15 Millennials Who Were Fed Up With Baby Boomers And Trolled Them Perfectly


The situation between Baby Boomers and Millennials seems to be going on without a day off for years now. The differences between these two generations are setting them far apart and both sides are ready to defend their position by any means necessary.

Baby Boomers are the people born in the period between the mid-1940s and the mid-1960s and their generation was nicknamed like this because the birth rates rose up very high after WWII. The Boomers are altogether healthier and wealthier than all generations before them. They can be characterized as hardworking people who cherish things like prestige, higher positions in society and other perks. These people grew up in tough times, but they were still strong mentally and focused on their careers. The Boomers generations were game changers and they sacrificed a lot to get what they wanted. Maybe this is the reason that the Baby Boomers consider that all following generations, especially the Millennials, need to pay more dues. The Millennials are the people born between 1980 and 2000, and are sometimes referred to as Generation Y. They are considered to be confident and tolerant, but also a bit narcissistic. The Millennials have always blamed the Boomers that they destroyed the economy with their misunderstanding of the work-life balance. The Generation Y will never give up on their cause and we have gathered some of their best shots fired at the Boomers.

1. Things seem a lot different now

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When you take a look at the comparison here, you’ll be amazed how expensive education has become. If all this is true (and it probably is), the Millennials are forced to pay many times more for their education than the earlier generation.

2. Some Millennials are really tired of the whole situation

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This young woman uses a sarcastic way to say that Boomers ruined the markets as well as the economy. Come to think of it, maybe there is a point to this.

3. This is a good one

Image Source: MrsMathTeachr

Life in the 70s was apparently a lot different and people were really into keeping up to high standards, even if this meant doing unnecessary things only because the others do it. Covering hardwood floors with carpet was one of them.

4. A hint about the seriousness of the problems caused by each of the generations

Image Source: jaboukie

This dude has a nice approach to this situation and is implying that the few decades in which the Boomers were active really changed the world. And apparently a lot of the changes were not positive at all.

5. This is so true

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The older generations seem to be unsatisfied no matter what happens around them. Naturally, they are irritated mostly by the Millennials’ way of living, even though they completely change every few years.

6. Things were serious back then

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If a Boomer claims that their generation was not so sensitive about certain problems like the Generation Y is, he couldn’t be more wrong; the Boomers were shaking under the heavy weight of problems such as racism and homophobia.

7. That conversation probably ended there

Image Source: lucalush

Some of the global problems with the global warming and the ozone holes are believed to be caused by the rapid industry development that happened during the Boomers high time. This is why the Millennials would never miss a chance to remind them that.

8. This basically sums up everything

test ad
Image Source: ugly-bread

The person who wrote it put in a lot of fury. However, the stated accusations are pretty much all the main points which the Millennials have against the Boomers.

9. Another Millennial implies that the Boomers do not deserve their high salaries

Image Source: LikwidCyance

The modern world of today teaches the younger generation new things that the Boomers did not experience as teenagers or students. Some of them try to catch up with the modern technology, but they are still behind.

10. This girl has a point there

Image Source: sophxthompson

The older generations think that everything is easy now, but back then they could afford a new car and a house by working a regular job, which is unthinkable for most young people now.

11. Sarcasm done right

Image Source: Notintheface1

Since the economy is not what it used to be back in the days, the Millennials often find it hard to live independently and stay with their parents for a longer time, and of course they accuse the Boomers for ruining everything for them in just a few decades.

12. Demands are always strong when coming from Boomers

Image Source: jonestm97

Sometimes Boomers tend to demand more than they have the right or the ability to do, and yet they claim that the younger generation is disrespectful. Sounds a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

13. Yet another example of how controversial Boomers can be

Image Source: ValeeGrrl

The older generations seem to want to always be right, despite if it takes changing their opinion each time. You would expect a different type of behavior from people at this age.

14. Mr. Walsh slammed Boomers

Image Source: MattWalshBlog

And he definitely has a point there. If Boomers want to blame Millennials for this and that, why not return to the roots – they were the ones who raised them and they were also the generation that created the environment for them.

15. Technology shaming will always be a preferred tool to troll the Boomers

Image Source: laurenwest

As we already mentioned, many of the Boomers have more or less trouble with modern technology, and they often require assistance from the very same people they blame about a lot of things.
It seems that the situation will continue until the whole Baby Boomer generation is gone one day.

Written by Sven Miller

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