15 Images That Will Definitely Require 2nd and 3rd Look

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If you are one of those people who spends a lot of time on the internet, you see a lot of images, and most of them you just sort of look at once. You barely look at them at all, honestly. I can’t even imagine how many images are actually available for public consumption on the internet. I am assuming the number is in the billions.

There are those images that you want to look at more than once, though, because they are just so cool or interesting. Here are fifteen examples of images that you will want to look at twice.

1. The Card and the Web

Image Source: Reddit

If you look closely, you will realize that the card is for someone who deals with pests. The card is also caught up in a spider’s web, which is a thing that most of us really do not want to touch.

People are afraid of spiders. Really, the fear is sort of irrational, as most of them pose no real threat to humans. They only really bite when they feel threatened. Even if you do end up with a spider bite, chances are the bite will be insignificant. You will be fine. Of course, if you end up getting a bite from a widow spider, you may be in trouble. You could end up with muscle pain and spasms, as well as tachycardia and abdominal cramps. Over 2,000 people in the United States are bitten by a widow spider each year. Fortunately, the bites are rarely fatal.

It is worth noting that only bites from the female spiders are actually dangerous.

Anyway, I doubt this particular pest guy got hired.

2. The Spoon and the Superhero

Image Source: Reddit

This is another one of those images you might have looked at once for about a second and then promptly forgot.

However, if you squint and stare at it for a few seconds, you will see what a lot of us see. Batman, in all of his glory, is on the spoon! The person holding the spoon must be very proud.

Batman, of course, is one of the more famous superheroes ever. He has been defending the streets of Gotham City since 1939. There have been several television shows, movies, and video games made about the character. One of the worst movies about Batman was the movie called “Batman & Robin”. Actually, it is probably the worst. It is actually considered one of the worst movies of all time.

Strangely enough, though, it starred George Clooney, who was already a superstar at that point. It also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, who would go on to become a governor of California. Alicia Silverstone, who most people know from “Clueless”, played the character of Batgirl.

It is hard to say what made the movie so terrible. There was definitely an attempt to make the movie family friendly, which isn’t a bad thing per se, but the producers might have gone a bit too far.

The Batman television series from the 1960s was also pretty family friendly and campy, but it definitely did not take itself too seriously.

3. The Apple On the Apple

Image Source: Reddit

If you take a good look, there is an apple on this apple. It also sort of looks like a strawberry to me, but that is not nearly as cool. It kind of looks like a cherry, too.

Whatever the case may be, I am guessing the apple was delicious.

Apples have a long history, as I am sure most of you know. It is entirely possible that the apple tree was the first to ever be cultivated. If that is the case, it might have happened in Turkey. There is no real way of knowing, though.

It is possible—although it has not been proven—that apples might reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. In general, they are pretty good for you. I am no medical professional, but one should probably consider eating an apple every day.

4. The Thing That Looks Life Coffee

Image Source: Imgur

If you are a coffee lover, this probably looks pretty darn delicious. You might be thinking of having a cup of coffee right now.

Unfortunately, however, this is a candle. You would not want to drink this. It would be very difficult to drink this, in fact. I have no idea how the candle ended up looking like that.

Medical experts seem to go back and forth in regard to exactly how healthy coffee is for a person. For example, there have been studies that suggested drinking coffee actually contributes to a longer life. However, the quality of those studies has been questioned. It seems as if coffee is beneficial in regard to Parkinson’s and depression; however, those studies are also probably pretty questionable.

There have been studies linking coffee to cancer and hypertension, but those too are pretty questionable. Everybody dies eventually, and coffee obviously isn’t terrible for you, so you should definitely drink it if you enjoy it.

5. The Dog and the Poop

Image Source: Reddit

If the dog that did this could do so consistently, he or she would probably get famous. This mess of dog poop definitely looks like a dog. I am sure that the owner—presumably the one that took the picture—was suitably impressed.

I also hope he or she cleaned up after the dog, as there are few things in life worse than stepping in dog poop.
Also, in many places, it is illegal to not pick up dog poop. One could be fined a pretty large amount of money. In certain places, not picking up after your dog can cost up to $750. That seems like a lot, true, but you have to think about all of the ruined shoes. Sometimes, you just can’t get rid of the smell.

6. The Foot And the Shadow

Image Source: Reddit

If you take a really close look at this particular image, you will see what appears to be a little guy climbing a mountain. Shadows can be a lot of fun.

