15 Kind of Weird Ideas That Actually Turned Out Pretty Great

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When you intentionally try to be weird, things often do not turn out so well. However, if you are genuinely weird and give problems a bit of thought, your ideas frequently turn out brilliant. More often than not, the person who does not care what others think is the person who has the best ideas. They’re the ones who turn out brilliant.

Here are sixteen examples of people who had weird ideas that actually turned out really well.

1. The Person With the Foot

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We all have socks that are not exactly pristine. Those things are not designed to last forever. One toenail that grows just a little too long can ruin a sock, and good socks are not cheap.

The person in this image took a bold approach; instead of buying a new sock, he simply colored his toenail using a marker. He saved himself a bit of time and a lot of hassle. Good for him.

It was a weird idea, but it worked. You can’t tell there’s a hole.

2. The Person and the Motivational Words

Image Source: Twitter

When people have one too many, they tend to do super weird things. Printing motivational words and putting them on a wall is definitely kind of weird. Ignoring the spelling errors and typos, though, they are nice words, and they probably do inspire others to a certain extent.

An angry drunk person would have posted words that were not at all nice.

I think the most depressing thing about these images is that there is no artwork on the walls, with the exception of the motivational words that were clumsily put on the walls. That is sort of sad, frankly. The walls are just bare, which is sad.

3. The Person With the Disposable Dishes in the Cabinet

Image Source: DumpaDay

Every dish in this image is totally disposable. You could probably use them all more than once, but eventually they will either need to be thrown in the garbage or recycled.

However, the fact that they are in a proper china cabinet is sort of genius. Not everybody gets exactly what they want, after all. You should be proud of what you’re able to achieve. If all you can manage is disposable dishes? That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Most people who have really good dishes only bring them out once in a while, anyway. All those dishes really do is sit around collecting dust until a dying parent passes them on to their child. Decades later, that child passes it on to his or her child. Good dishes, when you think about it, are sort of pointless. Eventually some drunk uncle at a family holiday will drop a plate. The entire set will be ruined. Replacing that one plate will cost a small fortune.

Why bother? Just go with the paper and plastic.

You have to wonder why the friend got the china cabinet in the first place, though, don’t you?

4. The Coffee Shop Employee Hitting On the Customer

Image Source: Reddit

It is hard to flirt. Most people don’t like to put themselves in a position where they might be rejected. There are probably millions of people out there who are single only because they lack the self-confidence to tell another person how they are feeling. That is really sad, true, but also probably a fact.

The coffee shop employee in this image had a weird idea—but also a brilliant one. He or she made his or her interest known in a very obvious way; however, he or she didn’t really have to worry about being personally rejected in an obvious way in front of other people.

In an ideal world, the person who serves the coffee and the customer are currently living happily ever after.

5. The Hanger Utensil

Image Source: Instagram

Doing dishes is a chore, and you don’t always have a clean utensil available when you need to eat. Sometimes, you have to make do with what you have, which is totally understandable.

In this case, a person used a piece of a hanger; that is sort of brilliant, really. She got her food, and her hands didn’t get dirty. Plus, she could just throw away the hanger after the meal. No need to do dishes!

6. The Dog and the Donut Pillow

Image Source: Twitter

Experienced dog owners know that a dog will form bizarre attachments to things that they should not. If you buy your dog something, you need to be prepared. If it really likes a toy, for example, it will likely be in your dog’s life until the end of its life—or yours.

In this case, the dog became quite attached to a pillow that looks like a donut and also wraps around the dog’s neck. There is no reason to speculate as to why the dog needed such a pillow. It might prevent the dog from escaping its yard, or it simply might be comfortable for the dog. It looks pretty comfortable.

It also just sort of looks adorable. The dog doesn’t care about that, but the owner probably does.

The point is that the dog won’t let its owner take it off. As mentioned above, dogs get attached to their things.

7. The Ice Cream in the Nutella

Image Source: Twitter

When you really think about it, this idea isn’t so weird. Nutella is delicious, and so is ice cream. The combination of the two is simply common sense. The Nutella jar also works as a functional container. Why dirty a bowl?

Nutella, which is a hazelnut cocoa spread, has actually been around since the 1960s. Currently, it is made by the Italy-based company Ferrero. That company’s products are available in roughly 160 countries all over the world.

The product is manufactured in a variety of facilities, including facilities in Ontario and New South Wales.


