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15 Images Showing Design Flaws That Should Have Never Been Allowed

Image Source: Reddit

Designers are just human beings and despite their professional level or years of experience, they could still allow mistakes to happen. The design of a product includes the selection of materials and colors, too, not just the shape and functionality. Needless to say, the end-users are those who get to deal with the consequences of a flawed design and the images below show how much of a burden that might be.

1. The fading ink

Image Source: Reddit

This image is rather funny because it shows how a product can be flawed by design. The materials used to make these measuring cups and spoons are not good enough. The ink washes off and you can’t tell what the amount of the cup or spoon is.

2. The teapot lid

Image Source: Reddit

Having a cup of tea is really nice, especially if you are resting at home after a long day. But making it could be hard if your teapot is not the best one on the market. The one pictured here might be the worst one, as the handle of its lid melted off when it got hot.

3. The fire extinguisher

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some designers try to be creative even when they don’t have to. The idea behind this setup was rather interesting but you can see that nobody would realize the fire extinguisher was real. In case you need it fast, you would keep looking and that is a no-no.

4. The soap dispenser

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing like buying a product for the right price and enjoying its qualities. In this case, the soap dispenser was not designed to reach the bottom, meaning that the rest of the soap cannot be used. This might be an insignificant thing but we don’t like it when it happens.

5. The map

Image Source: Reddit

We have always thought that maps are made according to some rules and standards but we guess we might be wrong about this. As you can see, the land on this map is in blue, which is usually used to indicate water. It looks rather confusing.

6. The step

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it is not actually a step, because it does not elevate you but you can easily trip on it. We are not sure why the people who build this path decided to include such a feature but you can see that it is out of place.

7. The sink

Image Source: Reddit

They say that you must measure everything twice before leaping into action but some people have yet to learn that lesson. In this case, someone installed this sink and failed to measure the exact position of the faucets. The end result is a disaster.

8. The bench

Image Source: Reddit

Chairs and benches are supposed to be comfortable and functional but we believe that some designers are willing to sacrifice the functionality for the sake of the form. This bench can really make your back hurt!

9. The egg holder

Image Source: Reddit

We buy eggs every day and we know that they most often come in packs of 6 or 10 pieces. This is something everyone knows but the designer of this fridge probably neglected that information. The egg holder in the fridge can take only 8 eggs.

10. The lightbulb

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some problems are simple to solve and this is one of them. The reason why nobody moved this light is beyond us: the person who posted the image said it has been broken too many times but it is still there.

11. The fire hydrant

Image Source: Reddit

The importance of fire hydrants is out of the question: these clever devices could save lives and this is why they must be strategically placed and easy to use. In this case, the people responsible for its positioning did a sloppy job.

12. The ramp

Image Source: Reddit

Wheelchair ramps are very important. Disabled people and parents with baby strollers are often forced to find alternative routes when there are no ramps. In this case, the ramps are dangerous to use because they are steep and they lead directly to the street.

13. The basketball field

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people really need to put in all their effort into making a project before they even start thinking about making it a reality. Whoever designed this field had no obvious reason to shape that top right corner like this.

14. The basement

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those weird moments when we wonder what were the builders thinking when they constructed the premises. This person is shorter than six feet and he is still struggling to enter that basement.

15. The pool

Image Source: Reddit

This pool is not dirty but sure appears as if it was. The reason is simple: a design flaw! The designer decided to use yellow plastic for the bottom part and the end result is nothing but a disaster.

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