15 Of The Best Clapbacks You Will Ever See Online

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Some people have the ability to roast others about a certain thing in such a way that even those around who are not involved could feel the burn. Being able to have the final word and to win in a situation could be truly epic, and the following list contains examples for this.

Enjoy these brilliant clapbacks and pick your favorite.

1. This mother is a real savage

Image Source: Instagram

The ability to troll your offspring is always admired by those who witness it. This case is the perfect example; the mum was able to savagely mock her daughter.

2. You may have not won the fans’ love, but you won the cash

Image Source: Twitter

Winning a reality show does not mean that you will be everyone’s favorite reality TV star, but it means that you get the prize. This ultimately gives you the advantage to reply to the haters with style.

3. The proper way to teach someone a lesson

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Violence is not the answer, and it’s unnecessary in most situations. When you need to prove a point, there are much stronger arguments and ways to do it instead of being angry or violent.

4. Having the ability to make fun of your own self is a sign of strength

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this dude is totally capable of roasting himself, and we admire that. A lot of people can’t take a joke, but this man obviously has the right type of sense of humor.

5. Marketing should always be like this

Image Source: The Chive

Such an aggressive approach would always win out hearts. McDonald’s may have the location, but Burger King obviously won big time here. Of, course, this could simply be a coincidence, but we don’t believe in coincidences.

6. Not following the rules would always be cool in such innocent cases

Image Source: DumpaDay

This person was pissed by the ‘no popcorn’ label on the microwave in the dorm room, but there was nobody who could prevent the popcorn making. After all, paying that huge tuition fee must have some benefits, and the satisfaction of breaking the rules is one of them.

7. Fat shaming reversed in brilliant response

Image Source: Twitter

They say that we must look at our own flaws before pointing out other people’s ones, but this girl decided to mock obese women anyway. However, she probably did not expect to receive an answer that put her to shame in a hilarious way.

8. He did not see that coming

Image Source: Reddit

Never judge a book by its cover. Some guy wanted to be sarcastic about this photo, but it did not work out, because this musician also happened to be a political science graduate from Harvard, so he probably knew what he was talking about.

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9. Another sarcasm attempt that backfired

Image Source: Twitter

It is not a good idea to try and make fun of somebody you don’t know. Some guy tried to make a Moon Pie social media account editor feel bad about his job, but this dude was obviously a professional because he had the best response to the post. Well done, sir.

10. Someone who cannot choose will likely lose

Image Source: Reddit

A woman wrote a rather strange comment about the importance of the location where your date would take you. She probably has different criteria than most people, and another user below commented about what really matters in dating, and absolutely shut the woman down.

11. Apparently Neil deGrasse Tyson can be owned, too

Image Source: Twitter

Big minds and sense of humor always blend in a delightful mix of geeky fun and strong sarcasm. Here is the perfect example for this, and it is very funny to read the short reply of Mr. Bruenig.

12. Campbell’s customer service knows how to handle things

Image Source: Reddit

The customer is not always right, apparently, and when someone is simply a hater, you need to serve them what they asked for. The customer service people at Campbell’s managed to do just that, and it’s an admirable act.

13. This guy managed to shut down New Scientist

Image Source: Reddit

This one is really good. New Scientist decided to post their slightly hateful position about the Falcon Heavy rocket launch and Elon Musk’s Tesla that went with it. However, one user managed to singlehandedly put them in their place and shame them.

14. This guy learned his lesson

Image Source: Instagram

People need to stop with the body shaming attempts. It’s offensive and totally inappropriate. However, this guy was easily shut down by a girl who commented below the photo, and we love her.

15. It is unbelievable that there is still racism out there

Image Source: Reddit

This man was rudely interrupted by a racist woman, who wanted to board before him, but he publicly shut her down in front of everybody. This is how you teach people valuable lessons.

Written by Sven Miller

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