8. The Person With the Nail Art

Image Source: Reddit

While the idea depicted in this image is cool, it is definitely sort of weird. There are little people on these nails. Where did they come from? Why does anyone want tiny people on their nails? What point, exactly, is being made? Also, don’t the little people make the person’s nails sort of worthless? It would be hard to type with those things on your fingernails.

It is neat that the surface of the nails look like grass, though. That’s clever.

9. “The Simpsons” on the Nails

Image Source: Reddit

The artwork on these fingernails is not great, but it is not bad either. It must be hard painting on fingernails, so whoever did so deserves a bit of credit.

There is no reason to deny liking a popular television show, and these nails prove how big a fan one can be.

It should go without saying that “The Simpsons” is one of the most popular television programs ever. It first debuted in 1989, which makes it the longest-running sitcom in the United States. It is also the longest-running animated program in the United States. The series has won dozens of awards since the premiere of the series.

“The Simpsons” is also known for predicting—more or less—the future. For example, almost two decades ago, it predicted that Donald J. Trump would end up becoming the President of the United States. The series was making a joke, of course, but it is still sort of eerily bizarre. As everyone knows, Trump became President of the United States in early 2017.

10. The Girl With the Cover of the Book

Image Source: Reddit

This image is definitely sort of weird, but it is also very cool and aesthetically pleasing. The young woman in the image definitely took a lot of time when preparing it. You can barely tell that her face isn’t part of the cover of the book.

In case you are not familiar with the author of the book in the image, Charlaine Harris has been writing for about thirty years. The bestselling author writes mysteries. She is perhaps best known for writing the series of books that would later be turned into the dramatic HBO series “True Blood”, which aired from 2008 to 2014.

Another series she wrote—“Midnight Texas”—has also been turned into a series.

11. The Woman With the Movies and the Corn on the Cob

Image Source: Twitter

There are a lot of reasons to sneak food into a movie theater. For one thing, the prices you have to pay for snacks and beverages are ridiculous. You don’t want to pay $8 for a large cup of soda. Nobody should be required to spend more than five dollars on a single serving of candy. Movie theaters are definitely ripping us all off, which is why a lot of people don’t even bother going to the theater anymore and just wait for the movie to become available on Netflix.

Because movie theaters are businesses and need to make a profit, however, there are things that you probably shouldn’t sneak in. You should just suck it up and pay the high prices.

On the other hand, there are things that you definitely need to sneak in—because there simply are not movie theaters out there that sell what you want to eat.

If you are a big fan of corn on the cob, that is completely understandable, as it is delicious; however, it is unlikely that you will find a theater nearby that sells corn on the cob to be consumed while watching the latest “Marvel” movie. You will need to sneak that in, and you should not feel guilty about doing just that.

Also, there aren’t many movie theaters out there that serve a nice hot bowl of soup or garden salads, which is sort of a shame. Who among us wouldn’t enjoy a bowl of lobster bisque while watching a film on the big screen?

12. The Fries From Japan

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently, if you want fries served in a really cool container, you have to travel to Japan. It is sort of a weird idea, but I bet a lot of people bought the fries. They really do look like the character’s hair, don’t they?

Someone in the United States should consider a similar idea.

13. The Uncle In the Suit

Image Source: Twitter

Any professional manager or HR representative will tell you that first impressions do indeed matter. In this case, the uncle of a soon-to-be-born baby was waiting to meet his niece or nephew in a suit. Even babies, apparently, notice what you are wearing. When babies first meet a man, they would like to see him in a suit. That’s the takeaway from this image as far as I am concerned.

When it comes to blood relatives, you never know what you might need from them. Bone marrow, kidneys, and lungs are quite difficult to procure from strangers. Therefore, this is not a weird idea at all. For the sake of your future self, you definitely want your niece or nephew to like you.

He looks good in the suit. The newborn baby will likely be very impressed.

14. The Re-purposed Water Dispenser

Image Source: Twitter

It is great when you can get fresh water dispensed. It is even better when you can get wine dispensed. This seems like a weird idea, but it really is not. In fact, it is a truly brilliant idea. It could be especially useful when cooking, as a lot of dishes call for a bit of white wine.

White wines are made all over the place, including the United States and Europe. In Germany, the majority of wines produced are white. Spain is well known for its sparkling white wine called Cava.

15. The Sugary Snack

Image Source: Instagram

This seems like a lot of work, and it also looks very unhealthy, but you can be absolutely sure it was delicious.


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