15 Inspiring Images That Will Convince You That There Is A Lot of Good In the World

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Most of the images you see today are sort of depressing. If the images are not depressing, they are probably boring and easily forgettable.

Once in a while, though, you see an image that is really inspiring. It is the sort of heartwarming image that makes you really glad to be alive and also gives you a newfound faith in the rest of humanity.

Here are sixteen really great examples of inspiring images that you will not forget anytime soon.

1. The Ride For The Homeless Person

Image Source: Reddit

It is easy for a lot of people to look down on homeless people, and a lot of people do. They probably shouldn’t, as it would be surprisingly easy for most of us to end up homeless. If you lose your job and don’t have anything in savings, you could easily end up living on the street.

Those of us who are lucky have family and friends who might consider taking us in for a while, but not everyone has good family and friends.

This image is truly heartwarming. A lot of people would have ignored the homeless man and let him suffer, but the guy with the truck is kinder than most. He loaded up his truck bed with the homeless man’s stuff and gave him a ride to where he needed to go. For all we know, the guy with the truck might have saved that homeless person’s life. That sounds a bit dramatic, I know, but it is possible.

2. Operation Copsicle

Image Source: Facebook

This is a really great idea. A lot of people dislike or are afraid of police officers. I am not saying there aren’t bad ones here and there—there are—but the vast majority of police officers are decent people who are just trying to keep society safe.

Children should get to know local police officers, and the police officers know that—the police in Pittsfield, Michigan definitely do. They drive around in their own ice cream truck, and they give away free frozen treats to local children. They do so in order to make it clear that the children can approach the community’s police officers.

I wonder what kind of frozen treats the officers give away, and I wonder if they also give them away to grownups in the community? Adults like ice cream too!

3. The Japanese Locker Room

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t even imagine what it must take to actually get to participate in the World Cup. The amount of training required in order to be able to compete must be insane. I am sure it really is an honor just to be able to participate at all.

The sting of losing must be brutal, though. It has got to be really hard to go home after being eliminated. The Japanese handled the whole thing with total class, though. Instead of trashing the locker room, which is what you might have expected from a losing team, they left their locker room in pristine condition. They even left a note in Russian. It said: “thank you”.

That is true class, definitely.

The World Cup is held every four years. The next one should be held in 2022. It is currently scheduled to take place in Qatar, which will make it the first World Cup ever held in the Arab world.

4. Sportsmanship at the World Cup

Image Source: Reddit

Competition can get fierce at the World Cup. After all, it only happens every four years, so the pressure to win is immense. Also, I don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to associate athletes with kindness towards those with whom they are competing.

However, in a truly inspiring moment at this year’s World Cup, one player comforted a player from another team, which is really sweet. English player Gareth Southgate actually took it upon himself to comfort a player who unfortunately missed a penalty kick—that kick would have prevented the Columbian team’s elimination.

5. The Store That Protected the Birds

Image Source: Reddit

You would not think that the store in this case would care all that much about the safety and happiness of birds, but you would be wrong. This store cared very much, in fact, to the point someone put up a sign instructing employees to only water the dirt.

When you think about it, the store could have easily disposed of the nest; a lot of stores would have, probably, so that the plant could be sold. Fortunately the management of this particular store is comprised of kind, inspiring people.

6. The Amusement Park Staff

Image Source: Reddit

There’s nothing worse than bad weather ruining a perfectly good trip to the amusement park. All of the rides are shut down, so there is generally not very much to do.

The staff of most amusement parks probably would not care that the children’s days were ruined and that they were bored. However, the amusement park in this image is apparently a very different kind of amusement park. It seems to really care about its customers. When the roller coaster was shut down due to lightning, the staff brought sidewalk chalk to the kids and drew with them.

I hope the management of the amusement park took notice and gave the staff raises and bonuses. They deserve to be rewarded for their devotion.

7. The Police Officer and the Wheelchair Ramp

Image Source: Facebook

Thieves stole a lady’s wheelchair ramp. There is just so much wrong with that. For one, a person would need to be a genuinely awful human being to do something like that. Picking on the disabled just is not funny. Good people do not pick on the weakest and frailest among us. If you pick on the disabled, you are officially a jerk—and that is the nicest word for you.

