15 Facts (Ignored By History) You Definitely Didn’t Know About World War II


10. The Allies used chemical weapons.

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Chemical weapons were the scourge of the Great War. Soon after they were banned because of their devastating and long lasting effects. It is worth noting, that the Germans were very strict in complying with this agreement and at no point of WWII ever used chemical weapons.

This however can not be said about the Allies. And there is one well documented incident where this has become evident. Nearing the end of the war, the US military were unloading a large shipment of mustard gas in the Italian port of Bari.

Unfortunately this operation has caught the attention of the Germans, and the port was attacked by the German Luftwaffe. The end result was over 2000 military and civilians dead, 27 cargo ships sunken and a lot of mustard gas released in the air.

It is a fact that both US and British authorities denied this case for a long time. But the many eyewitness reports could not be silenced, so they eventually confessed.

11. A lot of Nazis got away unpunished

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The horror that the Nazis brought to the people is well documented. Many of us have seen the documentaries and we have also seen footage from the Nuremberg war trial, where many high ranking Nazis were sentenced for their war crimes. ut the fact is that many Nazis never went through such a war crime trial, over 400 000 people, and no one knows how many of those actually committed war crimes.


A large number of those people managed to evade the trial out of pure luck. They were prisoners of war in the USA. Captured in previous battles, they were well fed and taken care of. They were imprisoned until the end of the war and were far away from the trials in Europe.

They were eventually returned to Germany and many of them even moved back to the USA.

There are also cases of distinguished Nazis that managed to escape from the Allied forces and fled to various countries around the world. Some of them were eventually tracked down many years later.

12. The notorious SS recruited foreigners

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As absurd as this may seem it is an undeniable fact. The Waffen-SS started as a paramilitary group with the Nazi Party. While later becoming an official army unit, fighting alongside the Wermacht, they were still considered Hitler’s personal army and took orders directly from him. Being true to the Nazi doctrine they really believed in the Arian race and its supremacy. Joining the SS required not only skills and talent, it required certain visual traits that fit within the idea of a pure Arian race.

It would seem that being as zealous as they were, the SS would never recruit anyone who they do not consider Arian. However later in the war, the need for new men made them rethink their recruiting policies. Initially, only men from certain European countries were recruited and they were again chosen by visual traits that are closer to the Arian idea. However as the war progressed they had no choice but to recruit anyone who wants to join them including even Indian and Indonesian volunteers.


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