinks incredibly fast. In most cases the food you would like to warms takes only a couple of minutes to heat up perfectly. However, this microwave would leave you guessing, because the dial starts at the five minute mark! It makes the whole appliance more or less useless, because it will leave you guessing if you set it right or not.

14. The bigger the ad, the more visible the fail

Image Source: Reddit

This huge ad is just another example of probably one of the most popular outdoor marketing fails! Vinyl wrapping a vehicle or a building facade looks complicated, and it is! The skillset needed for this kind of work is impressive and not everyone could do it. However, you need something far more valuable than vinyl wrapping skills; you need vision. As this example suggests, the team responsible for putting that vinyl ad did not think about all the details.

15. Here is how bad product design could be dangerous

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, poor design could actually lead to disaster! This is true even if we are talking about a simple bottle. Just have a look at this photo. The left part of those shelves is stacked with a house cleaning product, despite the fact that it looks like fruit juice! To make matters worse, the Walmart staff decided to place the cleaning product next to the actual beverages! We guess that they did not realize the potential danger. Imagine some kid running towards the beverages aisle and grabbing the first colorful bottle! We are sure that someone notified the staff members and they rearranged the aisle to prevent any accidents from happening.

Written by Nick Martin

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