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15 Funny Pics That Will Definitely Make You Facepalm

Image Source: Reddit

There are amazing things in our world! All the mind-blowing achievements, inventions and discoveries are among the things that make the human race great. However, there are things, people and situations that are on the opposite side of great! They make you question everything that we have achieved as a species! Internet is full of such examples and you are about to see a list full of them!

1. We are not entirely sure what this post is about

Image Source: Twitter

Social media presence is must for every business! It depends on the strong marketing team to present the company in the best possible way! There are a lot of different ways to do that, but some companies really choose a controversial way and think that it is not such a good idea! As you can see, this company announced eating out of a bowl to be some kind of newly-introduced trend. We guess that most of us already know what that is like, so we really missed the point of this weird post.

2. This is not even funny

Image Source: Twitter

Since we mentioned social media, we need to point out one thing that we are all aware of! People seek attention using their social media profiles, and they use all kinds of tactics and strategies. Some use their physical appearances while others try to be funny and to act smart. As you can see, this person found a really strange way to make things interesting. We guess that it is definitely not a successful attempt, which was confirmed by Harry Styles himself!

3. There are mistakes and then there’s this

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people make mistakes. We all do! In most cases they are minor but in other moments the wrong decision can cost us a lot! What matters most is to realize the mistake, admit it and react the proper way. However, there are times when the mistake is so ridiculous that it is almost unbelievable! Just check out the screenshot of that social media post! We cannot believe that someone could mistake a bear cub for a puppy! These people adopted what they believed was a dog and soon it grew to be a real bear! This is what we call a mistake!

4. Here is one strange reaction

Image Source: Instagram

We all love having fun! Hanging out with your buddies and going to fun places like a club or a bar is a must! People act different when they consume a good amount of alcohol. In most cases this is when the real fun begins! As you can see, this person is among the people who start doing weird stuff! Drunk-texting is one example, because some people do not consider it to be funny! We guess that it is, because texting an airport is definitely hilarious!

5. Some people need to learn some basic facts

Image Source: Reddit

They say that ignorance is bliss, but we beg to differ! There is a minimal amount of knowledge that every person should have! We are not talking about huge theories and miscellaneous facts. What we mean is the absolute basics, like knowing that water is wet and other essential things. It may sound weird, but there are people who missed learning those basic facts! As you can see, someone was petrified that the sun was actually on fire! We guess that the other person needed to explain a lot of things.

6. Now this is just wrong

Image Source: Instagram

Have you ever felt like someone is doing a certain thing in a completely wrong way despite that there are no written rules on how to do it? We guess that some tasks or chores require certain actions in order to be done in the only accurate way. This applies to the simplest things you can imagine! For example, cutting some watermelon sounds like an easy and straightforward job, right? Well, we guess that some people have a different idea about that! As you can someone really destroyed the watermelon by chopping it into small bits. It looks diced which is just wrong.

7. Some memories are better left forgotten

Image Source: Imgur

We all have moments or periods in our lives that we wish we could forget, but this seems to be impossible. Time heals everything and eventually you forget most of the things you want to be erased from your memory. Of course, this means that you need to make sure that nothing would remind you about them. Unfortunately, sometimes you get a reminder in ways that you forgot existed, just like the memories option Facebook features. As you can see, this is one memory that should have remained buried.

8. Here is one really controversial sign

Image Source: Reddit

People act in strange and peculiar ways sometimes. This means that you need to read between the lines in order to be able to understand what they tried to do or say. The case with this simple sign is a nice example! Clearly the specific instructions are really odd when you see the way the password was spelled. The person who set up the sign literally decided to spell the password in violation of their own two rules and we cannot explain it at all! Maybe it was supposed to be a joke, considering what the password is, but we don’t find it that amusing.

9. Talking about controversial signs, you need to see this one

Image Source: Reddit

We have always considered that some people make an extra effort to point out the obvious. Even if they consider it to be a necessary precaution, we still think that it is too much. As you can see, someone decided to specify that the cinnamon buns in the aisle were not the size shown on the huge sign above the aisle! Of course, the majority of people would be aware of that, because nobody sells giant cinnamon rolls for that price.

10. Since we are talking about precautions, this example would be appropriate

Image Source: Imgur

You surely know that a lot of different product categories have age restrictions. This is needed for a number of reasons. In most cases these restrictions are there due to safety issues. For example, a lot of toys are not suitable for children under three years of age. However, in other cases the age restriction for a product seems to be out of place and this example is the best way to illustrate what we mean. We are sure that people under the age of 18 can safely use this item!

11. This is one really strange task

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a task or a chore you need to do seems impossible! You struggle with making the first step and you seem to be stuck because you have no idea where to start. Of course, there’s the other way around when the task is so simple and obvious that you begin to wonder if there is a trick hidden in the task. This simple question immediately gives the answer wanted, which is too easy!

12. Reality checks are needed sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

When we are proud about a certain thing, we tend to brag about it or overreact. It is a common habit that most people have. We even think that it is part of human nature! The good thing is that if we have close friends, they will probably let us know when we begin to act in such manner. This is what one person did when his friend began acting as if he was making a lot of money.

13. People are always lying on social media

Image Source: Tumblr

As we already mentioned, the constant need of attention forces people to do all kinds of things on social media. This includes exaggeration, bragging and even lying for the sake of a few likes or views more! This is what someone did by posting the photo you see above. The attempt to lie about the year the photo was taken did not end up well, because another user quickly found a detail that proved it was a lie.

14. Sometimes people are not even trying hard enough to fool the others

Image Source: Twitter

This photo was supposed to be enough to convince everyone that these players were also hard learners and they used all the time between practice and games to study. Of course, all boys look really focused on learning, but there is one thing that really doesn’t add up. The boy on the far right seems to be writing without a pen, which tells us that it was all a setup for the photo.

15. Here is one really strange interior idea

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of weird and crazy interior solutions, but the one in the photos above is absolutely ridiculous! As you can see, both rooms have only one door! When one of the rooms is open, the other one is shut, because the door only opens to 90 degrees on each side. We have absolutely no idea why this idea was used as an actual solution, but we think that it is not a working solution.

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