15 Images Perfectly Proving That Being A Parent Ain’t No Joke

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People who are not parents probably accept parenting as child’s play. Everything is in powder pink and baby blue in their imagination. There is no doubt that having a baby is one of the greatest things that could happen to every woman and man. But it’s not an easy game to take care of a newborn baby or a toddler. And it could be difficult to live with them. Just ask their parents, relatives or older siblings! In this article we have collected fifteen of the funniest shots that show that parenting is a tough game!

1. In the kingdom of the little ones

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Every mother or father is aware of those long nights when the child does not want to sleep alone for one reason or another. Even after two fairy tales and a bunch of promises, this dad still has no choice but to sleep on the ground of his daughter’s room because her bed is too small for the grown man.

2. Sneaky tricks

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Every parent knows that they should limit the sweets and soft drinks their children consume. Many of them already encourage kids to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables instead of drinking juice and soft drinks because they include sugar and many other unhealthy ingredients. However, children still do not understand that and have their preferences, so some parents have to use tricks to limit the consummation of these drinks. Just like this mother who puts apple juice in her daughter’s Fanta.

3. When two parties are fighting, the third usually wins

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Sometimes being a silent observer of a conflict is the best position anyone can be in. This sweet little girl is too busy enjoying her juice, the sweets in the bowl and the baby movie while her brothers are too busy fighting and arguing. Who is the winner here? We guess that the girl is! Sibling feuds are part of the life of every family.

4. The ‘this is my bed’ concept no longer exists

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My bed is my fortress! We guess this is a slogan every parent would stand behind, but шгьш ся дхвщ until the child comes along and takes over! Every parent will confirm this! Parents who sleep with their children explain that they have no idea how they got to the point where their beds are constantly occupied by the kids…Now the bed is where the kid is the boss! The foot there, the hand here, your pillow is over there …We guess that the term ‘personal life’ is not even going to be a valid one anymore for all the obvious reasons. You are not going to be able to keep your child away from your bed at all.

5. I want a pet, and if you do not let me do it, I’ll bring one home right now.

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Every child dreams of a pet. Their hearts are so big that there is always a place for more animal! Even homeless ones or those from shelters are immediately being loved by every kid that sees them! Some parents are very surprised by their children who bring kittens or puppies they picked up off the street. Then the war for keeping them at home begins. But this boy makes a shocking surprise by going home, not what a small dog or cat, but with a horse. Come on, cowboy! You can do it!

6. The kid and its talents

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It is a children’s trademark to surprise their parents with some artwork on the walls at home! It is a struggle for a lot of parents to get their kids not to draw on the walls all over the house. Some of them are genius and some are really not good at all. Here, however, it is about a laptop and its appearance… We guess that the colors of the rainbow look nice and the laptop is ready and suitable for the child to use. This is a pretty good job, right?

7. “Cry me a river”

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We all know that babies cry. Some of them more than others. Parents whose babies do not cry at all are the lucky ones and all parents would like to know how that feels. What’s normal and what’s not, nobody knows. What we know is that crying babies are so hard to ignore, because your heart tears into bits hearing them, not to mention the tension on your eardrums. These parents have measured high decibels of noise from their weeping child. Good job, my boy, you will become a famous singer!

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8. Messy kids

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To keep the house neat when you have a kid could be an impossible mission for all mothers – children making messes all the times certainly are the main contributing factor for that. Further complications are parents’ standards of cleanliness. Some parents just cannot handle watching trashed rooms. But in most cases like this, there is nothing else to do except to leave the room or arrange the place every day, several times a day.

9. Here is a Nesquik lover

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To give your toddler some food is a disaster waiting to happen. Whether it is eating, drinking or splattering food on the walls, the baby explores the world in all kinds of ways, feels the different textures, colors, and flavors. We are certain that even when this child pours the cocoa, they are curious about the effect afterwards. We are curious about his mother’s reactionр too.

10. If someone has not noticed me yet, it’s time to do it

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There are many occasions when children’s behavior needs to be corrected because it may be very frustrating because some kids require extra attention. But when there are a lot of people around you and you and the family are at a wedding, it’s just a mission impossible. Children have high levels of power and energy, they become hyperactive and no one could stop them. Do you see the boy under the girl’s skirt! That’s what I’m talking about.

11. Privacy after having a baby

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Having a baby is a big event that is likely to change the kind of privacy you have. It’s a moment after which both of you are never ever alone… But at least you’re never completely alone and it’s fun to keep each other’s company. Looking at the bright side of things, it’s so cute. When the kid grows up, things definitely become more and more different.

12. Upside down

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Have you ever tried to tell a child to sit still!? It is another challenge from the everyday life of parents all over the world. Sit down, don’t touch this, get off the couch, put that down… Crayons, juice, delicious food and even fries or ice cream are not able to stop a naughty child. When they decide not to sit still it is final – they have these needs. We guess that sometimes parents are completely helpless.

13. Let’s wash that book

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Many kids put up a bit of a struggle during bathtime but for some of them, like this one, washing can be a fun and entertaining activity. The kid probably thought: Mom always washes me, cleans everything I touch. Then I will also wash her book, which she reads every night.

14. Naptime, Bedtime, Anytime

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Although many kids don’t have a problem sleeping during long car rides, they have trouble doing nothing. So the moments when children do sleep are among the most precious for their parents. Whether they are on the floor, in bed with a mouth wide open and a hanging head, this is the time for a well-deserved rest… even Santa knows it!

15. Children’s energy leads to never ending playtime

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Kids’ energy is admirable! It is the energy sportsmen and winners have. They need to have the opportunity to burn off their energy in both physical and mental way. They cannot control themselves even late at night when their parents are totally exhausted and are on the limit, dreaming of the day their kids become adults.

Written by Sven Miller

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