It also seems like a bizarre thing to steal. Unless the thieves had a grudge of some sort against the handicapped woman, I can’t imagine why they would take her ramp. Is there a thriving black market for those ramps of which I am completely and totally unaware?

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Fortunately, there are good and inspiring people in this world. In this case, the inspiring person was a police officer. He was nice enough to build the woman a new ramp. It is only temporary, I’m sure, but it will get her to where she needs to be. What a nice police officer! We need more like him.

8. The Understanding Delivery Driver

Image Source: Reddit

Ordinarily, when someone other than you eats your lunch, you get sort of mad. A lot of us spend all morning waiting for lunch, after all. It is often the best part of the work day.

One delivery driver, however, is particularly understanding and clearly an animal lover. When hungry dogs decided to eat his lunch, he didn’t mind. He even left a note for the owners—just in case anything in his lunch bothered their stomachs. Now that’s the kind of inspiring driver I wish delivered packages in my neighborhood.

9. The Neighbor And the Fireworks

Image Source: Reddit

If you want to be a good neighbor, there are a few rules you should definitely follow. For one, you should mind your own business. Nobody likes a nosey neighbor. Unless you are genuinely concerned about the safety and/or health of your neighbor, leave them alone.

Also, if you make a mess, you should clean it up, which is exactly what this inspiring neighbor did. His fireworks made a mess and got cars dirty, so he gave away coupons for free car washes, which is the classiest possible way to handle such a situation.

10. The Missing Dog That Was Found

Image Source: Twitter

As this list has proven, police officers can really be truly inspiring people, and the officers at the Seattle Police Department are no exception. Also, many of them seem to be animal lovers, which probably means they are good people.

The officers used social media to try to find the owner of a dog, which was very nice of them. They probably did not have to do that. There are few feelings in the world worse than having a missing pet.

The officers apparently spoiled the dog, too, while they were waiting to be contacted by the dog’s owner.

11. The Japanese World Cup Fans

Image Source: Twitter

We have already touched on how great the Japanese World Cup players are. They got eliminated from the World Cup, which must have been upsetting; however, they left their locker room immaculate. You have to wonder how many teams did that.

The Japanese fans, apparently, are just as great. Their team got eliminated from the competition, but they still stuck around to clean up the mess in the stands. In all of my years, I have never heard of such a thing. Those are some truly inspiring, amazing fans. All fans of all sports should aspire to be that classy.

12. Al Horford

Image Source: Reddit

Al Horford, who currently plays for the Boston Celtics, is a pretty great guy. A lot of people in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republican lost their homes due to hurricanes. Horford actually donated 13 homes to 13 families. He is giving back to the place where he was born, which is outstanding.

Horford, who is currently 32 years old, is married to Amelia Vega, who was Miss Universe in 2003.

13. The Old Lady and the Kittens

Image Source: Reddit

The old woman in this image is apparently 96-years-old. At that age, you’re lucky if you are able to care for yourself, let alone other creatures. This woman, however, found purpose in taking care of abandoned kittens, and from the look of things she is doing a really great job.

She apparently heard them mewing in her front yard and decided to help them out. As you can see, she had to feed them from a bottle.

She’s an inspiring lady.

14. The Guy and the Baby Deer

Image Source: Reddit

This guy is a hero to baby deer, which makes him a true inspiration. This wasn’t his first rescue, either.

Previously, he saved a baby deer that had been stuck in traffic. In this fawn’s case, it was being bothered by dogs. That sounds awful, but that fawn is probably the size of a medium-sized dog.

You can bet someone is a good person if he or she cares about animals. I am guessing, based on his shorts, that he is also a very patriotic man.

15. The Friend and the Deodorant

Image Source: Reddit

If you have ever had really major surgery, you know how difficult life can be in the days that follow. Sometimes, you are not allowed to move parts of your body. Sometimes, you are not allowed to get out of bed. Hygiene is rarely your top priority.

However, no one really likes to smell; the guy on the left in this image clearly couldn’t stand smelling gross any longer. Unfortunately, he could not apply deodorant without a little help from his friend. Surprisingly enough, that friend was more than willing to offer that bit of assistance. That’s an inspiring friend. If you have a friend that will help you apply deodorant, you have found yourself a friend for life.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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