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15 Memes That Will Definitely Make You Laugh Or Relate

It is safe to say that one of the best things on the internet is the huge amount of memes! People like having fun and these clever images are the best way to do it while working, for example. All it takes is just a few minutes of browsing and you will soon be laughing your pants off!

There are all sorts of meme categories, and we love them all. Chances are that you like them as well! In this case you will definitely love the following list. It is a guaranteed way to spend a few minutes laughing!

1. This headline would still be funny even if were 90 years old

Image Source: Twitter

There is no way that you can remain serious when reading such a headline! We are absolutely sure that most people would chuckle upon seeing it. This is perfectly normal, because it sounds the same way to all of us. It doesn’t matter how mature or old you are, it is still funny! We suspect that it was no accident. The author must have known how the headline would sound to the readers! We like such cleverly designed jokes.

2. We can definitely relate to this one

Image Source: Instagram

There are certain people that are always up for a challenge! Sometimes these people can become a bit too reckless in order to prove something. We think that it might be a problem. This is why everyone should just pick their fights! You just need to accept challenges that you are sure about. Eating a whole pizza is definitely among our favorite challenges. We guess that some people do it often without even being dared to. We need to admit that we are among those people! A large peperoni pizza is the ultimate dinner for one.

3. This one is brilliant

Image Source: Twitter

Some memes are just spot on! This one is no exception and we love it! The reason for that is because the caption could not be more accurate. We wonder if the pictures were a setup for that caption. There was probably another reason for those two particular letters to be inside the locker. However, we have no way of knowing it. What we do know is that the caption perfectly describes what happens in most cases when you decide to express your feelings. But we still must do it and take the risk!

4. Here is how you can troll the neighbors

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this neighbor was not angry about it, but he sure seems to be bothered! We cannot blame him, because it really looks creepy! This Supernatural life-size figure looks a whole lot different from the neighbor’s point of view! It serves as a proof that everything in life is a matter of perspective! We guess that they responded to the neighbor’s reaction and removed the figure. The whole story is just hilarious and we are glad they shared it.

5. This one is totally accurate

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another situation that probably most of us have experienced. It can be extremely stressful when you are holding the line and your card is declined! You immediately begin to wonder where the problem is or if you actually have any credit left. It might just be a few seconds, but you can get all sweaty. Nobody wants to feel ashamed in such situations. You better double check the amount you still got in your card before going to the store.

6. This is absolutely crazy

Image Source: Reddit

We simply love this one, because it is funny and there is some truth to it in the same time. First we need to specify that what you see are doll babies, not real ones. Second, the brilliant caption is a bit exaggerated but it is still true. Dads are notorious for having a different understanding of what ‘fun with the kids’ means. This often results in situations similar to this one. Of course, nobody would really paint a real baby as a Ninja Turtle, but you know what we mean.

7. Texting does not get much funnier than this

Image Source: Reddit

This conversation can make you laugh out loud. We literally burst into laughter after reading it! The funny revelation that it was not an automatic system was epic! The customer was probably more or less ashamed after realizing it. He though that nobody could read his funny texts because he thought he sent them to a message bot. As it turned out, it was a human. And that particular human was having none of it!

8. This is what mothers always do

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Admit it – talking to a distant relative on the phone is utterly annoying! This type of small talk can be really awkward sometimes and most people tend to avoid it. We can definitely understand that and relate to it. However, your mom would likely enjoy these conversations. What is even worse, she would involve you, too. If the relative asks about how you were doing, you would end up talking to them for sure.

9. We believe that he earned the job position fair and square

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we need to point out that it was probably a bit deceiving. However, if the person was able to convince everyone that it was not his mistake, then we’re talking about the perfect employee. Imagine what it takes to pull it off. You need to have an inner drive, ambition, determination and some nerve. These skills seem to be vital for most job positions. We would hire this person for sure, because goal-setting is obviously a priority to them.

10. There was no other way to caption this

Image Source: Reddit

It is a funny caption, and it seems that most people would make the same association anyway. We all love Scrat, and the poor prehistoric squirrel is always on chase. He causes a lot of chaos in the process, and this is when things become funny. However, there is nothing funny about the global warming. This crack was probably just another reminder about the problem.

11. This is so true and so annoying at the same time

Image Source: Reddit

This meme is probably one the most accurate on the list. When you have some time to kill on social media, you often end up watching videos. However, sometimes YouTube serves you one of those ads that you cannot skip. It is really annoying and it seems they last forever. However, you could always click on the next video and hope that there are no ads there. We guess that we have to get used to these things, because it worth the wait if the video is good.

12. Some people need to stop that pineapple pizza craze

Image Source: Reddit

There are some things that you just should never do. They are like unwritten, but sacred laws of the universe. One of them should be followed strictly, because it says not to out pineapple on pizza! The Italian treat needs to be respected, and putting pineapple on it counts as disrespect for most people. Sure, there are some folks that actually like the taste of pineapple pizza. We guess everyone has a different taste in food. It is still something that most food lovers would never accept.

13. Mistakes like this one are the funniest

Image Source: Reddit

That headline really made our day! The way that someone captioned it really made it ten times better! There is no way that we’re talking about a simple mistake here. Someone really picked that exact word to be in the headline! They probably needed to check the meaning behind ‘amphibious’ in the dictionary and compare it to ‘ambidextrous’. The two words may look and sound alike, but their meaning is completely different. We cannot believe that the editor approved the text and they printed the newspaper the way you see it in the photo.

14. Revenge is best served cold, but with a cup of hot coffee on the side

Image Source: Twitter

We find it very annoying that some people behave inappropriately in public places. Whether it is the mall or a cafeteria, there are certain rules of behavior that everyone should follow. Unfortunately people fail to do it in most cases. However, sometimes karma strikes almost immediately! This is exactly what happened in the described situation. We absolutely love how this man was able to teach the rude group of people a lesson! We wonder if they found out what actually happened.

15. This is the smartest approach in creating memes ever

Image Source: Reddit

What you see here is a genuine meme, but there is more to it! It suggests that the meme itself was created without the proper knowledge. This is why the caption is handwritten. However, the whole meaning of the concept is full of sarcasm. The idea is that the person holding the piece of paper did not know how to add a real caption, but they did it anyway. It is simply brilliant! It actually takes a lot of skill to reach this level of memes.

Written by Nick Martin

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