15 Facts (Ignored By History) You Definitely Didn’t Know About World War II


4. Scientific and technological breakthroughs

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The war brings out both the best and worst in people. The worst part is so overwhelming that one would rarely look for something positive. The fact is that many discoveries and improvements were made in food preservation, logistics medicine and technology which were widely adopted by the civilians after the war.

The effort to feed such large armies eventually led to the invention of many new canned or dehydrated foods with long shelf life such as processed meat and granola bars. The invention of the radar brought us not only modern day air travel, but also the Microwave oven which is found in most households today.

Advanced antibiotics and other medicine were developed as well as many advances in surgery.
Modern day logistics is also developed in WWII.

5. What really led to the defeat of the Germans

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In the early days of the war the Germans were seen as an unstoppable force. The Blitzkrieg was the nightmare of opposing soldiers. So what happened? How did things change?

It is a matter of fact that Germany has overstretched its forces while waging war on two fronts, and we all know of the resource shortages in the later stages of war. But there is another factor, often overlooked by traditional history. The Nazi’s bad attitude towards non Germans has played a vital role in the outcome of the war. Even before the war broke out, many capable people end even geniuses fled Germany and eventually helped the Allies.

During the war, in many of the occupied territories Germans forced the civilians to work for them, and they were not happy about this at all. So what can a worker do to change the tide of war? Well, Czechs produced rifles, tanks and ammunition for the Germans, and workers deliberately assembled certain components wrong, so they would fail during operation.


When the Germans entered Ukraine, actually a large portion of the people welcomed them, as they saw them as liberators from the Soviet Union. However the Germans treated them very poorly, which turned them back on the Russian side.

Throughout Belgium and France many resistance groups would sabotage communications and navigation facilities of the Germans. It is the fact that the Germans managed to turn everyone against themselves, even the simple civilian people, and that eventually led to their defeat.

6. Not all of the Wehrmacht soldiers were Nazi

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Most people today think of the word Nazi as a synonym of a German Soldier from WWII. The Nazi are actually a political party and not all soldiers were members in that party. There was even a statement that opted for Wehrmacht soldiers to have no affiliation with any political party including the National Socialists (Nazis).

Many soldiers were of Prussian origin, and they are known for their lack of interest in any form of political agenda.

The swastika that they wore on their uniforms makes most people believe that they were Nazis. But we have to mind the fact, that at the time the German national flag was basically one big swastika. Not only that most soldiers were not Nazis, a lot of them did not approve the actions of Adolf Hitler. There were over 25 attempts to assassinate the Fuhrer, and most of them were planned and executed by German soldiers and even high ranking SS officers.


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