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15 Families Who Definitely Know The Art Of Pranking

Image Source: Bored Panda

April Fools’ Day and Halloween are the days when most families like to prank each other, but there are some people who just can’t help it and prank their family members all the time, because it’s just who they are. As much as we like seeing that, we are glad that nobody in our families has this habit, because pranks can get really savage sometimes!
If pranks are accepted in the house, you need to be prepared for literally anything, and these pictures prove that it could be either annoying or a lot of fun.

1. Dad jokes are not what they used to be

Image Source: Bored Panda

It seems that this dad really stepped up his game, and instead of throwing silly jokes around, he mastered the art of pranking instead. We love how he pulled off this clever trick, and he clearly had a good time doing it, judging from the note.

2. The Addams family is real

Image Source: Pinterest

Can you imagine being invited to a party held by this family? You would probably need some kind of protective suit and some special skills in order to survive. The definition of ‘family fun’ never looked so dangerous and we like it.

3. Moms can be savage

Image Source: Imgur

Looking at this room will definitely make you ask a lot of questions. Of course, the main question is why this mom made the effort to hang a number of wieners from the ceiling of her son’s room? Maybe he did something wrong and this is the lesson, who knows.

4. Planning your pranks early is the way things are done

Image Source: Bored Panda

This would be quite a surprise to stumble on early in the morning! It looks a bit unhygienic, but at least it is fruit jelly; it could have been a lot worse for sure! These glasses would probably have a red hue for a while, but at least the mother would be proud of her pranking skills.

5. Children can play tricks on their parents, too

Image Source: Imgur

This hilarious photo is a perfect way to troll someone! Judging from the caption, the previous pictures of the baby that were sent to the proud grandmother were not particularly ‘normal’, and the one you see here probably topped them all.

6. Scaring your mother has never been easy

Image Source: College Humor

This girl was able to prank her mom with a single photo! Of course, the photo has a filter applied to it, and the mother is obviously not aware of how realistic photo filters can be. The poor woman thought that there was something very wrong for real.

7. Now here’s how you create tension between siblings

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that Rosie is clearly the favorite kid in this family, and you can tell why. These parents were probably plotting something, and these Christmas stockings were probably intended to trigger some kind of reaction.

8. Parenting 101

Image Source: Design Dazzle

What you see here is a mixture of pranking and teaching someone a lesson. It is very easy to see who did something to cause this. The girl’s face says it all, and the little brother could not be happier. However, you can’t argue with your parents, can you?


9. Parents can be truly savage

Image Source: Life Buzz

How would you react if your parents presented you with such a cake? That’s right, you would be shocked to see it, and we bet that Keith’s reaction was worth taking a picture of. This must be more than a simple joke.

10. These people know how to have fun together

Image Source: Imgur

Every couple must cherish their ability to have fun together regardless of their age, because it is one the things that really make it all happen. As you can see, these people definitely still have what it takes to spend some quality time together and have some fun.

11. The kids had no way of seeing that coming

Image Source: Reddit

They say that you need to be careful what you wish for, and the kids in this family should have written down their wishes in order to avoid what they are about to get without even suspecting. These parents are obviously good pranksters.

12. It is all about preparation

Image Source: Reddit

Pulling off a good prank requires a good plan and preparing everything you need for your plan to succeed. As you can see, someone really made a big effort here, and we really admire such clever jokes. How would you react if you opened the fridge to find all those eyes staring at you?

13. April Fools’ Day requires a lot of effort sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

There’s nothing like showing your love and affection to someone by pulling a prank on that person! If the amount of work done here is equal to the love this son has for his mother, then he must love her very much!

14. Here is what happens when you ask for money instead of presents

Image Source: Turn The Page

This kid looks totally devastated, and for good reason. When you expect to receive cash, you would never think that the money can be served like this. The parents really trolled their son here, and we absolutely love the idea behind this prank.

15. Family fun goals

Image Source: Instagram

This is how every family should act together when it comes to having fun! Obviously the mastermind behind this plan was the father, and he probably knew that his wife would take this with a sense of humor, because it would be a too brave thing to do.


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