Naturally, when you think of mountains, you might think of Mount Everest, which is over 8.800 meters high. A lot of people try to climb it. Almost 100 years ago, British mountaineers were among the first to try to reach the summit.

Several hundreds of people have died trying to do so in the years that have followed, and many of their bodies have
remained on the mountain.

7. The Bottle Shower

Image Source: Reddit

Frankly, I did not even know such a product existed. A bottle shower actually exists? I suppose I am one of those lucky people who has always had access to running water.

Anyway, the product is a fascinating one. We are truly living in advanced times, and I can see why such a thing might be necessary from time to time.

I can also see that, for whatever reason, the shower lasts a bit longer if you read French. When a shower lasts only two minutes, an extra thirty seconds means a lot.

8. The Smoothie and the Blender

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

It takes a minute to register, but when you really spend a little bit of time looking at this image you end up recognizing that the smoothie in this blender is almost exactly the color of the blender. It is hard to say whether or not that was done on purpose. It seems likely, but there is no way of knowing for sure.

This is a nice blender. It is a Vitamix blender, and the company that makes it has been around since 1921. Over 1000 people work for the company, and it is currently headquartered in Ohio.

I do not know what it is in that smoothie, but it definitely looks delicious.

9. The Glass That Is Not Made of Glass

Image Source: Reddit

At first, there does not appear to be anything interesting about this image. If you did not look at it for a minute, you would probably ignore it and never look at it again.

However, when you take the time to really look at it, you’ll realize that the drinking container in this picture is not made of glass. It is made of metal. It is not see-through at all.

10. The Pictures of the Building

Image Source: Reddit

The pictures of this building were taken years apart, and it is sort of neat to look at the two. They were taken from identical angles, obviously, and it is fun to try to notice the changes.

Obviously, the paint has faded quite a bit in the second picture. The roof needs a bit of work. The wall also seems to need a bit of work. Everything in the second image just looks sort of drab. Part of that might be because the two pictures seem to have been taken at different times of the year. There is a lot more green in the first image.

There are a lot of differences between the two images. It would take you a long time to be able to point out all of them.

11. The Twin Cars

Image Source: Reddit

It is always kind of weird when you see a car that looks almost exactly like yours. It shouldn’t be, as there are only so many styles and colors of cars available.

If you have a style of car that is pretty popular and you do not pay a lot of attention to where you park, you have probably tried to open a car that is not yours when parked in a large, busy parking lot.

In this case, the parking lot is not busy, but the cars are identical. You really could not tell them apart. There is the sticker on the one, and it also appears to be a bit dirtier, but that is about it.

12. The Spiderweb

Image Source: Reddit

People are irrationally afraid of spiders, but they’re also pretty neat creatures. That is why, back in the early 1960s, a certain comic book superhero named “Spider-Man” was created, and he has been entertaining people ever since. He is considered one of the more popular superheroes out there, and there have been several films made about the character.

One of the more popular and better received Spider-Man films was “Spider-Man 2”, which came out in 2004. It starred actor Tobey Maguire and actress Kirsten Dunst. It won an Academy Award and is considered one of the best superhero films of all time. Pretty much every critic who saw the movie loved it. Because it did so well, a sequel to the film was released in 2007.

13. The Tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

You really have to respect this person in a weird sort of way, don’t you? If you spend a decent amount of time on the internet, you have seen a bunch of really terrible tattoos. A lot of them have grammar errors. A lot of them don’t even make a lot of sense.

I don’t really understand the trend—I am not sure why anyone gets tattoos on their fingers—but I think it is here to stay.

14. The Car Accident and the Statue

Image Source: Reddit

Car accidents are almost always a bad thing. They are one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Over a million people die every single year as a result of motor vehicle accidents, and tens of millions are injured.

Lately, one of the leading causes of vehicle collisions is the driver of the vehicle being distracted by a mobile device—like a phone. People really should not text and drive. It is a bad idea.

15. The Pan and the Lid

Image Source: Reddit

This is a strange pan with a strange lid. You can only see the name of the company when it is reflected, it seems, which is an unusual choice.

Scanpan is a great brand, though. It is sold by a lot of great companies, and the reviews are generally very positive. The product appears sort of curious in this particular picture, but you probably can’t go wrong.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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