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15 Images That Will Make You Look More Than Twice

Image Source: Reddit

When it comes to browsing for funny or interesting images, you must expect literally everything. Sometimes you are surprised to see a certain thing, or you have no idea what you’re looking at. In some cases you literally fail to believe that what you see is actually real. However, it is still nice to see such puzzling pictures, because they make you think! This is quite important, actually, and it is a way to combine thinking and having fun.

We have selected a variety of images that will definitely make the cogs in your head turn. All the images are amusing as well, so you are about to spend some quality time!

1. This extraordinary flower looks unreal

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those images that will definitely make you question what you see. The mesmerizing colors and the glitter effect look almost too good to be true. One possible explanation would be that the image was altered. However, we believe that it is a genuine one. Of course, we cannot be sure about that, but this is our opinion. Some plants have unique features and this may be the case here. Even if it is a fake picture, we still had our eyes full of the beauty in it!

2. The label is technically correct

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen this happen before, and it is definitely an outrage! Can you imagine the nerve these people must have to produce this! This is absolutely deceiving and should not be allowed to happen. However, we believe there is nothing that can be done about it. As you can see, there is a thin slice of cheese inside the fake burger. This is probably enough to justify the label on the wrapper. We hope that there was some kind of a malfunction on the production line and this was an isolated case.

3. Would you enter this property if you knew you were not supposed to?

Image Source: Reddit

This awkward photo shows something rather curious. As you can see, there is an iron gate mounted in front of this building. However, a second look at the photo will probably be needed to verify that there is no fence around the gate! Your first thought would probably be that the whole setup looks pointless. It might seem so, but we do not know the story behind it. The fence may already be on its place, who knows? The bottom line is that the photo looks more than funny.

4. Take closer look of that reflection

Image Source: Reddit

When you see the peculiar little detail that this photo hides, you will probably be stunned. How could a house possibly have haunted air vents? It is impossible, and this is definitely not the case here. It is only an accidental mirror trick. The two sides of the vent were tilted in the opposite directions, creating the curious effect you see here. We knew that almost immediately, but it was still a bit creepy to see that reflection.

5. Here is another definition of a ‘green vehicle’

Image Source: Reddit

If someone says to you that they bought a ‘green car’, you would assume that it was electric. This is perfectly normal. However, we guess that there is more than one way to own a vehicle that is eco-friendly, or at least appears to be. What you’re looking at here is probably a bit controversial! It is a vintage Russian car that someone wrapped in artificial grass. It was clearly transformed to be used as decorations, and it definitely draws attention!

6. This is not the correct way to create a brand

Image Source: Reddit

We probably don’t need to explain this one, but we will anyway. As you can see, this pizza shop decided to rip off Pizza Hut’s logo. However, they did tweak it a bit, but the association is more than clear! We bet that a lot of people would even be fooled that it was Pizza Hut! Some people need to understand that replicating something famous is not the right thing to do.

7. They should have probably measured it before pointing this out

Image Source: Reddit

This is actually pretty funny! It got us guessing why they did it in the first place. The least possible option is that they did it just for laughs. We guess that there might be some legal reasons for that specific information to be put on the box. However, it is meaningless in this case, because the plastic toy figure inside is actually the exact same size as suggested on the box! We wonder if the manufacturer actually thought about this and made such a comparison. We guess they didn’t, because the note about the toy’s size on the box would be different.

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8. This is too good to be true

Image Source: Twitter

We often get to see some major design fails. Sometimes they are ridiculous, inappropriate or just really, really bad! However, in other cases they were more or less accidental. Take this travel charger, for example. When we saw the caption, we could not believe it! Looking at the photo made us realize why the woman was confused. Nobody in their right mind would name a product like that. As it turned out, the explanation was more than simple. She was only reading the logo upside down!

9. We want to try this sauce so bad

Image Source: Imgur

Have you ever seen something that you immediately want to try or have, despite not knowing what it was exactly? Well, this is how we felt when we saw this product! It is definitely a crazy idea, and that is probably what made us want to try it. When you think about it, you often mix two or three types of sauces depending on what you eat. Someone obviously thought about that and decided to mix them all! However, we guess that developing this product must have been hard. Imagine having to determine the right proportion of all sixteen sauces in order to achieve the best taste! There was a lot of testing involved for sure.

10. Here is one curious photo

Image Source: eBaum’s world

There is definitely more to this photo than meets the eye. First, are not even going to focus on the fact that this enormous snake was able to catch a fish like that. It is probably normal, although we haven’t seen such a thing before. What is more intriguing is the fact that the tree branch has a curious shape. It looks like another snake is trying to bite the first one! This optical illusion is probably the first thing most people would notice.

11. This is a very unfortunate way to break your phone

Image Source: eBaum’s world

As much as we tried, we could not figure out how this happened! It is definitely the weirdest way to break a phone. The device was literally crushed by the bicycle chain. It seems that the bike has some substantial damage to it as well. Someone had a really bad day for sure! However, we guess that these things must not make us sad or angry. We are sure that this person repaired their bike and bought a better phone after this accident.

12. Is this a hint that aliens exist?

Image Source: Imgur

There are two kinds of people in this world. Some support the random UFO theories, while the rest of them are firm non-believers. We guess that you cannot be in between these two categories. Since we are among those who believe, we liked this photo a lot! At first glance there is nothing special about it. When you take a second look, you see it! The light that falls on the wall creates a stunning effect. It makes the flying saucer on the poster look like it emits a beam!

13. Here is something truly unique

Image Source: Reddit

This is not some kind of a weird nature phenomenon. It is not a disaster, either. It is a man-made structure, although it looks like nothing we have seen before. Keeping that in mind, it is not that hard to realize that it is an art installation. It is called ‘Non Sign II’. The clever idea and design make it seem like something out of this world! The purpose behind the project was to direct people’s attention to the atmospheric conditions, and we think it is successful!

14. This is the weirdest stunt you will see all day

Image Source: Imgur

This photo looks ridiculous and funny in the same time! It also makes you wonder what is going on! In order to find the answer, you will need to think outside of the box. Cats are famous for their acrobatic skills, but that man does not look like Spiderman at all! That’s because he is not, and the cat is not a part of this stunt voluntarily, too. This is an inverted photo in which a man is holding a cat upside down. In other words, you are looking at the ceiling instead of the floor.

15. Someone tried to reinvent the Popsicle

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that people get very creative when it comes to solving some tasks. Feeling refreshed in the heat is among those tasks. Perhaps this was the reason why someone created the controversial treat you see here. We guess you can call it PickleSicle, and we are sure that it will not have a lot of fans. We will just stick to ice cream and smoothies.

Written by Nick Martin

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