15 Facts (Ignored By History) You Definitely Didn’t Know About World War II


7. Origins of the Swastika

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The Swastika Is a very ancient spiritual symbols used in many cultures. Early swastikas are dated to 10 000 BC and have been found all over Europe, Asia and Africa. The word Swastika originates from India, where the symbol is widely used. It translates to “Well-being”.

The Nazi’s interest in the spiritual and occult fields, led to the adoption of the Swastika as a national symbol.

Eventually it was used not only by soldiers, but by all regular Germans.


After the war ended, this symbol remained associated with the Wehrmacht and all of the atrocities carried out by them. The Allies pilots used it as a symbol marking each German plane they have shot down. That is how, a symbol that represented wellbeing, spirituality and divinity for over ten thousand years, became a symbol of terror in just few years.

8. Queen Elizabeth II took part in the war effort

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Nowadays, referred to as simply The Queen, Elizabeth was very keen in joining the war effort despite the fact that her father – King George IV has strictly forbidden her to do so. Being only 18 years old at the time, she ignored her father’s will and she joined the women’s auxiliary territorial service and received training as a mechanic and lorry driver and served as such on the streets of London.
Surprisingly enough, she is the only member of the royal family that took part in the war.
Currently she is the only living head of state that participated in WWII

9. Artificial Moon Light

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This is a very interesting technique used by the British to better aid their troops in night time battles. While traditional flares did provide good lighting of the battlefield they lasted very short time, and were providing light to both the attackers and the defenders.
So the British devised a method that started with firing the artillery with air bursting shells, which created a thick cloud coverage above the enemy. After that they would point their searchlights to those clouds and some of that light get reflected down to the enemy’s position.
They also employed tracer ammo of different color, as objective pointers for the different army groups. So when for example a red tracer is shot in a certain direction that means that there is an objective for the infantry in this direction.


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