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15 Images That Absolutely Prove People Are Confusing And Also Get Confused

Image Source: Imgur / IsThatWhatYouWanted

People get confused from time to time. There is absolutely no shame in admitting that. People do weird things, and weird things happen to people once in a while.

In this article, you will see fifteen images that were either taken by a confused person—or will leave you a bit confused.

1. The Cute Dog That Is Not Actually a Dog

Image Source: The Chive

You really can’t really blame the person who, from a distance, thought this was a dog. Not everybody has perfect vision, after all. Maybe the person really does need glasses. There is no shame in that.

It also is not perfectly clear why this particular bag was placed at the end of a driveway. It is just sort of sitting there. Many of us, even if we have great vision, would have probably assumed it was a dog. From a distance, it actually does look like a cute dog.

2. The Condom Earrings

Fashion—and that includes jewelry—is sort of a subjective thing. A lot of people like to make statements with their clothing and their jewelry, and this person is definitely doing just that. I am not sure what the statement is, but it is definitely a statement. Is this person trying to promote safe sex with her jewelry choice? If so, that is sort of noble. Regardless, she is definitely getting attention—that’s for sure.

Wearing condoms as earrings, though, is not a great way to keep them accessible in case you might need one. For one thing, you are poking holes in them, which effectively renders them totally useless. Condoms need to be intact if they are going to do any good at all, which is why they should not be stored in wallets for any length of time.

When properly stored and used, however, condoms are a pretty effective method of pregnancy prevention. They are also very effective in regard to preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections. It is worth noting, however, that disease transmission is technically possible even if a condom is used.

Condoms, believe it or not, have actually been used since the 16th century. Actually, it is possible that they were used by ancient civilizations, although that can’t be conclusively proven.

Condoms made from rubber first became available in the 19th century. Latex condoms were introduced in the 1920s. Literally billions of condoms are sold every year, which is probably a good thing. People need to be safe when engaging in intimate relations.

The clothing worn by the woman is actually weirder than the condom earrings. That is not a great look on anyone.

3. The Car That Wants to Be Stolen

Image Source: The Chive

Generally, you do not want someone to steal your car. Vehicles are not cheap, after all, and dealing with insurance companies after a theft can be a real pain.

However, there are reasons one might want his or her car to be stolen. If the car is particularly terrible and you need money, a payout from an insurance company could be a great thing. Disposing of a car you no longer need is also a major hassle.

Asking some random person to steal your car using a sign, though, is a truly terrible plan. If a law enforcement officer notices the sign, you will likely get in a bit of trouble. Also, no intelligent criminal would steal a car with a sign like the one in the image.

Motor vehicle theft is a major problem in the United States. Billions of dollars are lost every year. In 2016, over 700,000 vehicles were stolen.

4. The Goth Makeovers

Image Source: Reddit

Many reputable salons offer “Mommy and Me” makeovers; that is just good business sense.
This particular offering is a strange one, though. Most women who have children who are interested in looking “goth” probably have no interest in looking “goth” themselves. It can definitely be an okay look on women in their 30’s and 40’s, but the market for this whole thing seems small and therefore not worth a salon’s time.

On Mother’s Day, most women want to go out to brunch and get some flowers. They do not want what is being offered here. Granted, a lot of women will do almost anything to spend time with their daughters, but this just seems like a bit much for even the most devoted mother out there.

5. The Grandfather Who Ate the Gerbil Food

Image Source: Reddit

This image is sort of funny, but it is also sort of sad. If your grandfather is eating food intended for a gerbil, you should probably be concerned. You should also probably suggest he consults a medical professional.

Gerbils are a common household pet, although it is illegal to keep them in certain places. For example, you are not allowed to keep one as a pet in the state of California. They have been kept as pets since the 1960’s. They are popular because they are not aggressive and are easy to handle. They do not typically smell bad and are considered very clean animals. They are sociable creatures who generally enjoy the company of humans.

6. The Guy in Hawaii

Image Source: Reddit

Things have not been so great in Hawaii over the last few weeks, and that is a true shame. There have been several volcanic eruptions and lava is flowing. If you had plans to visit the state, you should probably cancel them. Volcano eruptions tend to create havoc. People are being forced to evacuate their homes. Structures have been destroyed.

This image clearly demonstrates how bad things are getting there. The guy in the image is really sort of brave for standing where he is. Why he is doing so is sort of confusing, though. He seems to be putting his life at risk. What point is being made?

