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15 Images Proving That We Should Not Believe Everything We See Online

Image Source: ShutterStock

You probably already know this, but you should definitely not trust everything you see on social media. The reason is simple – on the majority of cases what you see is either not reals or strongly exaggerated. The perfect moments you see and the exotic places are often false, and the magic is actually created by different techniques that skilled photographers use to create masterpieces out of ordinary setups. Editing the images is also a must and this is where a big part of the magic happens. The list below shows some examples of the actual setup and the final result.

1. This swing definitely needed a proper setup


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E tem gente q não viu essa nossa foto Ainda… Photoshop e suas possibilidades 😍🙌🏼

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The illusion of a swing hanging freely is a nice idea, but when the goal is to make it look like it is seamlessly attached somewhere high above, some assistance would be required in order for it to happen. This photographer chose the best possible perspective in order to make the swing look as natural as possible. Of course, the two helpers had to be removed from the image, and the end result is stunning!

2. You need to improvise when the sea is far away

This couple probably wanted to have the best maternity image possible and this photographer was willing to fulfill every wish they had. Even when they wanted to pose near the sea, the photographer made it happen! They probably wondered how it would turn out in the end, but we are sure they were just as stunned as we were! This professional was able to make a puddle look like an actual sea, and this is a demonstration of skills we really liked!

3. This is one way to make an interesting setup


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Seeing the end result of this effort without the actual setup would make us wonder how the effect was achieved. It seems almost impossible for this model to be suspended, but in reality the photographer decided to use a much simpler method than most people might think! As you can see, everything that was not supposed to be in the final image was removed when the time for editing came. We guess that it is when the images come alive!

4. Taking a perfect baby photo for Instagram is no easy task

Some photographers find it hard to take pictures of babies, toddlers and pets, because it requires extra skills and a lot of time and patience to get everything to be just right. As you can see, some of the tricks used in the making of this dreamy image are actually really simple! A key moment in making the image look like this was the light and the way the photographer manipulated it! This baby’s parents were probably in love with the way the image turned out in the end.

5. Now this is something we would have never thought of

Image Source: Instagram

We already mentioned that you should not believe everything you, and this image shows one of the reasons why! This girl is not even close to a window; in fact, she is in a convenient store pretending to be looking out through the blinds. All she needed to do was to pose in the right way, and the rest was up to the photographer’s skills. He did an amazing job and really created the illusion that the girl was looking out of an actual window.

6. The things people do for social media

Image Source: Instagram

We all know that people are willing to do all kinds of things for the sake of getting as much likes as possible. This is not something we approve but it does not matter, since most people are obsessed with it. As you can see, this person decided to upload a photo which was supposed to show her late night trips to the fridge. Of course, a simple selfie would never do, so a lot of preparations were taken and she even had a helper!

7. Here is the kind of assistance some people need

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes getting the perfect photo is harder than anyone could think! This is especially true when it comes to the image you see here. If you see a photo of a smiling young man and some flowers behind him, you would have never guessed that it took quite a lot of effort to be taken. As you can see, two of this person’s friends had to help him. They suspended him over the flowers and this is how the image was taken in a way which resembles a sefie.

8. Here is a proof that an amazing image can be taken outside your house

Image Source: Instagram

Professional photographers are not only people who possess a certain skillset and a lot of expensive equipment. The most valuable quality they have is the outlook. They can see an amazing opportunity for a quality picture in places where normal people simply couldn’t. This stunning image was taken right next to the sidewalk of a busy street and the perspective of the photographer turned an ordinary location into a dreamland! The editing done to it was really nice, too!

9. This is a really nice perspective

These images are the perfect way to describe just how much perspective matters! This photographer was able to use a tiny canal and turned it into epic scenery! The photo turned out to be really good and despite the fact we can actually see that it is not a big river. We are sure that this couple loved their picture and admitted how talented the person behind the camera was!

10. Here is how a tiny studio is enough when you know what you are doing

Image Source: Flickr

People who have never been to a professional photographer’s studio before probably have a really different idea about how it is actually like inside one. Most of them probably imagine something lavish or high-tech. in reality, it most often is not even close! Sure enough, it features some tech gadgets, but it does not to be spacious and luxurious. As you can see, it did not take much for the setup of this baby photo to be made, but the end result is perfect!

11. This is a perfect example of the times when skills matter the most

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes an image turns out to be amazing simply because the person behind the camera has mad skills! You can have the best and most expensive equipment and the best setup, but the skills are what make the magic happen every time! We are more than convinced that nobody would have guessed how this image was taken. There is no way you can tell it was made inside an ordinary room and it only took a couple of destroyed pillows to make the cloud effect.

12. The convenient store can apparently be used as a set

Image Source: Instagram

As we already mentioned, good photographers can turn any ordinary object or scenery into something extraordinary and these images prove it. This beautiful model is standing in front of a stand in a convenient store, but the color palette in the back was everything they needed. As you can see, the way the photographer did to the image turned it into something that feels like a scene from a fairytale!

13. Even a Taco Bell sign is enough to serve as a set

Image Source: Instagram

This one is particularly cool because all it took was literally for a pretty girl to pose in front of a Taco Bell sign, and the rest is the result of the work of someone very good at their job. The image on the left looks nothing short of professional, and nobody could guess where or how it was actually taken! We believe that the person behind the camera here is truly talented!

14. This is an amazing illusion

Image Source: Instagram

If you want to share that you have been to an exotic place, all you actually need is to stand in front of a giant LED TV and pose for a professional photographer! As you can see, it was all that it took for an ordinary image in the middle of the store to be turned into something beautiful! The girl looks like she is standing in front of a huge aquarium and it looks so realistic that we would have never guessed how the image was taken in the first place.

15. A flower stand is more than enough for an improvised set

Image Source: Instagram

Here is a photo that every girl on Instagram would like to have. Most wannabe-models on social media are probably aware of the fact that it does not take much for such an image to be created. All it takes is a camera and a skilled person behind it. The perspective and the editing done to image turn it from ordinary to extraordinary and this is why you should not believe everything you see on social media, because chances are that most of the images that look lavish or exotic are nothing but ordinary.

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