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15 Heartwarming Photos That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Image Source: Reddit

We can never get too much of the good things we see daily! Spreading good vibes is something a lot of people do and we support even the smallest acts of kindness! Having a positive attitude is not that hard, although some people find it to be impossible in a world full of negativity. However, as long as there are good people doing heartwarming things, we will continue to be optimistic and believe that good things will always be above everything else.

Check out the wholesome list below and feel the positive vibes!

1. Here is what pure love is capable of

Image Source: James Dyson Award

A man named Lewis Hornby was able to do the sweetest thing for his grandmother. The elderly woman suffered from dementia, meaning that she needed special care in most of the time. She needed help even with the most basic functions like hydrating. In order to make it easier and fun, Hornby came up with an amazing idea! The Jelly Drops consist of 90 percent water, and they are the perfect solution to the hydration problem, because they turn drinking water into a game.

2. Mother’s instinct is undefeatable

Image Source: Reddit

Mother’s instinct is so strong that it could hardly be described. The best way to do that is by different examples. This photo proves that! When a toddler got lost, one completely unknown person stepped in and helped. It turned out that the woman was a mother and her instinct kicked in immediately when she saw the distressed child. She made sure that the toddler was safe and helped locating the parents. This is how a selfless act of kindness looks like.

3. Here is how all teachers should work

Image Source: Reddit

In order to be successful at what you do, you need to be exceptionally dedicated. As you can see, this teacher wanted the best for her students, so she did what she thought was the right thing. She knew that students hated homework and she realized that it does not improve their performance. This is why she decided to cancel homework assignments in their traditional form and suggested that the kids should spend more time with their families. This is how the school system should work.

4. Sometimes you need to step out of your duties

Image Source: Twitter

Many people are professionals at what they do for a living. They often think that having the right skills and experience is the most important thing. We agree with that completely, but there is something else to consider, too. Every now and then we find ourselves in situations which require crossing the line between being a professional and simply doing the right thing. This police officer did not hesitate to help a child when the hospital staff members were too busy to check up on it. She breastfed the neglected baby, which is more than admirable!

5. The love between siblings is indestructible

Image Source: Reddit

Some of you might think that this is a clever joke or a form of trolling. We guess that it could be interpreted as a witty prank, but it is likely not the case here. This 30-year-old woman received a special package from her younger brother. He wanted to make her feel good and remember the good old days, as the card in the middle suggests. As you can see, he selected items that were essential for every girl back in the day! She probably felt quite emotional, which is understandable.

6. Even the smallest acts of kindness could mean the world to someone

Image Source: Reddit

It is important to always help someone if we have the chance to! It would probably not require that much of an effort, but you can be sure that you changed someone’s day. The photo here shows how a simple act of kindness changed one person’s entire life! This man was homeless for years, until a police officer stepped in and helped him! He paid for the man’s new clothes and got him shaved and cleaned up in order for him to be ready for a job interview. As you can see, the man got the job and the smile on his face says it all!

7. Some moments are more than emotional

Image Source: Reddit

Health issues are not a joke and sometimes they can cause a lot of damage. This child spent about two months in a coma, which was probably devastating for the parents. One day the kid woke up from the coma and his first reaction was to grab his favorite toy dinosaur! We believe that such a moment carries an enormous emotional charge, and everyone must have been beyond happy! We hope that the kid recovered quickly after that!

8. Wholesome things can be seen anywhere

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Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes good vibes can be felt in the most unexpected places! As you can see, someone was able to capture a sweet moment between two strangers on a plane. A woman was apparently flying for the first time and she was scared of the new experience. The man next to her held her hand and talked her through the whole thing. He made sure that she felt calm, which cost him nothing, but it surely meant a lot to her!

9. This man is a real gentleman

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that in today’s world romance has been replaced for a lot of different things. The good old-fashioned type of romantic gestures has faded away more or less. However, people like the man you see here are doing their best to restore our faith in this kind of behavior. Being a gentleman is a state of mind, and this person clearly knows what that feels like. He looks like he is about to make someone very happy, and his excitement is obvious.

10. Here is how the real human nature can be shown in a simple situation

Image Source: Reddit

Most people would neglect such a thing, but one person was concerned after hearing a cat meowing around their car. As it turned out, the kitten was inside the car. After realizing that, the person took the car to a nearby auto shop where one mechanic immediately sprang into action. He took off the bumper and found the scared kitten. He denied any kind of payment and kept the kitten instead! What a humble and kind-hearted man!

11. We need to help those in need when disaster strikes

Image Source: Reddit

People can show their true nature in a time of crisis. This happens all the time and a lot of people find out what they are made of. The real heroes are those who look after others! Such selfless acts of kindness are even greater when people are willing to do the impossible to save animals. As you can see, these women are trying to recover whatever they can from their home after the floods in the Kerala region in India. Their canine friend was obviously a top priority!

12. Even the smallest acts of generosity are important

Image Source: Reddit

We often like to say that every good deed will be rewarded in some way. Whenever you have the chance to help, you need to do it, because these good deeds are the thing that keeps the world turning! As you can see, a camper found this shivering mouse and fed if some bread. The mouse was soaking wet and probably very hungry. All it took was a bit of caring and the camper made a new friend!

13. Human kindness is contagious

Image Source: Facebook

Whenever you see someone do a good deed, you immediately feel inspired to do the same! This is how you should always act after you see someone spreading good vibes. This heartwarming photo of an inmate visiting his sick mother was possible because of the officers’ big hearts! They allowed him to visit his mum and we are sure that they felt quite emotional! Sometimes you need to step out of the professional lines of duty and just be compassionate.

14. Helping others may have a great significance in some cases

Image Source: Reddit

Doing what you can to help others is one thing, but participating in something special that means the world to them is a rare opportunity. After one person’s mother passed away, they refused to ship the remains of the deceased. This is where a relative stepped in to help. He took his time to stop and pick up some of the ashes and took them to the place where the woman was supposed to be buried. This is a really special thing to do and everyone was probably more than touched!

15. Distance is nothing when you have real friends

Image Source: Reddit

Friendship is something that time and distance cannot reshape. These circumstances are merely a test for such a relationship. As you can see, these two people really proved that even an 11,000 kilometer distance is no match to the relationship between true friends! One of them was located in the Middle East, but that did not stop him from buying the other one dinner! This is a sweet thing to do and we admire such kindness every time we see it!

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