7. The Person Who Ate the “Pill”

Image Source: Instagram

Whoever ate the “pill” probably shouldn’t be at a restaurant. That person probably shouldn’t be allowed to walk around in public. This image is funny, but it is also very sad. If you are eating towels, you have a problem.

8. The Brother Who Drank the “Coffee”

Image Source: Twitter

In this image, a person’s brother consumed beauty blender. The brother apparently thought the “beverage” was coffee.

test ad

How this happens is beyond me. How bad does the coffee he usually drinks taste? Certain brands of coffee are better than others, true, but this is unacceptable. You should know when you are drinking coffee.

I bet his sibling made fun of him for days. The image is definitely very funny.
Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and it has been consumed for at least 500 years. It was first consumed in Yemen. From there, coffee spread to Europe and then the rest of the world.

Nowadays, Brazil grows more coffee than any other country. Indonesia and Vietnam also export a lot of coffee.

There is actually a correlation between drinking coffee and a lower risk of death, although the reasons for the correlation are not particularly clear. However, coffee may reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes.

9. The Mom Who Wanted Attention

Image Source: Reddit

This is another one of those images that is kind of hilarious, but also really sad.

Obviously, the father in this case should have been giving the mother attention. The lengths to which she went in order to get attention is depressing, though. Nobody should have to go to that much trouble in order to get attention. Also, her actions probably scared everyone in the house and possibly the neighbors, so that isn’t funny.

Hopefully, though, the father got the hint and is paying more attention to the mother. They might have gotten a divorce, though, because setting off a smoke alarm is kind of a nasty thing to do.

10. The Guy In the Jeans

Image Source: Reddit

Lately, there have been a lot of pictures circulating of people wearing jeans that barely exist. They are kind of like jean shorts, but they’re not. There’s really no good reason to buy a product like the one in the image. Distressed jeans are fine; this pair of “jeans” takes distressed to a whole new level. Why this is a trend really can’t be explained.

The most disturbing bit about this particular image is the particular guy wearing the “jeans”. If you are going to wear jeans like this, you probably should not have a massive gut. It just isn’t a good look for him. It isn’t really a good look for anyone, but it definitely isn’t a good look on him. He might have bought them as a joke, but that still doesn’t make what he is doing okay.

11. The Rat Underwear

Image Source: Reddit

While we are on the topic of products that no one should spend their hard-earned money on, there is this pair of underwear. Who would buy this product? What thoughts go through the head of a person that would? Why did so many people like this image?

I understand that there are billions of people on this planet and personal tastes vary, but businesses tend to produce products that appeal to a wide market. Otherwise, they won’t make a profit. Is there a big market for underwear of this sort? Taxidermy is sort of a weird hobby. Combining it with underwear borders on insanity. Where is this product being purchased? I do not want to go to that place. In fact, I want to actively avoid it.

12. The Broken Video Game

Image Source: Reddit

This image is truly depressing. Can you imagine spending your hard-earned money to rent a great new video game, only to end up with that? What exactly happened to that game, anyway? Was it inserted into an angry video game console?

The game appears to be from the “Far Cry” series. The first “Far Cry” game came out in 2004, and the most recent one was released in March of this year. They have all been successful commercially and well received by both critics and players.

The most recent game, “Far Cry 5”, is set in the state of Montana. During the first week of sales, it grossed over $300 million. Needless to say, it sold very well and continues to do so.

13. The Magic 8-Ball

Image Source: The Chive

If a Magic 8-Ball tells you that your future is a sandwich, things are definitely looking down. You’re not alone, though. Some people are destined to get married to the loves of their lives and make adorable babies; other people are destined to eat a lot of food while they slowly develop diabetes and their organs fail one by one. That’s just how life works. Life can be beautiful, but it can also be just plain awful.

Magic 8-Balls are neat toys, though. They have been commercially available since the 1950s and are manufactured by Mattel.

14. The Beans

Image Source: Twitter

This is definitely a pretty funny image. Whoever made this particular image is definitely pretty clever.
Bath bombs are definitely very popular these days, but there are possible health concerns. In certain cases, they can cause skin irritation due to the dyes and the fragrances.

15. The Aunt With the Computer

Image Source: Instagram

In this image, a woman travelled to Europe and showed her relatives pictures of her trip in an unusual and sort of unconventional fashion. I do not see what the big deal is, though. Actually, I think it is sort of clever and efficient. Two hours isn’t really that long to spend looking at trips of a photo, either.

The person that posted this should just be glad that he has a relative that actually wants to spend time with him. Not everybody has that. He should also be nice to his aunt—if she can afford a trip to Europe, she probably has money. If that is the case, he will definitely want to be mentioned in her will.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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