15 Hilarious And Relatable Dad Jokes You Can Find Online

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Dad humor is a special kind: as witty as it is, you other hate it or love it, there’s no third option! Needless to say, most people love it. Some individuals assume that only other dads would laugh at these jokes but we beg to differ. To prove how clever dad jokes are, we decided to share the list and show that it is the best kind of humor out there. It’s full of the best entries on the Dad Jokes Instagram account.

1. The sarcasm

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There is nothing like a touch of sarcasm in a relationship between two people in love. As you can see, the woman in the story was able to use sarcasm when she wanted to make fun of her husband.

2. The call

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Imagine if this was a real story: it would be hilarious. In a situation like the one described in this joke, the husband would hardly have the time to fool around but we think that any doctor would laugh really hard if they hear such a reply.

3. The witty poem

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While the post says that it is not a poem, we find it more than just poetic: it is witty and funny! Just when you thought you got the first sentence, you reach the second one and you realize it was all about the clever pun in the end.

4. The puzzle

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Here is something that nobody should brag about. Of course, it is nothing but a joke but we think that there is at least one person who thought that the suitable age on a puzzle box was the time the manufacturer estimated for the puzzle assembly.

5. The newspaper pun

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Puns are always admirable, especially when they are completely unexpected. As you can see, someone decided to joke about not having toilet paper and replacing it with newspapers. It seems that one particular newspaper was not as soft as expected.

6. The bills

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Having a landlord is not always easy, as there are people who are always demanding too much. As you can see, this story suggests a problem related to high heating bills. It obviously has to do something with the constantly opened door.

7. The quaranteens

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Here is a new word that we absolutely fell in love with. Someone suggested that there will be a boom in newborn babies within nine months, implying that people were busy during the quarantine. Respectively, 12 or 13 years after they are born, they will become teens, or, should we say, quaranteens.

8. The viral joke

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It seems that the whole coronavirus craze started rather innocent but when it became a pandemic fast, people realized the seriousness of the situation. As you can see here, someone tried to be funny and they were, actually! We dig this joke!

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9. The pun

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Puns are best served unintended but we never get tired of seeing intended ones, too. This is one really fine example of how a pun looks like. The funny part is that the situation actually happens too many times in real life.

10. The border

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Here is something that you cannot argue with: the pun about Finland incorporated in this joke is amazing. While it states a certain fact, the pun added in the second sentence is too funny not to be included on this list.

11. The cons

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There are times when we need to admit that a certain joke is so good that we would never be able to come up with such clever and witty humor. The great part about this joke is that it reflects the real relationships between many spouses.

12. The riddle

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There is nothing like a cleverly designed joke that doesn’t seem to be funny at first but then you see it’s actually hilarious! This is the case here: as far as dad jokes go, this is one of the wittiest we’ve seen/

13. The glasses

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It is hard to go here and there if you are dependent on your glasses. People who need them all the time are aware of the difficulties of not wearing them. This funny post you see is the best way to explain such a moment.

14. The name

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This is one really funny joke that would make everyone laugh. Aside from the funny side of things, imagine what would it be if someone actually made that mistake! No dad could get away with making such a mistake, as the mother would be furious.

15. The job interview

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Seeing this made us chuckle, as we’ve all been in a similar situation and we wish we had the courage to reply like that! Imagine how the interviewer would react after hearing such an answer – we bet that it would be his first time.

Written by Sven Miller

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