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15 Images That Might Just Freak Every Part Of You

Image Source: Reddit

People like to be freaked out, and they also like to be scared. There are thousands of films out there designed to scare you, after all. The horror genre is incredibly popular. Some of the highest-grossing films of all time were designed to scare you.

Also, if you spend too much time on the internet, it is likely that you will get freaked out. There is a lot of weird and scary stuff on the internet.

Here are sixteen images that might just freak you out a little bit.

1. The Jewelry Made From Hair

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently, a hundred years ago or so, it was sort of normal to make jewelry out of human hair. Fortunately, those days are behind us, but the jewelry remains for some reason.

The jewelry does look kind of nice, honestly; if I didn’t know it was made from human hair, I wouldn’t be creeped out. Unfortunately, I do know it is made from human hair, so I am creeped out.

Human hair is really expensive—for good reason. The jewelry in this image probably costs a small fortune.

Also, if your partner legitimately wants jewelry made from human hair, you should probably consider finding a different significant other. I don’t think that desire is normal in this day and age.

2. The Footprints

Image Source: Reddit

Why are those footprints there? What was going on, exactly, that led to those footprints being there? Was there a ghost in the building at some point?

It might be some sort of joke or a prank, but I would not take that risk. I would immediately leave that room.

Ghosts are scary, and no one really wants to interact with one.

This image is definitely very creepy.

3. The Weird Alien Thing

Image Source: Reddit

I do not know what the deal is with the alien-looking thing. Why is it there? What is it doing, and why is it staring at the kissing couple? How is it that the couple has not noticed the weird alien thing?

I certainly understand being consumed by passion, of course, but it is kind of hard to ignore aliens or things that sort of look like aliens. Such creatures tend to attract one’s gaze. Are they kissing in front of the alien in order to prove some sort of point? If so, what is that point?

Weirdly enough, the fact that this picture is in black and white just makes this image a whole lot creepier. If it were in color, it probably would not be so scary.

The couple definitely seems in love, though, which is sweet.

4. The Strange Wig

Image Source: Reddit

This wig was apparently available at an estate sale. You can find neat stuff at estate sales, but there is a really good chance you will get creeped out if you go to one. People sell strange stuff, and they also tend to accumulate bizarre things over the course of their lifetimes.

I would not be surprised if this wig were made from human hair. It definitely looks like it is. Also, what is up with the face on this thing? That is the scariest bit about this particular image.

This wig is apparently selling for 15 dollars, which is not a bad deal if it is made from genuine human hair, but what would anyone do with it? The hairstyle is not particularly stylish, after all.

5. The Reflection in the Glasses

Image Source: Reddit

While this picture is actually pretty neat to look at, it is also very creepy. What exactly is this young woman looking at?

Also, the look on her face is sort of creepy. She appears sort of angry, and I am not sure why.

The glasses are kind of nice, though; they are definitely a bit unusual, as well as sort of stylish. Her earrings are also pretty cool.

6. The Guy in the Hat

Image Source: Reddit

According to a social media user who goes by “snazzymustache”, no one actually remembers why the guy in the hat was at the 40th anniversary party. No one remembers who he was or why he looked like an ape.

You would think that person would be remembered, as people who look like monkeys are generally pretty memorable, but you would apparently be very wrong.

Really, there is a lot about this image that is creepy. The hairstyles, for one, are dreadful. The fashion choices are not much better. That one dress is positively awful. What was she thinking?

Everyone appears to be having a good time, though, so it seems as if the party went well enough.

While the ape thing is creepy, the 40th anniversary thing is extremely sweet. How many couples these days last so long? Not many do, unfortunately.

7. The Babies in the Shoe

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea what is going on in this particular image. There is a shoe, and there are tiny little baby dolls in the shoe. Those dolls appear to be made out of plastic.

It also appears as if this photo was actually taken in a shoe store, which makes the whole situation a lot creepier. Apparently, there is a market for shoes that contain tiny plastic babies, and I have no idea why. Are there a lot more creepy people out there than I one thought?

Weirdly enough, with the exception of the tiny little dolls, the shoes look to be pretty nice. You could easily wear them to work or a job interview.

