15 Images Perfectly Defining The Phrase ‘No DNA Test Needed’

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Do you recall seeing old photos of your relatives and thinking just how much you resemble one of them? If such a thing ever happened to you, the following list would be more than relatable to you! It is full of examples of the strong resembles between relatives, even when they are generations apart! It seems that the genes we inherit from our parents are sometimes causing our appearances to match significantly. In fact, sometimes a person could turn out to be their great-grandfather’s doppelganger, for example. Every time we see such a thing makes us wonder about the miracle of life and the amazing ways nature goes by! The list below shows the amazing resemblance between different relatives! It really made us want to climb to the attic and search for old family photo albums. Going through old photos is always exciting, and discovering images you have never seen before is super awesome! It is the kind of experience that makes you feel proud of your family, and seeing the resemblance between some of them would make it even better, we guess!

1. The person who looked like his dad

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This is one really cool way for us to begin the article. As you can see, there are two photos that show two almost identical young men, and this is not a coincidence. The person on the left is the father of the other man on the right. The resemblance is uncanny and if it wasn’t for the obvious difference in the quality of the pictures, one could have guessed that these men were brothers! The young man likes the fact he looks like his biological dad but he also shared that he does not remember him which is sad.

2. The mother and her daughter

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Here is another beautiful example of how genes are inherited by children. The top image shows a young mother and her daughter. They are both gorgeous! The lower image shows the daughter all grown up, and she looks almost identical to her mother! The girl shared that many people who know both of them keep telling her that her mom looked exactly the same when she was about the same age, and we are sure the girl felt proud of that fact!

3. The siblings

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Now here is something that you have probably never seen before. Upon taking a first glance at these two images, you could easily guess that they are either twins or it is the same baby in both of them. Either way, you would be wrong without even knowing it! What you don’t know is that these babies are actual sibling, but they were born four years apart! The left one was born in 2015 and the other baby is just a few months old today.

4. The girl and her grandmother

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Sometimes some family members look exactly alike even if they are separated by a generation or two. This is probably on the perfect examples of that! One person decided to surprise her dad with the sweetest gift that probably brought him to tears! She created this collage of herself, pictured right, and the passport photo of her grandmother, dating back to 1955. The filters on the images are the same, and it is easy to see that both women’s appearances are identical!

5. The different generations

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Family moments are often priceless, and it is a good thing that we have the means to capture them! In this case, it appears that one particular family moment happened twice, and we mean that it was exactly the same! The exact spot, the chair and even the people in the photos seem to be identical! Well, the only difference is that the baby in the left photo is now the father in the right one! The chair ix the same, thought!

6. The cousins

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Now here is one example that might make you experience goosebumps! The above image shows two sisters posing, and the other one features these women’s daughters! The girls wanted to recreate the original picture and they did a great job at it! They look almost identical to their mothers, and the outfits chosen really complete their appearance! As you can see, they seem to be really proud of being able to recreate the original image.

7. The great-grandmother and the toddler

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As you can see, this is another case of the strong resemblance family members could have, even if they are separated by many decades. The left photo shows the great-grandmother of the girl on the right when she was about the same age. This is amazing to see, actually, as it is more than obvious that their faces are pretty much identical.

8. The granddaughter and her granny

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Image Source: Reddit

Here is one super awesome comparison between a grandma and her granddaughter. The girl found out that her grandma named Angie looked exactly like her when she was about the same age, so she found one nice photo of her taken in 1955 and did her best to recreate it. Well, all she had to do was pose, as they look the same! We are glad to see that the 50s style still looks just as good as it did back then!

9. The baby and her father

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Here is one really cute comparison one woman posted. She noticed the uncanny resemblance between her husband, the father of her child, and the baby. One particular image captured her attention and we can all see that the father looked exactly like his daughter when he was a baby, and the way the express their emotions seems to be identical as well, or at least so it seems!

10. The girl and her mother

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The girl on the right, pictured at 26 years of age, posted a comparison photo of her mother when she was about the same age. The mother’s photo dates back to the 70s and it is more than obvious that her beautiful daughter inherited her genes from her! It is always a pleasure to see how good looks are transferred to the next generation. In some cases people might actually mistake people for one another when looking at photos, and this is only natural.

11. The man and his grandfather

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These images are fascinating, because these men have specific looks and it would be hard to find their doppelgangers, but it is not necessary, as they are more or the same, especially when you look at the smile and the eyes! The photo of the grandfather’ younger years was taken in the early 40s and it is an awesome piece of family history. The grandson was definitely proud of his grandpa and also of the fact that he happened to be his lookalike.

12. The father and his son

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Now this is what we call a set of action-packed photos! The person who shared them is pictured as a kid on the right; he was four years old at the time. The curious part is that his son, who is also four years old today, had the same picture taken, and it is easy to see that the two of them look exactly alike, and probably have the same karate skills, too!

13. The girl and her grandma

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This is one typical comparison and people often do it. Grandparents are proud when their grandchildren look like them, but such a resemblance is not always present. In this case, it is easy to see that the girl pictured on the right looks quite like her grandmother! Both ladies are really beautiful and their faces leave a calm feeling when looking at them. The girl seems to be happy about the fact that she inherited her grandma’s good looks, and she has every right to be!

14. The boy and his grandfather

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This is one really cool comparison! It shows a young man standing next to a car and his grandfather who is pretty much standing in the same position. It is easy to see that they look almost exactly the same, and the curious thing about the photos and the people in them is that they never actually met each other. The grandson is probably sorry about that fact but is seems he feels proud that he is his spitting image! The photo of the grandfather was taken in 1990 while his grandson’s photo was taken a few months ago.

15. The mother and daughter comparison

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We love these comparison photos because they show just how much a girl can look like her own mother. The interesting part is that there is one significant difference. The girl, 25, posted the image of her mother when she was 17 and pointed out the difference between them – the girl’s nose! Apparently, she got that from her father, but she still looks really pretty!

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