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15 Of The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids With Special Needs

Image Source: Reddit

Since it’s already October, we decided to start the Halloween preparations early and show you some costume suggestions that are a bit different and really awesome! You are about to see some of the best costumes made for disabled children! People put in a lot of effort and skills when they need to create something special, which leads to amazing results! It is totally worth it, because the Halloween costume is all about the details and the presentation, which can make every kid happy. Enjoy the list and be inspired!

1. Let’s start the list with one of the coolest setups on the list

Image Source: Reddit

This clever wheelchair setup literally left us speechless! We have never seen such a thing before, and we think that whoever crafted this rig should really think about doing this full time! The Hogwarts Express looks stunning despite the fact that it was made out of a simple barrel. The immaculate paint job and the tiny details such as the wheel fenders are amazing!

2. This Paw Patrol-themed rig is really nice

Image Source: Reddit

When you try to create something for your kids, you will give your best and hope that it will be good enough. When you see the smile on their faces, you know that it was worth it and all the effort paid off! As you can see, this cute kid is really enjoying his Halloween costume, which was built around the wheelchair. It probably took a lot of work, but we think that it is really good. The most important thing is that the kid is happy! This is the main purpose of every costume you are about to see here.

3. Optimus Prime is also involved

Image Source: Imgur

Optimus Prime is probably one of the most popular characters in the world of comic books. This is why you will probably see a lot of costumes and other things that feature its image. Of course, some are cooler than the rest and the one you see here really makes it to the cool list easily! It was done with incredible attention to detail and even the headlights work! It looks amazing and we think that the kid inside is really proud! The tiny details such as the front badge really make it classy.

4. This rig here is something else

Image Source: Reddit

There are costumes and rigs out there, and then there’s this! Our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw this fully equipped Warthog! This mind-blowing piece of art is probably the most outstanding thing on the list and for good reason. Everything about it is super realistic, even the turret! All the resources and energy that were put into this creation were definitely worth it.

5. Here is one costume that looks like a fairytale

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that when you decide to make a costume that is suitable for a kit in a wheelchair, the main things you need are not money or skills. You need love and patience! If those ingredients are present, then it will work out just fine. This mother was able to create a mesmerizing jellyfish for her daughter’s wheel chair and the whole setup looks as if it came straight out of a fairytale. This kind of impressive work deserves admirations.

6. This is one brave little soldier

Image Source: Reddit

The initial idea and the design are extremely important when it comes to creating something from scratch. If there are flaws, you can be sure that the end result will not be good at all. As you can see, someone probably created a flawless design, because the final product is simply amazing! This little tank is truly impressive, and even the barrel is smoking, which is a nice touch. The cute soldier sitting in the middle appears to be really proud of his machine!

7. Here is one handcrafted work of art

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes people create things that are beyond their wildest dreams! We are sure that whoever created this was also impressed by the end result! The idea to incorporate details from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ is amazing, but we never thought that we would see a full costume in the shape of Toothless! It is literally a work of art and we believe that the kid was more than overwhelmed to have that setup. It like living the dream to be a part of your favorite movie or TV show! We all had at least one when were kids

8. The smile says it all

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Image Source: Imgur

Just as we thought that costumes and rigs cannot get any cooler, we saw this one! We simply love everything that features Ghostbusters-themed details, but this is more than a detail. Someone was able to surprise this kid with a Cadillac that is a full copy of the real Ghostbusters’ vehicle! As you can see, the headlights are real and they work! The kid looks really proud and for good reason! We like whole idea and we guess that this one will be a real attraction for everyone!

9. This snow speeder is amazing

Image Source: Imgur

The good thing about custom Halloween costumes is that you can have literally any idea transformed into reality! Of course, it takes a lot of skills to build an aircraft around a wheelchair, but someone did it for this kid. It looks really nice and it features a lot of details that every fan would appreciate! The kid even has a costume and a helmet which create a nice combination. Fans around the world will probably be inspired by this setup.

10. Star Wars is apparently a popular choice

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that Star Wars would be a preferred choice when it comes to events involving costumes. What you see here is fully detailed Darth Vader costume complete with a super realistic TIE Fighter! We cannot believe how cool this one looks! It is one of the most detailed examples on the list and we love how the dark side spirit can be sensed! The people who created this rig were able to recreate the true spirit of Star Wars!

11. The Force is strong with this family

Image Source: Reddit

Since we were still talking about Star Wars, we simply had to include this amazing X-Wing wheelchair costume! It looks incredible and the skills of those who handcrafted it are insane! It is obvious that it took a lot of man hours but it was worth it! The smile on that little kid’s face proves it! The other cool fact is that the whole family is obviously obsessed with Star Wars, because they have cool costumes as well.

12. This is kid obviously loves Mario Kart

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best videogames ever created is Mario Kart. There is no doubt about that! We believe that if you tried the game at least once, you probably liked it. It doesn’t take to be a fan in order to appreciate it. However, some people are more than devoted fans! As you can see, this kid even got his own Yoshi kart! Imagine how much the boy love the game in order to come up with the idea about a Mario Kart-themed rig for Halloween! It looks really cool!

13. This is the most creative costume on the list

Image Source: Reddit

Having a good idea for a Halloween costume is not enough. You need to think out of the box, and whoever designed this costume literally did that! The idea about Superman flying over the city is more than creative. It is a genius work of art! As you can see, it was done with great attention to detail, and the people who crafted it were incredibly talented. You can clearly see that it took a lot of planning and exact measurements to get it done right. In the end everything paid off, because the kid looks really happy!

14. Here is one cool school bus

Image Source: Imgur

The old saying ‘too cool for school’ is definitely valid for this amazing creation! The creepy school bus you here is absolutely amazing! It even looks kind of realistic, but the main part is that it is unique! This kid is probably proud of the fact that he owns the only school bus-themed Halloween costume in the world, and it is a truly amazing rig, too. We love the little details such as the eyeball decoration and the folding STOP sign. This costume really holds the true Halloween spirit and we guess that everyone will love it!

15. Pennywise look super realistic

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a costume that is extremely appropriate for Halloween night! Pennywise is one of the most terrifying images that exist in the world of entertainment, and for good reasons! We guess that everything related to Pennywise would be a good choice when it comes to Halloween! This setup here involves amazing details and you can feel the atmosphere of the movie! The kid will probably recreate the role perfectly!

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