You really have to wonder about the designer of this shoe, don’t you? I do not want to meet that person.

8. The Antique Wheelchair

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea when this particular wheelchair was made, but it definitely looks pretty creepy. It also doesn’t look very comfortable, does it?

test ad

Why would anyone buy an antique wheelchair, anyway? Nobody would want to use the thing. The modern versions are probably a lot better.

Believe it or not, wheelchairs have existed in some capacity for hundreds of years. It is possible that they date back to the 6th century BCE. However, wheelchairs as we know them today probably date back to the late 16th century or so.

In the United States, well over 3 million people regularly use a wheelchair. Also, the wheelchair business is worth over $6 billion, which means you might want to consider investing in it.

9. The Strange Scene in the Woods

Image Source: Reddit

I seriously have no idea at all what is happening in this image. There is a mannequin-like thing in some sort of chair, and it is staring at a table, but I have no idea why. I don’t know what is going on with its hair, and the clothing choice is bizarre. Why is it so fixated on that table?

Why would anyone set up such a scene? I am guessing that someone intentionally wanted to creep out those who might stumble upon this scene.

If I were to ever come across a scene like this, I would run away. I would run away quickly.

10. Mr. Burns In Real Life

Image Source: Reddit

A makeup artist named Nelson Cooper made a real-life, live-action version of Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons”, and his creation is truly terrifying. It was apparently made for a horror convention, which definitely explains the image.

Mr. Burns is currently voiced by Harry Shearer; Mr. Burns is the boss of Homer Simpson. Burns is the richest person in the fictional town of Springfield. He owns the town’s power plant, and he is one of the more popular characters on “The Simpsons”.

The character of Mr. Burns has existed since 1989, and he is considered one of the greatest villains of all time.

The character is based on several real-life people, including John D. Rockefeller.

11. The Dummy from the 1920s

Image Source: Reddit

The ventriloquist dummy in this image is apparently named Jimmy, which seems like a good enough name for a ventriloquist dummy that is almost a century old.

There are a few things that are creepy about this image. For one, ventriloquist dummies are generally a bit creepy.

In general, dolls tend to be creepy. There’s a reason why “Child’s Play” is one of the more successful horror movies of all time. The original movie came out in 1988 and they are still making sequels; in fact, there is talk of making a television series about the killer doll.

Why can’t Jimmy’s owner take him to the new home? It does not look like Jimmy would take up very much space, after all. Also, why are his eyes so freakishly large? He looks like an alien, not a person.

It is nice, I suppose, that Jimmy’s owner wants a person to take care of him, but I can’t imagine anyone would spend over $100 on Jimmy. He is the sort of thing people give away for free. Really, Jimmy’s owner should be paying someone to take him off their hands.

12. The Person With the Hair

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea what is going on with this hairstyle. Why would you get your hair styled in such a fashion? It is definitely a bit creepy.

The funny thing, though, is that you just know someone paid a lot of money to have their hair look like that.

People will pay a lot of money in order to stand out from the crowd, after all, even if the look is not that great.

13. The Girl and the Snake

Image Source: Reddit

This is not that creepy, as a lot of people have pet snakes. I am sort of worried for the young woman’s safety, however. That snake is definitely wrapped pretty well around her neck.

The fact of the matter is that snakes actually make pretty good pets. They are pretty low maintenance, and they do not require a lot of space. They don’t have to be fed regularly, and they can live for decades.

14. The Table With the Stuff

Image Source: Reddit

What is the point of this table? Who is selling this stuff? The baby shower joke is funny, kind of, but it is also a bit disturbing.

I am not sure what the most disturbing thing on the table is. The weird skulls are definitely creepy. What’s with the turtles that have baby heads, though? Nobody wants to see that. I also don’t want to see a fish with a baby head.

Everything about this table is creepy and wrong.

15. The Hand In the Water

Image Source: Reddit

This image seems like it could be the final shot of a horror movie. A hand is reaching out from the water, hoping to claim one last victim. It is definitely a creepy-looking image.

It isn’t a hand, though, and the image is not from a horror movie. Apparently, the “hand” in this image is just a glove.

Still, the whole thing is vaguely unsettling. You kind of have to wonder how the glove got there.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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